Hearing Zhang Yu's self-introduction, the cold sweat on Wei Liang's head flowed.

"The general is really joking...... Wei Liang laughed dryly: "And that Qingfeng Village is only a hundred people, and there is no sophisticated equipment." How can you be as brave as you, a general, and take the county seat of Anyi. "

"Oh, is it?Since you know that Qingfeng Village is only a hundred people, then you should know that the big boss of Qingfeng Village is a young man who is only fifteen or sixteen years old~?" Zhang Yu looked at each other playfully.

Qingfeng Village is also well-known near Anyi, because the thieves in Qingfeng Village are mostly teenagers, at most children in their twenties.

And the leader of the bandits is a boy who is only sixteen or seventeen years old!

"This ...... I have indeed heard of it slightly......" Wei Liang couldn't help but raise his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

You must know that it is the first month of the year, and the weather is cold, although there is no snow these days, and even it has been a sunny day, but the temperature is still very low.

It is estimated that the temperature is only three or five degrees.

You can still sweat at this temperature, which shows how nervous Wei Liang is at this time.

"Just a little bit of it's good to hear about it. I robbed your Wei family's kissing team and robbed the daughter-in-law of your Wei family's second young master, so it can be said that I am an undying enemy with your Wei family. "

"Your Wei family is definitely not my opponent, but no one is sure if your Wei family will make trouble for me behind my back. "

"Therefore, I can only ask all of you in the Wei family to die. Anyway, if you destroy the Wei family, all the assets of your Wei family will be mine. "

"Come on, drag this housekeeper of the Wei family out and cut it down!" Zhang Yu ordered.

Immediately, two guards from the Shenji Battalion came in, grabbed Wei Liang's arms, and dragged him out.

"General, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, general!!".

"The Wei family will definitely not cause trouble to the general......" Wei Liang's voice became farther and farther away.

After Wei Liang was dragged down, Zhang Yu looked at Mi Shuang, whose face was a little pale.

"Xuzhou Mijia, I have heard a little, one of the top wealthy businessmen in Xuzhou. I don't know what is the matter with you coming to see me?" Zhang Yu looked at Mi Shuang and asked while peeling the eggs.

Mi Shuang was also nervous to death at this time.

The Hedong Wei family, like him, took the initiative to come to the door to deliver money and food, and the purpose was also to befriend the general.

As a result, the money and food were not sent, but the entire Wei family was sent out.

He's also here to deliver money and food, so he won't harm the Mi family, right?

After all, this General Zhang claimed to be the master of Qingfeng Village before, and this time he was a mountain king who fell into the grass.

Mi Shuang now has some regrets.

Zhang Yu, who was born as the king of the mountain, has no background identity and no knowledge, is it really worth investing?

But now that they have come, the goods they brought this time must not be saved, and they must be sent, otherwise they may not be able to keep them.

"General Zhang, the villain transported some goods this time, and he was supposed to go to Bingzhou to sell them. Now I met the general and admired the general, so I was willing to give all the goods to the general. Help the general to help realize the general's hegemony as soon as possible. "What Mi Shuang said is quite nice.

But Zhang Yu just listened, but he didn't take it seriously.

What admires him, he was the king of a mountain before, I have never heard of his name, what do you admire him?

"Oh, I don't know what is in the goods you transported this time?" Zhang Yu asked curiously.

"There are nearly 100 carts of grain, 5 carts of salt, and 10 carts of cloth. Mi Shuang replied.

"Well, things are okay, so I don't know what you want from me?" Zhang Yu asked as he took a bite of the oil cake.

"The villain doesn't dare to ask for anything. Mi Shuang hurriedly said.

Where did he dare to ask for anything? The corpse of Wei Liang just now was not cold yet, where did he dare to ask for anything?

"Suck ~~".

Zhang Yu didn't speak, but ate breakfast by himself.

Mi Shuang didn't ask for it?

They are businessmen, and businessmen never buy and sell at a loss, so how can they unconditionally give him so many goods for free?

Zhang Yu thought about it and probably guessed it.

He blocked the whole city, and Mi Shuang was probably afraid that he would directly kill people and plunder the goods, so he simply took the initiative to give him the goods, so that he could only save his life.

Although Zhang Yu didn't have this idea, Mi Shuang's worries were not wrong.

It's just some money, and if you give it up, you give it up, and the most important thing is to save your life.

Zhang Yu ate breakfast with his head bored and didn't say a word, Mi Shuang was scared.

This general will not be dissatisfied with these goods, right??

Just when Mi Shuang was about to raise the price, Zhang Yu, who had finished drinking the porridge, finally put the bowl down.

"Since it's the kindness of the Mi family, I laughed at it. But I have a business here, I don't know if the Mi family is willing to do it?" Zhang Yu asked.

Mi Shuang arched his hand and asked, "Dare to ask what kind of business the general is?"

"I need saltpeter and sulfur, I wonder if the Mi family can help me get them?" asked Zhang Yu.

Saltpeter, sulfur, and carbon were needed to make black powder.

Carbon is easy to get, but saltpeter and sulfur are not easy to get, and pharmacies sell a little, but the problem is that making black powder requires a lot of saltpeter and sulfur.

That little amount in the pharmacy is simply not enough.

He didn't have to worry about the ammunition consumption of the Shenji Battalion, but he was also preparing to form other firearms troops, and he couldn't do it without enough gunpowder.

As for the recipe of black powder, will the Mi family know? Please, there is only saltpeter and sulfur, no charcoal, and black powder that makes a fart.

The Mi family is a businessman, not a scientist!

"I wonder how much the general needs?" Mi Shuang muttered.

Do business, with whom is it not to do it?

As long as there is enough interest, they can do business with anyone.

"I want as much as I want, the price is not a problem. Zhang Yu said angrily.

"Hmm...... We took over this business. I just don't know when the general will ask for it?" Mi Shuang asked after groaning.

"The sooner the better. "

"Okay! The villain will go back and prepare, and in the shortest possible time, deliver the first batch of goods for the general. Mi Shuang promised.

"Good. If this transaction is successful, then in the future, there will be more business cooperation with Mijia. You won't regret it. Zhang Yu said with a smile.

With Song Yingxing, a super scientist who surpassed Einstein, he will have countless scientific and technological products that are not available in this era in the future.

Refined salt, sugar, soap, high-grade liquor and even alcohol related to people's livelihood, cement, glass, etc. in industry, and even refined armor in military can be traded.

Even if it is a firearm, after the advanced firearms are available, the firearms that are backward and eliminated cannot be taken out and sold.

However, Zhang Yu cooperated with the Mi family, not only because the Mi family was a wealthy businessman in Xuzhou, not because Mi Shuang came to give gifts, but also because Mi Zhu's sister Mi Zhen!

Mi Zhen is also a very famous figure in the Three Kingdoms, although it is not as good as Diao Chan and Cai Wenji, but she is also Liu Bei's wife.

Even after Zhao Yun rescued her and Liu Chan, because Zhao Yun only had one horse and was unwilling to get on the horse, after handing over Liu Chan to Zhao Yun, he committed suicide by throwing himself into a well.

Such a woman, even if it is not a golden epic, should be purple rare.

Zhang Yu thought about getting closer to the Mi family first, and then asked the Mi family to marry Mi Zhen to him, and the Mi family should not object at that time.

After the Mi family left, Zhang Yu brought Song Yingxing over.

"Chang Gung, can the iron ore buried under 100 meters be mined with the current technology?"

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