The first month of the first year of the first peace.

Qingfeng Mountain Qingfeng Village in Hedong.

"Groove! Lao Tzu actually crossed over! And he specially traveled to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and became a special bandit leader!".

In the main house of the cottage, there was a low scolding.

The person who spoke was none other than Qingfeng Zhaizhai's advocate jade!

Zhang Yu was born in an ordinary peasant family, and his family originally had a few acres of thin fields, but the taxes of the imperial court were too heavy, so he had no choice but to sell his family's thin fields to large families, and then help large families work.

Then one year, the weather was bad, the grain harvest was not good, and there was no food left at home after paying rent.

Borrowing grain from the Lord's house, but paying high interest!

Zhang Yu's parents endured it and didn't borrow it, thinking that they would go up to the mountain to hunt occasionally, and if they were a little more frugal on weekdays, they should be able to survive this famine year.

As a result, my father had an accident while hunting and died. My mother was also devastated by my father's death, and she was bedridden, and she died more than a month later.

Zhang Yu is alone at home.

After burying his mother, Zhang Yu saw that this life could not go on, so he simply gathered a group of people with similar experiences to him, and directly fell into the grass to become a coward, relying on robbing houses and houses on weekdays to make a living.

Because he dares to fight, plus his strength and reflexes are naturally much stronger than others, there are more and more people around him, and now there are more than 100 younger brothers under him.

As a result, as soon as he woke up this morning, he suddenly woke up to the memories of his previous life.

In his previous life, he went out and walked under the viaduct, and then the viaduct suddenly collapsed, and he was under the bridge at that time, and he was instantly stunned!

And the reason why his strength and reaction are different from ordinary people seems to be because of his own crossing.

If there is no awakening of the memories of his previous life, Zhang Yu still thinks that it seems good to be a mountain king in this life.

He is seventeen this year, and he was originally going to go down the mountain this year to rob himself of a rich lady who is like a flower and jade, and to be the wife of the village for himself.

But now that he has awakened the memories of his previous life, how can he be a little mountain king with peace of mind?

Now it is the first month of the first year of Chuping, and Cao Cao's discussion of Dong Weiwen has been released, and at most next month, the princes of the Eighteenth Road will march towards Luoyang.

After the princes of the Eighteenth Road crusaded against Dong Zhuo, the princes of all walks of life grabbed people and land, and the forces of all parties fought to the death

Change! must change

Just when Zhang Yu was thinking about whether to join Liu Bei or Cao Cao, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding!Many sons and many blessings, the strongest family system binding!].

[Ding!Promulgation Main Quest: Marry a Wife!].

If you want to build the strongest family, how can you do it without a wife? Please marry the host as soon as possible and marry a wife!].

Friendly reminder, the better the wife, the better the host will get!].

[Ding!Now distribute random newcomer packs, is it open?].

'Turn on, turn on!' Zhang Yu hurriedly read silently.

The system is coming!

Now whether you can take off quickly depends on whether this newbie package is powerful!

[Ding!Congratulations to the host for obtaining [Portable Storage Space], [Living Dragon and Tiger], [Golden Sand Eagle: Special Edition], [Marksmanship: Birds and Phoenix]].

Zhang Yu hurriedly checked the rewards from the newbie package.

[Carry-on storage space]: 10 cubic meters.

[Vitality Tiger]: Strength +100%, Stamina +200%!

[Golden Sand Eagle Special Edition]: 7 bullets in the magazine, the number of bullets is refreshed at 0:00 every day, and cannot be damaged.

[Marksmanship: Hundred Birds and Phoenix]: Advanced marksmanship based on speed and flexibility.

[Pocket Storage] is obtained immediately, while other things are stored in [Pocket Storage].

Seeing the description of [Living Dragon and Tiger], Zhang Yu immediately used it.


Zhang Yu felt that the muscles in his body were involuntarily spasming slightly, and the bones up and down his body made a crackling sound.

In just a few breaths, Zhang Yu felt as if he had been reborn.

Originally, he was in good shape, but it was not so exaggerated, and now, his arm circumference is two points thicker, and when he exerts himself, his muscles are even more distinct, and there is no trace of fat in his abdomen.

Even the height has skyrocketed by a few points.

Because Zhang Yu found that his trouser legs had become shorter!

Feeling the strength of his body, Zhang Yu clenched his fists, and he felt that his current self seemed to be able to kill a cow with one punch!

Of course, it's just a feeling.

But he was sure that dozens of brothers from the stockade were not his current opponents.

Zhang Yu didn't know how powerful these top generals such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, and Zhao Yun were, but he felt that he should at least have the level of a first-class general!

And that's just an increase in strength and physique!

Then, Zhang Yu looked at [Marksmanship: Hundred Birds and Phoenix] again.

If he remembers correctly, this should be the marksmanship that Zhao Yun learned from Tong Guan!

As soon as the mind moved, [Marksmanship: Hundred Birds and Phoenix] was used.

The next moment, a cloud of marksmanship memories poured into his mind, and there was a villain in his mind, constantly practicing various marksmanship moves.

It seems like a long time has passed, and it seems that only a moment has passed.

Zhang Yu had already completely mastered the spear of the Hundred Birds and the Phoenix! He looked at the spear hanging on the wall, and he was not dressed, so he got up and got out of bed directly, and took the spear on the wall in his hand.

When the spear arrived, Zhang Yu subconsciously danced.

This ordinary spear was like his arm, controlled as freely as an arm.

After a few simple dances, Zhang Yu stopped, the room was too small for it to perform.

Hanging the spear on the wall again, Zhang Yu looked at the last item in the [Portable Storage Space].

[Golden Sand Eagle Special Edition]!

As soon as his mind moved, this golden sand eagle appeared in Zhang Yu's hand.

The golden sand eagle is golden all over, as if it was cast in gold, which makes Zhang Yu love it.

The Desert Eagle is known as a hand cannon, with great power, and the effective range can reach 200 meters, which can be said to be very far among the pistols.

The armor of this era can't stop its bullets at all. Not even the armor of heavy cavalry and heavy infantry!

Although there are only seven bullets, there is no way to dominate the world with this golden sand eagle, but the daily refresh of the magazine bullets, and the pistol has indestructible properties, so this sand eagle can become Zhang Yu's killer weapon.

Who can block a shot?

After the reward inventory of the newcomer gift package has been counted, the most important thing now is to complete the main quest promulgated by the system and marry a wife!

If there is no prompt from the system, Zhang Yu may directly take the brothers in the village and go down the mountain to grab a good-looking yellow flower girl for herself, and be the wife of the village.

But the system says that the better this wife is, the better the reward he gets.

You have to pick a good candidate for this wife.

But...... What does it mean to be good?

Does it count as a name for eternity?

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