If you want to talk about the women around the cottage, which ones are excellent? Zhang Yu really doesn't know.

But if you want to talk about a famous woman in history, then he really knows one!

The Wei family in Hedong is a wealthy family in Hedong, and there have been big names like Wei Qing and Wei Zifu in their ancestors.

Who in Hedong doesn't know that Wei Zhongdao, the second son of the Wei family, is about to get married? A few days ago, the team to greet the relatives had already been sent out, and I think they had already received the bride and were on their way back.

Who is Wei Zhongdao's wife?

But anyone who has some understanding of the Three Kingdoms should not know that it is a famous talented woman during the Three Kingdoms period, Cai Yan, Cai Wenji!

Zhang Yu naturally knows it.

Of course, even if he really didn't know who Wei Zhongdao's wife was before he crossed over, but as a native of Hedong, he naturally heard that Wei Zhongdao was going to marry the daughter of the literary master Cai Yong, the talented girl Cai Wenji!

The welcoming team sent out by the Wei family was quite large.

The bride price was loaded with dozens of cars, hundreds of people greeted the relatives, and there were hundreds of guards alone.

Don't the thieves on this road dare rob them?

Of course he didn't dare, especially Zhang Yu, who was in the Hedong realm, he didn't dare to have such a thought before.

The Wei family in Hedong is a wealthy family in Hedong, and its power is huge! The officials in Hedong have to look at the face of the Wei family.

He is a cottage of more than 100 people, where does he dare to provoke a big force like the Hedong Wei family?

But now? Zhang Yu, he dares!

Even if he didn't get the system, he knew that the greeting team was on the way back, and he had to rob this kiss!

Cai Wenji, a famous talented woman in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a great beauty! How can you cheap Wei Zhongdao's sick seedling?

Hedong territory, who doesn't know that Wei Zhongdao has tuberculosis and is a sick seedling, and this marriage also has the idea of rejoicing by marrying relatives.

But Zhang Yu knew that this joy could not be washed away. Wei Zhongdao is dead.

In history, less than a year after Cai Wenji married Wei Zhongdao, Wei Zhongdao fell ill and died, so she was not treated very well in the Wei family.

For this reason, Cai Wenji, who couldn't stay, had no choice but to return home and stay by his father Cai Yong's side to serve him.

After Dong Zhuo's death, Cai Yong was killed by Situ Wang Yun, and then Chang'an was in turmoil, Cai Wenji was unlucky to be taken away by the Xiongnu and lived with the Xiongnu for 12 years.

Cai Wenji didn't give Wei Zhongdao a son and a half daughter, but she was married to Wei Zhongdao for more than half a year, to say that Wei Zhongdao didn't touch her at all, Zhang Yu didn't believe it.

Wei Zhongdao has tuberculosis, not wilting.

Therefore, instead of letting Cai Wenji jump into the fire pit of Wei Zhongdao and be miserable, it is better to take advantage of Cai Wenji's official visit to Wei Zhongdao and let him snatch it to be his wife.

Zhang Yu put on his clothes and walked out of the room.

Find the second and third masters to have a meeting together.

"The second, third, recently lined up some brothers to pay attention to the news of some Wei family's welcoming procession. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Ah, boss, you don't want to rob the Wei family's welcoming team, do you?" the second child was shocked.

"No, boss! Although there must be a lot of jewels in the Wei family's kissing team, there are a lot of them, there are hundreds of guards alone, and the entire kissing team is a few hundred! With this little person in our village, we can't win at all!" The third child also hurriedly objected.


Zhang Yumeng slapped the table: "Groove! Cowering, what kind of thief are you going to be?"

"Hold up the bold, starve the cowardly, rob the Wei family's pick-up team, the brothers in our village, don't have to go down the mountain to risk again in the next year!".

"And I heard that Cai Wenji is not only a talented woman, but also a peerless beauty!

When the second and third children heard this, their faces were sad.

"Boss, not to mention whether we robbed or not, even if we really succeeded, how would we face the revenge of the Wei family when we turned around?"

"That's right, boss, the Wei family really wants to retaliate against us with an iron heart, and the officers and soldiers of Hedong County will definitely not be destroyed by then, and we will not stop." "

"What the hell is Rory! As long as we kill all the people, no one will know that we did it! The matter is settled, don't forget, Lao Tzu is the boss!"

"If you don't dare, you can go down the mountain and be a farmer who faces the loess all day long! Lao Tzu himself brought someone to rob him!" Zhang Yu shouted.

If it were in the past, Zhang Yu would definitely not do such a dangerous thing.

But now that there is a system, he is still willing to take some dangers, otherwise he will be a little thief for the rest of his life, and sooner or later he will be swallowed by those princes!

And with the system rewards, he is now much stronger, and he doesn't think he will fail.

The Wei family's welcoming team was only three or four hundred people.

Zhao Yun can be in Changban Slope, Yu Wanjun killed seven in and seven out, and rescued Adou, he can't grab a bride from the three or four hundred people in the kissing team

Even if he really failed, he would definitely have no problem trying to escape.

In the face of Zhang Yu's toughness, the second and third masters could only give in helplessly, who made Zhang Yu the boss.

In the afternoon of the same day, the brothers under his command heard the news of the Wei family's pick-up procession.

Tomorrow evening, the Wei family's pick-up team will pass ten miles away from Qingfeng Village, and at that time, it will be the best and last opportunity for them to rob.

Once this opportunity is missed, when the Wei family's kissing team returns to the city, it will be impossible for them to snatch Cai Wenji away.

After all, attacking the county seat with only a hundred people is a pipe dream.

Zhang Yu naturally knows this.

In the evening of the same day, Zhang Yu gathered all the brothers in the village and told them about tomorrow's actions.

"Brothers, the Wei family is a wealthy family in Hedong, and they must have a lot of gold and silver treasures in their procession!"

"As long as you rob the Wei family's pick-up team, all the brothers in the village can live happily for at least a whole year!"

"Moreover, Lao Tzu is about to turn seventeen, and he doesn't have a daughter-in-law yet, this time he just snatched Wei Zhongdao's short-lived wife back as Mrs. Zhai!"

"This operation is back, and everyone is rewarded!!".

"Of course, this operation is very dangerous, and it is likely that there will be no return!But what we are doing is the work of pinning our heads to the waistband of our trousers!".

"If anyone is afraid, Lao Tzu doesn't blame you! But the bandit industry is no longer suitable for you! Go down the mountain as soon as possible to be a good citizen, and obediently let those landlords exploit you!"

"Now tell me out loud, is there anything you want to quit!!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

The people in the stockade immediately began to whisper, and in the end, no one stood up to withdraw.

Also, those who can enter the cottage are the people who have been forced to live at the bottom of the mountain, and besides, what kind of work are they doing that is not dangerous? It's just that this operation is particularly dangerous.

But Zhang Yu is very good to his brothers on weekdays, rushing to the forefront every time he has an action, and he is very generous when he comes back from every action, and distributes more than half of the harvest to his subordinates.

Naturally, the brethren were grateful.

"Very good! Since no one has withdrawn, then gather early tomorrow morning and go to grab a crushing lady for Lao Tzu!!".


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