In less than half an hour, everyone in the entire Wei Mansion, except for the dead, was arrested.

Wei Hong, the head of the Wei family, was one of the worst people to die, and he happened to be standing in the attack line of one of the Franco cannons.

The two Franc cannons were originally used to blow up the gates of the Guard, so solid shells were used.

The cannonball hit Wei Hong's body, directly turning half of his body into scum, and the guards behind him were also killed by the cannonball.

The minced meat exploded to the ground, and Wei Hong's entire corpse couldn't be put together.

Almost all the guards brought out by Wei Hong were killed in battle, and the family members, maids and other subordinates in the Wei Mansion were all caught, tied with ropes, and knelt in the open space in front of the Wei Mansion.

All of them add up to more than a hundred.

All the men of the Wei Mansion were arrested, and his soldiers continued to loot the property in the Wei Mansion.

Zhang Yu's gaze swept over all the people of the Wei family, and finally stopped at a young man who was coughing incessantly and looked like a short-lived ghost.

"Pull him out. The spear in Zhang Yu's hand was raised, pointing at Wei Zhongdao among the captives.

Immediately, two of his subordinates walked into the crowd and violently pulled out the tied Wei Zhongdao.

"Let me go...... Ahem...... ......"Wei Zhongdao wanted to resist, but it was useless.

"The general spares his life! My Wei family's money is at the mercy of the general, I just ask the general to let my Wei family's people go!!" Wei Qi stood up and begged for mercy loudly.

His father died, and as the eldest son, he is now the head of the Wei family, and he must find a way to survive for the Wei family.

"You're too noisy!" The moment Zhang Yu raised his left hand, a golden sand eagle appeared in his hand.

Then the muzzle of the gun was aimed at Wei Qi, who stood up, and the trigger was pulled.


Wei Qi's head exploded in an instant, splashing red and white things all over the people around him, and then he fell straight down.


The people around Wei Qi all screamed in fright.

Where have they ever seen such a death?

Just as soon as I raised my hand, a 'thunder' sounded, and a person's head shattered!

What kind of demon is this!?

"Shut up Lao Tzu!" Zhang Yu snorted.

The next moment, all the captives were too frightened to make a sound, and those who couldn't help crying also raised their hands to cover their mouths, trying not to make a sound.

The child couldn't control it, and the adults around him covered the child's mouth with their hands.

Wei Qi had just been killed, and they didn't want to follow in Wei Qi's footsteps.

Zhang Yu took back the golden sand eagle, rode a horse, and came to Wei Zhongdao: "You are Wei Zhongdao?"

"Ahem...... It's me!" Wei Zhongdao raised his head, his bloodshot eyes glaring at Zhang Yu with great hatred.

My father was killed by the person in front of me, and my eldest brother was also killed by this person!

He now longs to eat the flesh of the man in front of him and drink the blood of the man in front of him

He only hates himself, why has he been weak since he was a child, not to mention that the general in front of him is an ordinary person, he can't beat it.

Zhang Yu bent down and narrowed the distance between him and Wei Zhongdao: "Tell you a secret~ The team sent by your Wei family to pick up relatives was intercepted and killed by Lao Tzu~!".

"Your wife who didn't pass through the door was also snatched away by Lao Tzu! You don't pee to take care of yourself, you are a sick ghost who may die at any time, what qualifications do you have to marry Cai Wenji, the first talented woman of the Han Dynasty?"

"It can be said that the reason why your Hedong Wei family is where it is today is because of you!".

"If you don't marry Cai Wenji, I won't rob my relatives, let alone make enemies with your Wei family, so naturally there is no need to destroy your Wei family~. Zhang Yu bent down and whispered to Wei Zhongdao in front of him with a smile.

"You!!!! poof......!!!" Wei Zhong spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, Zhang Yu reacted quickly, and with a wave of his sleeve, he blocked all the blood spurted out by Wei Zhongdao.

"Bad luck!" Zhang Yu drew his knife and cut off the blood-stained sleeves.

"I hate it!! Wei Zhongdao raised his head to the sky and roared, then spurted out a mouthful of blood, and fell straight backwards.


Wei Zhongdao fell to the ground and stopped moving.


Zhang Yu no longer looked at Wei Zhongdao, who had fallen, but at the other captives.

"All the people of the Wei family, all the adult men were cut down, and the boys were all put in prison and sent to mining in the future. Women act as official prostitutes!" Zhang Yu's words decided the life and death of hundreds of people.


When the captives heard this, they immediately rebelled.

"Executioner!!You don't want to die!!".

"I'm not going to let you go!!".

"Don't kill me!I don't want to die!!".

Some resisted, some scolded angrily, some begged for mercy, but it was useless, they were already helped by ropes, and any struggle was useless.

The adult men were all pulled out and beheaded one by one.

The others were taken away and detained.

After the scene was processed, Zhang Yu took people out of the city and went to the Wei family's manor outside the city.

The Wei family owns a large area of land, and the scale of the manor is also very large, and the manor also has a tall wall and arrow tower.

It is better to say that it is a manor, but it is a small military base.

Zhang Yu and his subordinates are all from Dongjun, and even most of them are from Anyi County.

Naturally, he knew the location of the Wei family's manor.

Without anyone to lead, Zhang Yu and the others soon came to the outside of the Wei family's manor.

Without any verbosity, just swing the artillery and bomb him!

The shelling lasted for half an hour, and after the shelling stopped, the people inside came out directly and surrendered.

They had never seen such a thing as artillery at all, and they thought that God was angry and sent down divine punishment.

This time, Zhang Yu just killed all the people surnamed Wei, and let everyone else go.

Because most of those people are just tenant farmers of the Wei family, they are people who work for the Wei family, and their loyalty to the Wei family is not too high.

Even some people regarded Zhang Yu and them as heavenly soldiers and generals, and as soon as they came out, they knelt on the ground and bowed, begging the gods for forgiveness.

In one day, the entire Hedong Wei family was directly destroyed.

Except for the Wei family in other places, as well as the Wei family surnamed Wei who had moved out of Anyi, all the Wei family members in Anyi were slaughtered by Zhang Yu.

All the property of the Wei family was naturally confiscated.

When Zhang Yu returned to the Taishou Mansion, it was already evening.

"Lord, Lord Song Yingxing sent someone to bring a book, saying that it was something you wanted. A guard said.

"Oh, it's already done, where is the thing?" asked Zhang Yu.

"The book is already in the study. "

"Okay, I see. Zhang Yu nodded.

He also didn't expect that Song Yingxing's speed was so fast, and in just one day, he summed up the method of mining underground iron ore.

Zhang Yu first went to the lying study and looked at the mining method sent by Song Yingxing.

The mining method is written on paper and then bound into a book.

At this time, there was already paper, but the quality, production, and price were not enough to make it fully popular.

Therefore, there was paper in this era, but most of them still used bamboo slips and silk.

Zhang Yu flipped through it hastily, and then put the book back on the table.

The quality of this paper is really not good, it is not as good as some cheap homework books in later generations, and I asked Song Yingxing to improve the paper as well.

Then there is movable type printing, and then knowledge will no longer be the monopoly of the family.

Zhang Yu returned to the house: "Madam, I'm back~." "

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