Zhang Yu hugged Cai Wenji in his arms and checked the reward for Cai Wenji's pregnancy.

[Mine Marking]: It can be enabled in the territory map, and after it is enabled, you can view the distribution of mineral deposits in the territory! (Only known ore veins can be viewed.) )

'Oh, that's the same as knowing that all the minerals are distributed in your territory, right?'

Zhang Yu hurriedly opened the [Mine Point Marker], wanting to see what mineral deposits were in his territory.

Then he found that on his [territory map], only one kind of mineral deposit mark appeared.

That's iron ore!

And the location coincides with the location of Qingfeng Village!

However, the mine information shows that the vein is located 100 meters underground, which is not an open pit mine!

The mineral deposit is 15 million tons of hematite.

This iron ore is estimated to have little mining value in later generations, but in this era, for Zhang Yu, if it can be mined, it will be completely enough!

Even if the mineral deposits are buried deep underground, I don't know if the iron ore in Qingfeng Mountain can be mined with the current mining technology.

Go back and ask Song Yingxing, a professional!

"Husband, the concubine is really useless, I can't satisfy my husband~" Cai Wenji leaned on Zhang Yu's arms and said reproachfully.

"What are you talking about~?I don't blame you, I only blame my husband for being too strong~. Zhang Yu stroked Cai Wenji's cheek and said with a smile.

"Husband, why don't you find a sister and help me serve my husband together~. Cai Wenji looked up at Zhang Yu's eyes and said.

“emmm...... I really have to think about it. Zhang Yu nodded: "Madam, you are pregnant now, it is indeed not suitable to have sex in a short period of time." "

Cai Wenji alone was not his opponent in the first place, and now that she is pregnant, she can't touch her for at least three months.

Otherwise, you will cry when the tire slips.

In the next three months, someone has to be found to replace Cai Wenji, and this person must also be a high-quality woman.

Otherwise, rewarding only a small amount of things every time will make him uninterested.

The only problem now is that he can't tell the rank of a woman, which is annoying.

"The concubine is pregnant?? Cai Wenji couldn't believe her ears.

"Of course, can you still be deceived by your husband? If you don't believe it, Madam, let the doctor check your pulse in two months, and you will know. Zhang Yu said.

"No, I believe in the husband~!, but in this way, a sister is afraid that she can't satisfy her husband, at least she has to find two younger sisters. "

"It's just that my husband's requirements are too high, and it's not easy to find two sisters who satisfy my husband at the same time. Cai Wenji had some sorrow.

Her two wedding maids, Siqin and Nianhua, are also very good in appearance and figure, and they have been by her side since childhood, and they can be regarded as having some talents.

At least literate.

But even so, he couldn't win the love of his husband, which made Cai Wenji very worried.

If you want to be as good as yourself, you have to find more than two at a time!

"I don't have to worry about this matter, Mrs. Lao will handle it himself. Zhang Yu smiled and comforted.

"By the way, husband, the concubine still has a sister named Zhenji, who is as proficient in calligraphy and music as the concubine. The appearance is also beautiful. Cai Wenji's eyes suddenly lit up.

"It's better for the concubine to write a letter and go home, so that my father can marry my sister Zhenji to her husband!"

"Cai Zhenji?".

The name seems a little familiar, but it's not very familiar.

But since she is Cai Wenji's sister and the daughter of the Confucian Cai Yong, even if she is not as good as Cai Wenji, she should not be much worse.

What's more, in terms of seniority, Cai Zhenji is her sister-in-law.

is the so-called sister-in-law who has half a butt belongs to the brother-in-law, since this is the case, then he, the brother-in-law, simply married the sister-in-law.

In the future, Cai Wenji will also have a person to talk to, so she will not be too lonely.

"In that case, there is Mrs. Law. Zhang Yu nodded.

Since it is a courtship, it is natural to prepare a bride price, he has food, but there is not much gold, silver and jewelry, and it is a bit shabby to ask for food.

In that case, let's go and destroy the Hedong Wei family today!

As a wealthy family in Hedong, the Wei family has produced big names like Wei Qing and Wei Zifu in their ancestors, and there must be a large number of gold, silver and jewelry hidden in the clan.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yu got up and dressed.

"Madam, lie down and rest, for your husband you still have business to do. "

"The concubine understands. "

Cai Wenji actually wants Zhang Yu to be by her side all the time, but she also understands that Zhang Yu is a person who does big things, and she can't drag her husband back.

Zhang Yu originally wanted Cai Wenji to help him handle government affairs, but now that Cai Wenji is pregnant, don't let her work.

Just go back and find someone.

He didn't believe it, and he couldn't find a scholar who could use it for himself.

Dressed neatly, Zhang Yu opened the door.

"Go in and serve Madame. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, Childe. "

Zhang Yu walked out of the backyard: "Protect your wife." "

"Yes, my lord!".

Come to the front yard.

"Someone. Ask someone to bring a breakfast. "

"Yes, my lord!".

"By the way, have the Wei family left?" asked Zhang Yu.

"Back to the lord, the people of the Wei family are still waiting outside the house. In addition, there is also a person who claims to be from the Mi family in Xuzhou and comes to ask to see him. I'm waiting outside the house now. "

When Zhang Yu heard this, he was surprised: "Oh?

Xuzhou Mi family, isn't that one of the top wealthy businessmen in the Three Kingdoms, Mi Zhu's family?

The people of the Mi family are actually in Anyi City?

"Bring them all. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, my lord!".

After a while, the kitchen brought a breakfast, oil cakes, porridge with green vegetables and lean meat, as well as boiled eggs and stewed lamb chops.

As soon as Zhang Yu started eating for a while, the housekeeper of the Wei family, as well as Mi Shuang, were brought in.

Seeing the appearance of the two, both of them were very surprised.

They never thought that this mysterious general would be so young! He looked sixteen or seventeen years old at most, right?

At such an age, he can actually lead the army to fight a city, which can be called the champion of the modern era!

"Hedong Wei Jiawei Liang has seen the general!".

"Xuzhou Mijia Mi Shuang has seen the general!".

The two of them saluted Zhang Yu one after another.

Zhang Yu glanced at Mi Shuang, and then looked at Wei Liang on the other side.

"Who are you from the Wei family?" asked Zhang Yu.

"The old slave is the steward of the Wei family. The head of the family knew that when the general took over Anyi at the beginning, he would inevitably lack money and food. Therefore, he was willing to give 5,000 pieces of grain to the general. Wei Liang's face was full of smiles.

"Hehe, five thousand grains, the Wei family is so generous. Zhang Yu smiled.

5,000 Hu grains are only a hundred thousand catties of grain, which is enough for a thousand soldiers to eat for more than a month.

And according to the treatment he gave to the soldiers, the five thousand grains would only be five hundred soldiers for a month.

This Hedong Wei family is really too generous.

"This is just a greeting gift, if you can make friends with the general, the Wei family is willing to give more money and food to support the general. Wei Liang said with a smile.

This is very interesting, which translates to mean that if the general can take more care of the Wei family in the future, he will be able to get more support from the Wei family.

Why is this especially keeping him as a dog?

"Huh...... Do you know who I am?" Zhang Yu said with a sneer.

"Dare to ask the general ......?" Wei Liang looked curious.

"I am the master of Qingfeng Village, surnamed Zhang Mingyu. A few days ago, the team that your Wei family picked up and came back was intercepted and killed by me. Wei Zhongdao's short-lived daughter-in-law has been serving me for several days. "

"So, are you still willing to give me money and food?" Zhang Yu looked at Wei Liang in front of him with a playful look.

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