"General, this is a serious !?," someone asked aloud.

"Hahaha! If you don't take it seriously, you can leave at any time!" Zhang Yu said loudly with a smile.

He lacks everything, but food.

Cai Wenji's [virtuous help] attribute can provide him with 100,000 tons of rice every month!

And during this period, Zhang Yu didn't know how many catties there were in the weight of a hue of grain, but it was estimated that it was about twenty-five catties.

Ten catties is more than 200 catties, even if it is counted as 300 catties, 100,000 tons of rice is enough for an army of five or six hundred thousand people.

Even if the rations are subtracted, the number is directly halved, and it is enough to feed the army of two or three hundred thousand!

"Then I'm willing to follow the general!".

"I'm also willing to follow the general!!".

"I'm willing to ...... too


According to the last statistics, nearly 600 people are willing to take refuge in Zhang Yu.

And the people who are unwilling to take refuge in Zhang Yu are all people who have had some official positions before, and they all chose to leave.

In their opinion, Zhang Yu is a rebel army like the Baibo Army, although he has now conquered Anyi City, but he has no future.

Zhang Yu didn't stop either.

For those who are unwilling to follow themselves, it is useless to force them.

Zhang Yu collected those captives, and then asked Guan Mao, the second master, and Li Qing, the third leader, to lead them.

Since Zhang Yu upgraded the 500 people in the stockade to the Shenji Battalion, Guan Mao and Li Qing could only lead the remaining 100 or so 'spear and shield soldiers'.

Now that six hundred new captives have been recruited, let them go and lead the captives.

He is not too worried about the loyalty of these two to him, Zhang Yu has been getting along for more than a year, Zhang Yu has a good understanding of them, and the two are quite loyal to him.

The only deficiency is that the abilities of the two are not very strong.

What's more, he has no one to use now, so he can only continue to use the two of them for the time being.

When the famous generals are recruited, the two of them will be replaced.

After arranging the prisoners, Zhang Yu asked his subordinates to recruit people to work outside the city, and the city gate and city wall needed to be repaired.

In fact, Zhang Yu can also be conscripted into labor and forcibly pull people over to work, but he didn't do this, there is no need, and he is not short of money and food.

What's more, Anyi County also has a lot of money and food, and it is not distressing to use it at all.

After arranging these, Zhang Yu returned to Taishou Mansion to check the population, food, and number of soldiers and armor in Hedong County.

And then...... Then Zhang Yu had a headache.

After the crossing, Zhang Yu was born in a peasant family, and he never went to school since he was a child, so he naturally didn't know how to read.

After awakening the memory of the previous life, the word must be recognized, but the one who knows is the simplified Chinese character of the later life. The characters of the Eastern Han Dynasty were Lishu, and he also knew some simple words, and even the slightly more complicated ones could be understood.

But there are also some who can't guess what the word is.

Also, the numbers of the Eastern Han Dynasty are written instead of the Arabic numerals used in later generations, which looks really tiring.

It didn't take long for Zhang Yu to throw away the bamboo slip in his hand.

Don't look at it!

That's not what he's meant to do!

Let's go back and find a professional person to do government affairs, he is only responsible for the general direction.


When it comes to professional people, Zhang Yu suddenly thinks of Song Yingxing!

He had always positioned Song Yingxing as a scientist! Forget that he was also an official of the Ming Dynasty

I'm worried that no one will work for me, isn't there just one!

Zhang Yu hurriedly took out the [Song Yingxing Summoning Card] from the [Portable Storage Space].

After use.

[Song Yingxing: Summoning Card] turned into pieces, and then turned into a young man dressed as a scholar and appeared in front of Zhang Yu.

After this person appeared, he immediately saluted Zhang Yu.

"Chang Gung greets the lord!".

Zhang Yu was slightly stunned, but then he reacted, Chang Geng is Song Yingxing's word!

Immediately after, Zhang Yu's mind remembered the system prompt.

[Ding!Congratulations to the host for obtaining the first retainer!Open the [Retainer Interface]!].

