The [Guard Upgrade Card] was used, but the [Song Yingxing Summoning Card] was not intended to be used.

The cottage is too broken, and there is nothing, and now that Song Yingxing is summoned, he will not be useful.

It's better to wait until Anyi City is built, and after you have a 'base', you can summon Song Yingxing, a great scientist in the late Ming Dynasty.

Zhang Yu looked at the Shenji Battalion in front of him.

The attack of the Shenji Battalion is undoubted, but the defense seems to be a little worse.

Especially when encountering a large number of cavalry, as well as a large number of archers, after all, his Shenji battalion only has five hundred people.

Although these soldiers were also equipped with armor, they were all light armor with iron sheets and leather, and except for the cavalry, which was covered with full body armor, the infantry and artillery did not achieve full body armor, but only the important parts were covered with armor.

Therefore, Zhang Yu felt that he had to allocate a little defensive power to the Shenji Battalion.

There happened to be more than 100 soldiers next to him who were not selected, and Zhang Yu decided to form a spear and shield soldier with them.

A spear with a shield!

You don't need to do anything else, just be next to the Shenji Camp and be responsible for protecting the Shenji Battalion.


The other side.

The young men supported by the county soldiers and the Wei family, after several hours of hurrying, finally came to the foot of Wulao Peak.

Because it was getting late, it was easy to ambush when going up the mountain at night, so under the order of Fan Xian, the infantry commander, he set up camp and rested on the spot.

Wait for tomorrow to dawn, and then encircle and suppress the bandits entrenched in Wulao Peak.

Because the Wei family provided a lot of money and food, the morale of the soldiers was quite high, and if they succeeded in suppressing the bandits, they would have a lot of rewards when they turned back.

If you get the head, the reward will be even greater.

In order to take revenge, the Wei family can be regarded as letting out a wave of blood this time.

Five old peaks of the black wind village.

A spy hurried up to Iron Bull.

"Report to the !! boss! A group of officers and soldiers have come down from the mountain! It seems that they are coming for us!"

"Hmph, what's the panic? It's not the first time that the group of officers and soldiers has come, and Lao Tzu is not alive and well!"

"If those officers and soldiers dare to go up the mountain, let's let them come and go!"

"Then the music~!

As the leader, Tie Niu is not panicking at all.

Wulao Peak is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and now it's winter again, how many days can those officials and masters hold out in the mountains?

You must know that the food in the village is enough for them to eat for more than a year, and it is impossible for those officers and soldiers to break through the cottage

Qingfeng Village.

"What? The three thousand officers and soldiers of Anyi are heading in the direction of Wulao Peak?" Zhang Yu looked surprised.

"There are more than 3,000 people, I heard that there are also 1,000 young people provided by the Wei family. The second master said.

"Hahahaha~~ It seems that Tie Niu guy is carrying the pot for us~" Zhang Yu couldn't help but laugh and said.

But if you think about it, too.

There were originally more than 100 people in their Qingfeng Village, and no one could have imagined that they would dare to rob the Wei family's family reception team with more than 400 people, and they would also wipe out the other party.

Calculated carefully, there are only those around Anyi who have this strength, and it seems that there is only Iron Bull.

In addition to him, there is the Baibo Army entrenched in the north of Hedong County. However, the Baibo army was too far away from Anyi, and it was still in the northern part of Hedong County.

A large number of them came over, and it was impossible for Anyi not to receive a little news.

Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, the most likely force to intercept and kill the Wei family's kissing team has to be the iron bull entrenched in Wulao Peak.


Zhang Yu suddenly thought of a question, all of Anyi's soldiers and horses went to attack the iron bull entrenched in Wulao Peak, which meant that Anyi's defense was now empty.

If he went to attack Anyi City at this time, wouldn't he be able to take it easily?

Although there must be some defenders in Anyi, it will definitely not be able to hold it in the face of the Shenji Battalion with muskets and artillery.

The only thing to consider now is that after taking Anyi, with his 600 or so people, can he hold Anyi?

Think for a moment.

Groove!Consider a fart!

It's a big deal to recruit troops on the spot when the time comes!

In this era, there are countless people who can't get enough to eat, he has more than 100,000 tons of grain, how many people can't recruit them?

Putting artillery on top of the city wall, still afraid that someone will attack the city?

"Second!Third!, let's attack Anyi tomorrow and take down Anyi City!!" Zhang Yu's eyes were full of battle intent.



Zhang Yu and Cai Wenji fought for only two rounds, and Cai Wenji raised the white flag and surrendered.

"Husband~ The concubine is no longer good, let's let Siqin and Nianhua serve you as a concubine. Cai Wenji raised her hand in surrender.

She is no match for Zhang Yu at all.

"Okay. Zhang Yu thought for a moment, then nodded.

He also wanted to see what level of women the two wedding maids, Siqin and Nianhua, were, and what kind of rewards they would provide him.

"Siqin, read the painting, you two come in. Zhang Yu ordered.

After the words fell, the door was pushed open, and Siqin and Nianhua walked in timidly.

The two of ......them lowered their heads and didn't dare to look at Zhang Yu at all.

Zhang Yu looked at the two and ordered: "Madame is tired, you two come and serve me." "

"Yes ......


As a dowry maid, the two married together with the young lady, and they had long been psychologically prepared.

Hearing Zhang Yu's order, the two of them still came to Zhang Yu obediently, and took the initiative to take off the clothes on their bodies.


But with Zhang Yu's pressure on the gun, the side quest promulgated by the system to take concubines was not completed.

So it's not a concubine, is it? ’

While galloping on his horse, Zhang Yu opened the system panel and checked the [Family] panel.

Then I found that there were two more members in the [Family Members]!


[Position: Tongfang maid].

[Level: Advanced (Blue)].

[Ability: None].

[Reading Painting].

[Position: Tongfang maid].

[Level: Advanced (Blue)].

[Ability: None].

Siqin and Nianhua are both advanced in level, but neither of them has any ability!

And just going to the home plate, it doesn't seem to be able to complete the task, it seems that marrying a wife and taking a concubine still has to have the necessary procedures.

After a long time.

The host has worked hard to spread the leaves, and obtained 100 kilograms of [millet]!].

Zhang Yu: "......".

is also a labor and sweat, and the reward provided by Siqin is too far away!

made Zhang Yu lose motivation.

However, in order to test, after a few minutes, Zhang Yu still cheered up and continued to fight.

This time, the object of the battle was changed to a painting.

He wanted to see what reward he could get from reading the painting.


The host has worked hard to open the branches and leaves, and obtained 10 kilograms of [copper ingots!].

Zhang Yu: "......".

Tired ......

After working hard for a long time, you ended up getting such a small thing?

Zhang Yu suddenly lost a little interest.

"Alright, alright, go down. Zhang Yu waved his hand and motioned for them to leave.

Compared with these two dowry maids, it is really Cai Wen Jixiang!


Zhang Yu couldn't figure it out, to say that this Siqin and Nianhua are not bad, although they are not top beauties, but in the future generations, with makeup, they can also make their debut and join a girl group or something.

As a result, the gap is too big!

Cai Wenji saw Zhang Yu's lack of interest, and felt guilty in her heart that she had not fulfilled her responsibilities as a wife.

It's just that...... She really can't.

'Husband......' Cai Wenji was full of apologies.

"It's all right, rest, ma'am. "

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