Upstairs at the city gate.

As soon as the words of the general defending the city fell, he saw that in the formation outside the city, there was a sudden flash of firelight.

Immediately afterward, the gate tower they were in suddenly collapsed.

The guards on the tower of the city gate, not even knowing what was happening, were buried under the rubble.

The defenders on the city wall were no better, and one after another shells smashed on the city wall, directly shattering the female wall.

The rubble that burst out overturned everything that stood behind the women's wall!

And the people who hid in the distance seemed to have seen ghosts.

"Oh my God, here's what ??? going on."

"God is angry?".

"It must be that Lord Gunshou has done something unreasonable and angered God!".

"Ask God to calm his anger!".

"God's wrath!!".

"God is angry, !!


Groups of people knelt on the ground, kowtowed to heaven, and begged God to calm his anger.

In their opinion, God is punishing the defending army now, but who knows if he will be angry with them later.

The caravans, on the other hand, are not as 'ignorant' as ordinary people.

'Thunder' and 'fire' came from the direction of the strange force, and then the gate tower collapsed.

It was as if the city gate had been attacked by something and turned into pieces.

Boom, boom, boom!!boom!!

The artillery attack continued.

Anyway, the ammunition consumed will be replenished by the system, so Zhang Yu is not afraid of ammunition consumption at all.

Let's get an artillery to wash the floor and bomb it.

This caravan is the caravan of the Mi family, led by a junior of the Mi family, this time transported dozens of truckloads of grain, more than a dozen truckloads of cloth and a few trucks of sea salt to Hedong to sell.

Although there is a salt pond in the east of the river, the salt produced is bitter salt, and the high-quality sea salt is not worried about the market, and the local Haoqiang and the family are all consuming.

Mi Shuang's eyesight was better, he stared at the direction of the battlefield, and could see black shadows flying towards the city wall at a very fast speed.

Mi Shuang was shocked.

[This is the weapon used by that force??]

Is such a powerful weapon really a weapon that humans can master?

And how did that thunderous roar come about?

That force is capable of controlling the ??? of the Celestial Thunder

Mi Shuang felt that what he had learned in the past was not enough.

The county seat of Anyi, Taishou Mansion.

Hedong is guarding the royal palace and is taking stock of the money and grain sent by the Wei family.

Sending troops to suppress bandits can not only have a reputation, but also money and food to take, which is really a good deal.

Boom, boom, boom!boom!!

Wang Yi in the Taishou Mansion naturally heard the sound of cannons outside the city. It's just that he didn't know that it was the sound of cannons, and he thought it was thunder.

Wang Yi looked at the sun outside the window suspiciously.

"Strange, why is it thundering on this sunny day?".

Boom, boom, boom!boom!!

Not only thundered, but also thundered.

The thunderbolt on a sunny day, and the sound all the time, is not a good sign.

"Someone, go check and see where the thunder is. Wang Yi called someone to come over.

"Yes, sir!".

The servants left, and Wang Yi continued to count the gold and silver coins in front of him.

Boom, boom, boom!!

The shelling continues.

Several more rounds of shelling were carried out, and there were no people on the walls at all.

It may have all been blown up, or it may have been completely undaring to hide, but in any case, the defense on the walls is now zero.

"Attack!!" Zhang Yu ordered the infantry to move in the direction of the city gate.

More than 100 long-haired hands were in front, and 300 musketeers were behind.

Regardless of whether there were defenders on the walls or not, the artillery continued to suppress the walls with artillery fire, and waited until the infantry approached the city gates, and the artillery stopped attacking.

Without encountering any resistance, the infantry stormed the city gates.

Soon, the infantry of the Shenji Battalion appeared on the city wall and pulled out the 'king' flag on the city wall.

This let Zhang Yu know that the south gate of Anyi County had been taken down by them.

"Enter the city!!" Zhang Yu immediately led the cavalry into the city.

The rest of the artillery adjusted the formation and followed the artillery into the city with horses.

Zhang Yu was not afraid of someone attacking the artillery.

Although artillery is mainly responsible for artillery, it is not that without artillery there is no combat effectiveness.

In addition to each of them equipped with a handcuff, each of them is also equipped with a goose feather knife, and their melee ability is not weak.

Zhang Yu led a hundred cavalry and soon entered the city.

Fifty musketeers were left to guard the gates, while the rest continued to attack the other gates.

The defenders on the tower of the city naturally saw what was happening at the south gate, and they didn't know what happened at first, but then they sent people over to check, and then they knew that someone was attacking the city outside the city.

It's just a means of siege that they have never heard of and never seen.

It's like a heavenly punishment!

Where did they dare to stay on the wall of the south gate, they fled along the wall towards the other gates.

Therefore, after only firing a few shots, Zhang Yu easily took all the gates and captured all the remaining defenders.

Except for the south gate, which was shattered by the red-clad cannons, all the other gates were closed, except for a few soldiers to guard the gate, and some people guarded the prisoners.

The rest of the soldiers and horses were all taken by Zhang Yu to the gate of the Taishou Mansion.

Taishou Fufu.

The subordinates sent by Wang Yi to check the 'source of the thunder' have returned.

It's just a message that came back, but it has nothing to do with 'thunder', but someone has called!

"Impossible! This is impossible!".

"Although 3,000 soldiers and horses were sent out to suppress the bandits, there were still 800 defenders in the city!

"This is absolutely impossible!!" Wang Yi still did not believe that the city gate had been breached.

"Run away, sir!!!

He didn't know how many soldiers and horses there were outside the city, but he saw with his own eyes that the city gate was shattered and a group of cavalry rushed into the city!

Seeing that scene, he hurriedly ran back to the Taishou Mansion.

"Presumptuous! Dare to beware of the official cutting you!!" Wang Yi shouted angrily.

He still didn't believe that the county seat of Anyi had been breached.

Outside the gate of the Taishou Mansion.

The official at the gate of the Taishou Mansion saw a group of cavalry rushing towards the palace and hurriedly closed the gate of the Taishou Mansion.

The gate of the government is very thick, not to mention the engineering equipment, at least there need to be a giant wood to collide.

Zhang Yuler's horse stopped, and the cavalry behind him also stopped.

The artillery didn't follow, and the order Zhang Yu gave them was to go directly to the city gate for repairs after entering the city.

Later in the evening, he would have cannons put up on the walls of the city to defend the city.

It doesn't matter if there is no artillery, Zhang Yu still has explosives packs, six explosives packs were made before, and five are useless.

Zhang Yu took out an explosives bag from his carry-on storage space and handed it to a cavalryman beside him.

Zhang Yu ordered: "Go, light the explosive pack, and blow the door open!".


The cavalry dismounted and walked towards the gate of Taishou Mansion with explosives bags, while Zhang Yu led the others away from the gate.

The cavalry lit the fuse of the explosive pack with a fire breaker and hurriedly hid behind a safe bunker.

Boom !!

The gate, which originally required a giant tree to smash open, was directly shattered by the explosives pack.

At this time, musketeers and long-haired soldiers also arrived at the scene.

"Come in, search for me!".

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