Retainer Module?

Zhang Yu immediately opened the system and found the [Retainer Interface].

In the [Retainer Interface] in public, there is only one person at present.

[Song Yingxing].

[Position: empty].

[Grade: Epic (Golden)].

[Ability: 1. Scientists: 200% increase in team scientific research speed; 2. Teaching and educating people: 100% increase in students' learning speed. 】

Seeing Song Yingxing's attributes, Zhang Yu was shocked.

This is also a golden epic!


And Song Yingxing's two abilities are so awesome!

One increases the speed of team research, and the other increases the speed of student learning

This is definitely an SSR card!

Cai Wenji's [Talented Girl] entry has been put into the [Family] panel, increasing the speed of scientific research by 100%.

I don't know if the speed of the [talented girl] and Song Yingxing's [scientist] are added or multiplied!

If it's multiplication!

That Song Yingxing is the Einstein of the Three Kingdoms period, and even the great scientist who surpassed Einstein!


Zhang Yu retracted his gaze and looked at Song Yingxing in front of him.

"Chang Gung, I order you to set up an academy of sciences and be responsible for all scientific research. Now let's start researching firearms, and better gunpowder!".

"In Anyi City, you can hire as many people as you like!"

"At the same time, you are only subordinate to me, and you can not obey anyone else's orders!" Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, lord!" Song Yingxing agreed.

Yang ...... Fang Wu! Assign five people from your command to protect Chang Geng closely, and at the same time obey his dispatch!".

Zhang Yu originally wanted to call Yang Hong, the cavalry captain, but suddenly thought that the other party would go up the mountain to pick up Cai Wenji and the others, so he changed his voice to Fang Wu, the deputy captain of the cavalry.

"Yes!" Fang Wu immediately went down to arrange personnel.

"Chang Gung, how much food do you need, tell the guards to get it at any time!!" Zhang Yu looked at Song Yingxing and said.

"Chang Gung will live up to the expectations of the lord!".

Song Yingxing was ordered to retreat, and Zhang Yu was so excited that he couldn't calm down.

With Song Yingxing, a great scientist, I think it won't be long before he can independently produce all kinds of firearms!

At that time, he will carry out a dimensionality reduction blow to the princes of the Three Kingdoms period!


Yang Hong, the cavalry captain of the Shenji Battalion, escorted Cai Wenji and hundreds of families on the cottage to Anyi City safely.

Zhang Yu asked people to arrange the accommodation of those family members, and he caressed Cai Wenji's softness.

"Madame, you've been tired of this journey. "

Cai Wenji shook her head with happiness on her face: "The concubine body is not hard at all. Compared with what the husband did, the concubine is a little bit of a lot. "

Cai Wenji actually didn't expect that Zhang Yu would really lead hundreds of people in the village to defeat the county seat of Anyi.

Rebellion is a major crime of murder, but now the world is in turmoil, the court is weak, and there is no power to restrain the princes of the world.

Dong Zhuo even regarded the young emperor as a plaything.

What's more, marrying a chicken and a dog, since she is married to her husband, she will naturally fully support her husband in whatever he does.

And as long as the strength is strong enough, forcibly occupying one county and one state is not a big deal.

If you don't see it, Dong Zhuo even dared to forcibly remove the emperor, or even kill him, and then support the new emperor.

As a talented woman, Cai Wenji can naturally see that the world is already in chaos, and no one knows what will become of the world next.

But one thing is certain, with strong strength, you can protect yourself and your family in this troubled world.

And Cai Wenji, now I only hope to follow her husband all the time, give birth to a son and a half daughter for her husband, and the family can live this life happily.

"Madam~ Since you are not tired, let's play a game with Weifu Lai~~" Zhang Yu picked up Cai Wenji.

"Ah~!husband, it's not dark yet~!".

"What's that! Wouldn't it be more interesting during the day?, and as a husband, I hope that my wife will give birth to a child for me as soon as possible~!hahaha~~".

Soon, the nightingale's cry was heard again in the house.

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