It was night, and the other wealthy families in the city couldn't sleep.

In one day, the Wei family was slaughtered by the general who occupied Anyi County, how could the other wealthy families sleep?

Why did that general destroy the Wei family?

Is it a personal vendetta? Or is it just to occupy the Wei family's property?

If it's the former, it's fine, if it's the latter, then aren't they also dangerous?

I didn't do anything to them today, just because I didn't have time, maybe tomorrow morning, that general will find a wealthy family again!

Who will be next?

The Fan family or the Xue family

Fan family.

"Did you find out, why did that general want to destroy the Wei family?" asked the head of the Fan family.

"Sir, I can't find any relevant news. I couldn't even find out the identity of the general...... "The subordinate is very ashamed."

The next person's answer made the head of the Fan family a headache.

That general dared to destroy the Wei family today, and he would dare to destroy their Fan family tomorrow!

The good news is that the eldest son, Fan Xian, led the troops out of the city to suppress the bandits a few days ago, and has not returned yet, if the general really does something to the Fan family, their Fan family can at least keep a single seedling!

But the only thing that worries him is that after the bandit suppression is over, Fan Xian will definitely lead the team back, and when he finds that the county seat of Anyi has changed hands, will he be hot-headed and directly lead troops to attack the county seat?

Although Fan Xian took 4,000 people out of the city, that general had a powerful 'artifact', even if there were 4,000 people, I am afraid that he would not be the opponent of that general.

The general led his troops to surround the Weifu today, and many people hid from a distance to watch.

Coincidentally, there happened to be the Fan family nearby.

They saw with their own eyes the power of the weapons that the general had!

It can make a loud noise like thunder, and the power is huge, and under one blow, more than a dozen people will be beaten to pieces!

And it is not yet clear where the attack came from!

Some ignorant people even thought that that army had mastered the demon law and the immortal law, and could control the thunder

"Did any of the people sent out make it out of the city?" asked Fan Xian.

"No, the other party is heavily guarded, all exits are blocked, and you can't get out at all. The next man said.

The head of the Fan family frowned.

He wanted to send someone out of the city and tell his eldest son who was suppressing the bandits the news in the city, and told him not to come back, but to take the troops to ask for help elsewhere.

But now he can't get out of the city at all.

He had no choice but to call a few sons in the family and ask them to leave the house with a few of their subordinates and blend in with the people in the city.

As for the grandchildren, it doesn't matter, judging from the situation of the Wei family today, that general will at least not kill underage children.

Although he was imprisoned, as long as he was not killed, he could be rescued afterwards.

What's more, if all the people of the Wei family are hiding, it will arouse the suspicion of the general, and then make the general search all over the city, it will be bad.

The other wealthy families couldn't sleep, but Zhang Yu slept soundly, but he didn't get any rewards.

Cai Wenji has just conceived, and the first three months are the most dangerous time, so it is best not to have intercourse, otherwise it is very likely that the tire will slip.

Although Zhang Yu is young and angry, he still has this bit of control.

There was no hard work at night, and the next morning, Zhang Yu woke up very early.

There's a lot to do today.

"Someone, go and bring the county order. Zhang Yu commanded.

Almost all the people in Taishoufu were killed by him, but Anyi County still has a county order, and he did not besiege the county government.

Zhang Yu needs someone who can read and break words to do things for himself, so let's make do with the county order first.

I knew that those who were not killed would not be let go, no matter how I said that they were also scholars, as long as they were not the diehards of the former Taishou, they could be used after all.

Well, now there are too few people available, and we still have to recruit people.

Soon, the Anyi County Order was brought to Zhang Yu.

As soon as the Anyi County Commander saw Zhang Yu, he hurriedly knelt down and saluted: "Xiaguan Zhang Jun, meet the general!!".

Ever since Anyi City was captured and Taishou was killed, he hasn't slept a single night.

All day long and all day scared.

I'm afraid that the mysterious general will kill him too!

After the Wei family was destroyed yesterday, he didn't sleep all night.

Can't sleep at all!

Zhang Yu saw that the county magistrate's face was very bad, so he spoke: "You haven't had a good rest recently?"

"Recently, I had a quarrel with my insider, and I had a little insomnia, which made the general smile. The county magistrate hurriedly explained.

He didn't dare to say that he was so scared by Zhang Yu that he couldn't sleep.

Zhang Yu didn't dig deeper, he just needed someone to write documents for himself.

"You should put aside the work of the county order for a while, and be my chief bookkeeper these days to help me deal with some things. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, it is an honor for the subordinate to serve the general!" the county commander hurriedly said.

As long as you don't kill him, you can say anything!

"You help Ben...... Taishou wrote some notices. Zhang Yu said.

Although he has only taken Anyi County now, Anyi County is the seat of Hedong County, and Taishou Wangyi has also been killed by him.

Therefore, Zhang Yu led Hedong Taishou by himself!

"First, the Hedong Taishou has been replaced, so that everyone in the city knows that the current Hedong Taishou is my Zhang Yu. "

"Second, I, Zhang Yuxin, am eager to seek talents, anyone who thinks that he has a bachelor's degree, or who is brave and martial, can come to Taishou Mansion to sign up. "

"Third, the Taishou Mansion is recruiting blacksmiths and carpenters, and the moon is good...... Gu Shihu. Zhang Yu thought for a while and said.

Ten days per month, this treatment can be said to be very high.

In this era, four or five taels of rice per month is enough for a person to serve as a soldier and work for the princes.

The annual income of ordinary migrant workers is only two or three thousand yuan, and the current official grain price is 100 yuan for millet one hundred, which means that the annual income is only enough to buy twenty or thirty yuan of millet. It's barely enough for a family of two to starve to death.

Some high-level craftsmen can earn seven or eight thousand yuan a year, and their monthly income is only about six hundred, which is slightly better than being a soldier.

And Zhang Yu gave a high salary of ten yuan per month, and it was not millet that was given, but rice!

Such a high salary can definitely attract a large number of craftsmen.

He gave such a high price, naturally not to be wronged, but to attract those craftsmen to work for him.

If you want the horse to run, you naturally want the horse to be full.

With Song Yingxing here, he will definitely need a large number of craftsmen to work for himself in the future.

He is not short of food, and he can exchange food for a large number of craftsmen, which is definitely worth it for Zhang Yu.

"My lord, the moon is ten??" The county magistrate thought he had heard it wrong.

"That's right, it's the moon and the moon. I want everyone to know that Ben Taishou will not treat his own people badly. Zhang Yu said.

The county commander swallowed his mouth and said, "The lower official understands." "

This treatment, he said that he wanted to go directly to this Taishou Lord.

is so good to the craftsmen at the bottom, wouldn't it be better for him to be treated by this county order?

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