At the foot of the Goro Peak.

Early in the morning, the 3,000 soldiers and horses of Hedong County, plus the 1,000 young men and women provided by the Wei family, were buried in the pot to cook under the orders of the infantry captain.

After eating, he immediately went into the mountains to attack the stockade of the Iron Ox.

The large-scale attack of 4,000 soldiers and horses naturally could not hide the trouble on the mountain, and immediately some people ran up the mountain to inform Tie Niu of the news that the officers and soldiers had entered the mountain.

Iron Bull didn't care.

Except for sending hundreds of agile 'scouts' to harass the officers and soldiers with bows and arrows, there was no intention of preparing for battle.

The cottage is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the gate is firm, those officers and soldiers use their heads to beat them

And those scouts did bring great trouble to the officers and soldiers, greatly reducing their marching speed.

They took advantage of their familiarity with the terrain to hide in the shadows and secretly release arrows, and then immediately fled away. If no one catches up, hide in the distance and secretly release arrows.

The officers and soldiers did not die much, but they were exhausted by the scouts.


Qingfeng Village.

Early in the morning, Zhang Yu added food to everyone in the village.

Porridge, steamed white flour cakes, hot mutton soup, everyone can get a few pieces of mutton.

After eating, they straightened their ranks, pulled up their equipment, and went down the mountain in the direction of Anyi City.

Zhang Yu and the others encountered many homeless people along the way, and even caravans.

Whether it was a homeless person or a caravan, when they saw Zhang Yu's team, they just retreated to the side of the road and gave way to Zhang Yu and his party, but did not scatter and escape.

Because of the five hundred people of the Shenji Battalion, all of them are wearing armor, and they don't seem to have anything to do with the bandits, but like the elite troops of a certain prince.

Although the Shenji Battalion was heading in the direction of Anyi City, no one thought that it was going to attack Anyi City.

Just kidding, although Anyi City is not a capital like Luoyang, nor is it an important pass, it is also the seat of Hedong County, and it is also a tall city wall.

Relying on a few hundred people to attack a county office, but any normal general would not do this.

On top of that, the equipment of the Shenji Battalion is strange.

Other troops were armed with spears and shields or bows and arrows.

And what about the Shenji Battalion, hundreds of infantry are carrying strange-looking burning sticks!

The baggage troops behind didn't know what they were dragging, all of them were pitch black, looking like a pillar, but the middle was hollow.

The only normal thing is the 100 cavalry, armed with spears, hard bows and short crossbows.

As for the remaining 100 or so spear shield soldiers, because they didn't have time to make big shields, their weapons were only ordinary spears and broadswords, all of which were weapons in the previous cottage, and as for the armor on their bodies, there was no armor at all.

If it weren't for the Shenji Battalion, passers-by would have thought they were rebels or bandits!

The strange equipment of the Shenji Battalion made the people he met on the road all look at them very curiously. There are even people speculating about whose troops this is, where it is going, and what it is doing.

Zhang Yu rode on horseback and didn't care about the homeless people he met on the road.

One thing he was thinking about was how much his family's territory would expand if he conquered Anyi City

When he went down the mountain to recruit troops yesterday, he had already tested it, Qingfeng Mountain belonged to his family territory, and he could use the [Family Warehouse] at will within the scope of Qingfeng Mountain, but he couldn't leave Qingfeng Mountain.

Anyi City is the seat of Hedong County, so if Anyi City is conquered, will his family territory only include Anyi City, or will it include the entire Anyi County? Or will it include the entire Hedong County?

Qingfeng Village is not very far from Anyi County, only about 20 miles, if a person runs lightly, it will be there in half an hour.

But because the artillery has cannons and ammunition, although there are horses drawn by horses, the speed cannot be fast.

It took more than an hour for the team to reach the outside of Anyi City.

After going down Qingfeng Mountain, the road to Anyi County is a plain, so Zhang Yu and his party have long been discovered by the soldiers on the city wall.

Although Zhang Yu's troops were not many, only about 600 people, the defenders on the city wall were still very cautious in these years.

Seeing a troop coming from afar, he hurriedly closed the city gate first.

When it is confirmed that the visitor is not an enemy, it is not too late to open the city gates.

The soldiers on the city wall have barely pulled up the drawbridge now.

However, once they found that the unknown army outside the city showed signs of attacking the city, they would definitely pull up the drawbridge as soon as possible.

The people under the city also fled in all directions after the city gate was closed, and no one wanted to be affected by the war, and their deaths were unknown.

Zhang Yu and his party stopped three hundred meters away from the city gate.

The bows and arrows on the walls could not shoot so far.

And the artillery of the artillery?

Whether it is a Fran cannon or a redcoat cannon, at such a close distance, it can be said that it refers to where to shoot.

Three hundred meters is too close for artillery!

Zhang Yu ordered the artillerymen to line up the cannons, and the muzzles of the cannons were aimed in the direction of the city gate.

Infantry and cavalry are on standby for the time being.

Seeing the actions of unknown soldiers outside the city, the defenders on the city wall were puzzled.

"What are those people doing outside the city?".

"I don't know, what are those black things?".

"I don't know, it looks like it's pretty heavy. "

"Do you want to report to the county keeper?"

"Wait and see, it's not too late to report when the opposite side is really attacking the city. "

The generals of the defenders at the city gate did not care much about the unknown troops outside the city.

Although the county guard asked most of the soldiers and horses to go out to suppress the bandits, there were still about 800 soldiers defending the city, and there were about 200 people on each wall.

If necessary, the defenders on other walls can be brought in to support.

As the so-called ten and besiege it, five will attack it, and the troops outside the city look like only six or seven hundred people, not as many as they defend the city.

What's more, there are no siege equipment, and there is no need to draw defenders from other directions, they can hold it!

It's just that soon, they don't have such self-confidence.

Outside the city.

The artillerymen had already arranged the ten Fran cannons and the five red-coat cannons, adjusted the angles, loaded the ammunition, and aimed at the target.

The target is the city gate, and the gate tower on the city wall. And then there were the defenders on the ramparts.

The red-coated cannon of the Shenji Battalion can only fire solid shells because of the high chamber pressure, but the Furlong cannon is different, and can fire solid bullets, flowering bullets, and shotguns.

The only drawback is the short range, not as far as the redcoat cannon. But it can also be played three miles.

"Fire!!" Zhang Yu waved his arm and ordered loudly.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!!

Several red-coated cannons and ten Furlong cannons opened fire at the same time, and the city gate was instantly penetrated, and the city gate tower was also destroyed in an instant.

The flowering shells fired by the Fran cannon blew out the gaps in the walls of the city.

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