Zhang Yu was happy in Taishou Mansion, and some other people in the city couldn't live happily.

For example, wealthy families such as the Hedong Wei family and the Hedong Fan family, and then there are Mishuang who entered Anyi County with a caravan because of curiosity.

Mi Shuang is a wealthy businessman in Xuzhou and a cousin of Mi Zhu. He often leads caravans out to do business.

On this trip, they were to escort grain, cloth, and refined salt to the state north of the river to sell.

There is a shortage of grain and salt in the state, and the grain and transportation are sold at a large profit.

As a result, when passing through Anyi County, he encountered a strange army attacking Anyi County. If it was just an ordinary battle, then Mi Shuang would definitely directly bypass Anyi County and continue north.

Even if it is dangerous to rush at night, he will not enter the war zone during the war, and who knows if the warring parties will directly detain his goods at that time.

But Mi Shuang found that this team was completely different from the teams he had seen before.

Instead of carrying swords, guns, bows and arrows, the infantry carried strange-shaped weapons that resembled burning sticks.

And he dragged a big black iron pillar in a car!

He didn't know what those big iron pillars were used for, but after the team started to siege the city, he knew!

Those big iron pillars are siege weapons!!And they are huge!!Definitely siege weapons!!

Driven by curiosity, he entered the city with the caravan.

The purpose was to see what kind of structure the weapon was, and how it managed to 'smash' the city gate tower in an instant from a distance of more than 200 steps.

Catapults aren't that powerful!

In addition, he wanted to see how the weapons that the infantry held in their hands, such as burning sticks, were used.

Before, he thought it was a burning stick, but after seeing the strange big iron pillar that could instantly smash the city gate, he realized that the 'burning stick' must also be a weapon he had never seen before!

But after entering the city, Mi Shuang soon regretted it.

Because he didn't even see how the soldiers used burning sticks! The key was that he could get in, and then he couldn't get out!

The entire county is only allowed to enter but not to leave!

He brought all the goods he brought this time!

The only good news was that the strange force did not rob him of his goods.

He now has two choices, the first is to wait patiently, waiting for the general who took the county seat of Anyi to order the ban to be lifted.

But no one knows how long the ban will last.

And then the second one was to meet the general.

Since the Yellow Turban Uprising, the Mi family knew that the Han Dynasty's qi was about to run out, and the world was likely to be in chaos next.

After the rebellion of the Ten Standing Servants, Dong Zhuo led his troops into Luoyang, abolished the young emperor, and set up Liu Xie, the king of Chenliu, as the emperor, which made Mi Zhu, the current head of the Mi family, firm in his own thoughts.

So in the past two years, I have been looking for princely forces that can be invested.

As long as they bet on the right treasure, the princes of that side finally won the world, then their Mi family will also become the minister of the dragon, from the merchant to the scholar!

Even if the princes who invested did not win the world in the end, even if they were just dominating one side, at least the bones that could protect the Mi family from being eaten in troubled times were gone.

It's just that the Mi family has been hesitating now.

The power of the Mi family is mainly in Xuzhou, in fact, the best choice is to invest in the local princes of Xuzhou.

However, Xuzhou Mu Taoqian is old, and his two sons are not of great use, so they may not be able to gain a firm foothold in the troubled times.

Therefore, even if the head of the family, Mi Zhu, has been appointed by Tao Qian as a different driver, he still wants to find a prince to invest.

It's best to be the kind of strong man who has the strength to dominate the world, but is currently in its infancy.

A family like Yuan Shao, with protégés and former officials all over the world, they will be eaten and wiped clean when they go to vote. Nothing is of great benefit.

The head of the family actually considered Cao Cao, because Cao Cao assassinated Dong Zhuo, and also issued a document calling on the righteous people in the world to rise up against Dong.

Cao Cao's fame is there.

It's just that the head of the family still doesn't know if Cao Cao can survive the next crusade against Dong Zhuo.

The head of the family was still hesitating, but Mi Shuang suddenly felt that this mysterious general seemed to be an object worth investing in.

The weapons of this army are too powerful, not to mention the mysterious 'burning stick', just the black iron pillar that can emit 'thunder' is enough for this army to dominate one side.

The only problem now is that he doesn't know whose force this mysterious force is!

And he is not the head of the Mi family, and he can't directly make decisions for the head of the family.

Mi Shuang is struggling, whether to risk meeting the general!

On the other side,

The Wei family also had a sad face.

"Do you find out? Which people are attacking you? Also, is there any news of Zhong Jian?" Wei Hong asked with a serious expression.

I didn't receive any news at all before, and as a result, Anyi County changed owners in an instant!

What frightened him even more was that Taishou and the officials under Taishou were all arrested and killed by that unknown force!

And the gates of the city have been sealed, and no one is allowed to leave the city.

Wei Hong now doesn't know if this unknown mysterious force will do something to their family.

If it's the power of a certain prince, that's fine, but if it's an army of rebels, it's dangerous.

The princes will also have scruples about their local powers, after all, if they want to manage the places well, they need the support of their local powers.

But if it's a rebel army like the Yellow Turban Army and the White Bo Army, then they don't care if you're a local tyrant or not! What they rob is Haoqiang! After all, Haoqiang is rich!

"Master, I haven't found out yet. One thing is certain, however, that the army was well-armoured, almost all of them were armoured, and they were well trained, and there was no predation at all against the people of the city. The servant replied.

"Dad, if that's the case, it means that this army is the army of a certain prince, and we don't need to worry too much. Those mud legs wouldn't have been so well equipped, let alone so well trained. "

"Even if something happens, we can lose some money and food at most, and it is unlikely that our people will have to worry about their lives. Wei Qi spoke.

"Hmm. Bo Cha, you are right. Wei Hong nodded, and then continued to look at the subordinate in front of him: "Then did you find any news about Zhong Jian?"

"This ...... After the enemy broke through the city, all the defenders were captured. "

But soon after, some of the chiefs were released. They said...... Gu Gongzi may have ...... when he was defending the city, "The subordinate did not say the last two words.

But the meaning is self-evident.

Already dead in battle!

"Zhong Jian......" Wei Hong felt a flower in front of him, but fortunately, he stabilized his body.

Although Wei Gu is only a side nephew, he serves as the chief of the Qu in Anyi, and if he operates it again, he will soon be promoted to Sima and Du Wei, which is still very important to the Wei family.

The results ......

"Father, although Zhongjian's matter is very regrettable, the most important thing for us now is to preserve the strength of the clan!"

"The child suggests that someone be sent to the Taishou Mansion to contact the general and give money and food as a gesture of goodwill!"

"It doesn't matter if you lose a little money and food, as long as the Wei family is still there, the lost money and food will come back sooner or later!" Wei Qi said.

"You're right. In this way, early tomorrow morning, send someone to the Taishou Mansion to contact the mysterious general! Give some money and food to win over the other party!" Wei Hong nodded.

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