"Chang Gung, can the iron ore buried under 100 meters be mined with the current technology?" Zhang Yu asked.

"But!" Song Yingxing affirmed without hesitation.

This Song Yingxing is a golden epic and is a clone of Song Yingxing in the late Ming Dynasty.

I don't have the knowledge of science and technology at the end of the Ming Dynasty, but after being summoned, I automatically mastered all the technologies of this era.

"It's just a waste of manpower and time to mine minerals 100 meters underneath. Song Yingxing said.

"It's okay, Chang Gung, you will write down the mining method to me in detail! Then continue your gunpowder and firearms research and development work. Zhang Yu commanded.

It doesn't matter if you waste manpower and time, what he has is time, and as for manpower, it doesn't matter.

In recent years, natural disasters have continued, and there are people everywhere who do not have enough to eat.

All he had to do was to provide food, and some people were willing to work for him.

"Chang Gung took the order. Song Yingxing took over this task.

Zhang Yu stood up and stretched.

Next, it's time to deal with the Wei family. Solve the people of the Wei family as soon as possible, so as not to make that Wei Liang lonely below.

"Yang Hong, order all the soldiers and horses, go to the Wei family!" Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes, my lord!".

It didn't take long for Yang Hong to gather fifty cavalry, two hundred musketeers, ten artillerymen, and two hundred spear and shield soldiers, and wait in front of the gate of the Taishou Mansion.

Zhang Yu took the county seat of Anyi, and naturally sent people to raid all the warehouses.

As the seat of Hedong County, there are quite a lot of reserves in the granary of Anyi County, as well as weapons in the arsenal.

Among them are quite a few large shields and spears.

Yang Hong ordered people to take out large shields and spears, improved the weapons and equipment of spear and shield soldiers, and expanded the personnel.

Zhang Yu walked out of the Taishou Mansion.

Yang Hong led a horse and waited at the door: "Lord, the team has been assembled!"

Zhang Yu came to Yang Hong's side and turned over his horse: "Let's go!"

Yang Hong also immediately rode his horse and led the Shenji Battalion to Weifu.

The Wei family in Hedong has its own manor, but the main family basically lives in Anyi City, and what Zhang Yu and the others are going to now is the Wei family's house in Anyi City.

After solving the Wei family in the city, go to the Wei family's manor outside the city and eliminate all the remaining people of the Wei family.

Wei Jia.

"Master, master, something is wrong!!, the general and his men and horses have surrounded us!".

"What??" Wei Hong, the head of the Wei family, was startled and hurriedly got up.

"What the hell is going on?Didn't Wei Liang go to visit that general!!!How could that general still lead troops to surround us??" Wei Hong grabbed his subordinate by the collar and asked in disbelief.

"The villain doesn't know ......."

After Wei Hong was shocked, he quickly calmed down: "Let's go!

He didn't believe that this general really dared to do something to their Wei family!

Isn't the other party afraid of being the enemy of the world's family?

When he came to the front yard, Wei Hong was already followed by nearly a hundred family members and doormen with weapons.

Outside the gate of the Guard's House.

Zhang Yu came to the gate of the Wei Mansion with his soldiers and horses, and ordered that the entire Wei Mansion be surrounded and no one was allowed to go out.

Looking at the high-walled compound of the Wei Mansion, Zhang Yu couldn't help but sigh, it really deserves to be a wealthy family that has lasted for hundreds of years, and the mansion of the Wei family is even more magnificent than the Taishou Mansion.

Ordinary people want to take the Wei Mansion, I am afraid that it is even more difficult than taking the Taishou Mansion.

Fortunately, Zhang Yu has a big killer weapon like artillery.

When he had just taken Anyi City, Zhang Yu ordered the artillery to park the artillery near the city gate, and later he would recruit men to pull all the artillery to the city wall.

However, only five red-coated cannons and five Furlong cannons were transported to the city wall.

The remaining five Furlong cannons were left under the city wall as a backup, and when the province needed to use it, it would be very troublesome to move it from under the city wall.

Now it's time to use it.

Ten artillerymen began to adjust the position and direction of the artillery.

He came to destroy the Wei family, so he didn't plan to waste any words with the Wei family, just start fighting.

As a result, the artillerymen had just set up the artillery and aimed the muzzle at the gate of the guard, and before the cannon could be loaded, the gate of the guard suddenly opened by itself.

Immediately afterwards, Wei Hong, an old man, walked out with nearly a hundred guards with weapons.

"I don't know what this general intends to lead his troops to surround my Wei Mansion!?" Wei Hong asked loudly as he looked at Zhang Yu on horseback.

"Ah, it's nothing, I just want to ask your Wei family for something, and I'm afraid that your Wei family won't give it, so I can only lead the soldiers over and take it personally. Zhang Yu sat on horseback with a spear in his hand, looked down at Wei Hong and said.

"What does the general want, just send someone to talk to the old man, and if the old man has it, he will naturally offer it with both hands! The general directly led his troops to surround the Wei Mansion, which is a bit rude, right?" Wei Hong asked.

"Oh, is it? Is it true that the Wei family is so generous?" Zhang Yu pretended to be surprised.

"My Hedong Wei family doesn't dare to say that it is the strongest family, but it has been passed down for hundreds of years, and I still have some family background. "

"If the general is in need, and my Wei family has it, why don't my Wei family take it out and present it to the general?" Wei Hong said this, with a look of arrogance.

Of course, he also has the confidence of arrogance.

A family that has been inherited for hundreds of years, that family background is naturally not something that ordinary people can imagine. Even if the Wei family has been lonely a lot in recent years, it is still a wealthy family in Hedong!

"That's going to be easy. I want the heads of all your Wei family!".

"So, please judge yourself, old man, and save me from doing it myself~. Zhang Yu looked at Wei Hong in front of him playfully.

"You...... You husband, dare to tease the old man!!" Wei Hongqi's chest rose and fell violently.

Zhang Yu was even scared, he was directly angry to death.

"It's the old man who said it yourself, as long as it is something you want, your Wei family will offer it with both hands, and now you don't talk anymore~?" Zhang Yu teased the old man and said.

Wei Hong pulled the people next to him and whispered, "Go and inform the eldest young master and let them break through from other directions!"

After the people around him returned to the mansion, he looked at Zhang Yu again: "Hmph!!If you want the heads of everyone in my Wei family, then it depends on whether you have the ability to take it!!".

Then he yelled: "Kill me !!".

Wei Hong gave an order, and the guards with knives and guns in the front row immediately rushed towards the soldiers of the Shenji Battalion.

The guards in the back row, armed with bows and arrows, draw their bows and prepare to shoot arrows.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!!

The archers in the back row were directly named by the musketeers.

And the two Fran cannons that were aimed at the gate before opened fire directly.



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