The Way of the Mysterious Dust

Chapter 783: so close!

"Mysterious magic channeling, spiritual spell breaks the door, take it!" Liu Yu first used his spiritual power to fish out the corpse of the demonic insect from the pond.

Then he used the Soul Capturing Seal to extract the insect's "fake elixir" from the purple palace of the insect's body.

This step must be done in time, because when the spirit beast dies, its Zi Mansion Spirit Gate, which is the entrance to the small space of Zi Mansion, will quickly collapse.

Once the entire entrance passage collapses and disappears, it will be almost impossible to take out this elixir.

"Seal!" In time, Liu Yu pulled out an insect elixir glowing with four-color aura out of thin air, and then carefully deposited it into a spiritual elixir box. After completing this step, Liu Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he coiled the insect corpse into a long medicine box and put it into the storage bag as well.

If I have the chance to return from this trip, I will give the insect pills and insect corpses to Bai Niang as a snack. Bai Niang is always greedy and will definitely like it.

After doing this, Liu Yu stared at the hill-like gourd artifact in the pool and couldn't help but fall into deep thought.

If the two secret techniques of sand control mentioned in the letter of Senior Gui Sha are true, you can try to practice before the secret realm is opened. If you can master one or two, coupled with these two kinds of poisonous sand, you should have great potential.

Although these two kinds of poisonous sand can be controlled by Yin power to exert their strongest power, they can also be driven by magic power.

Moreover, the evil spirit of the Blood Spirit is being consumed little by little by the lavender mist, which is satisfying, very satisfying.

The lavender mist is not similar to the soul energy, but it is the same, because the people under Guisha were horrified to find that their own blood spirit evil energy could not pollute the lavender mist.

That blood gourd has no storage or yin-gathering effect. It used a few low-level spiritual materials such as soul-suppressing jade, mithril, and soul-thirsty blood jade when refining it.


"Fellow Taoist, listen to what I say, it's all a misunderstanding!"

The sand gourd slowly refined the gourd immediately, cautiously reaching into the gourd with spiritual awareness and a great heart, to check the specific conditions in the gourd to prevent any fraud.

"Do those poor people just want to know?"

"By the way, I know there are many opportunities, including the secret of conceiving a baby."

The message in the letter is true, but the person under Gui Sha has no intention of repenting at all. He just wants to use this letter to lower the vigilance of others.

Think about the "spirit-devouring blood sand" mentioned in Zhongchang's letter.

"Ha, ha, the sky is the dead one!" In the sea of ​​​​mind of Shahu Niwan Palace, the white smoke turned into a figure, which was the remnant soul of Guisha's servant hiding in the blood gourd.

"Ah, ah!" The happy wails of thousands of people in the town could be heard from the magic circle, and all the people could be seen falling to the ground and rising up, quickly turning into withered corpses in the cold wind.

"It's bad!" When his spiritual consciousness invaded Liu Yu and he was about to find the inscription on the core of the controller along the spiritual veins of the gourd body, he saw a cloud of white smoke entrenched in it.

However, during the chaotic process of two souls slowly gaining control of the body, most of the living souls of the people under Gui Sha have been completely integrated into the living souls of Sha Hu.

"Foundation Establishment Small Perfection, it's wrong! It's wrong!" The people under the ghost sand became more and more excited when they saw the weakness of the human soul and the cultivation level.

In addition, the sword light rose from the formation, and was quickly shot down by the blood light. It was also slowly transformed into mummies.

Although he was lucky enough to escape, his soul was injured and collapsed, and he was unable to recover.

Even if you can't comprehend these two secret techniques within the next six months, you can still directly accumulate the power of these two kinds of poisonous sand and scatter it like a goddess scattering flowers.

The remnant soul dissipated like smoke and merged directly into the opponent's living soul. The two souls merged into one, weakly competing for the dominance of the body's living soul.

After waiting for half an hour, the scene in my mind quickly dissipated.

As stated in the letter, the people under Gui Sha had no choice but to explode the ghost elixir to protect themselves when they were trying to survive the evil-killing thunder tribulation. Even so, the soul was almost destroyed by the thunder.

The white mass immediately rushed along the spiritual consciousness like a poisonous snake looking for food, directly towards his Niwan Palace.

Seeing something strange, Si Guanna was worried about ending the refining of the gourd.

The people under the ghost sand had no choice but to make a desperate move to disperse the broken ghost body, and the remaining soul escaped into the "soul gathering Liu Yu" to lurk.

Just think of it as a means of draining the opponent's mana, and the effect will be wrong if you think about it!

The scene changed again. At this moment, he was standing low and suspended in the sky under an island. The entire dock shopping town on the island above was shrouded in a strange magic circle filled with white smoke and glowing with blood.

From beginning to end, in the eyes of the people under the ghost sand, there is only immortality, family affection, humanity, morality, those are all bullshit.

Even if the power is weakened, relying on the strange characteristics of these two poisonous sands, it will have miraculous effects even when unexpected.

I have been waiting in Huzhong for more than seven hundred years, and finally I have been waiting for someone who is not destined for me.

Shahu's eyes were tightly closed, sweat was dripping from his forehead, his face was distorted and he was obviously very happy, his whole body was shaking heavily, and he was clenching his teeth.

Because as the evil spirit of the blood spirit protecting the remaining souls of the people under the ghost sand was gradually exhausted, the lavender mist ended up burning my remaining soul, causing me to almost faint from the pain.

Don't look at Shahu's pale face, unbearable headache, and appearance of suffering from a minor illness.

In my mind, Sha Hu found himself in a strange and medium-long cave, holding a swaddled baby boy in his arms and laughing silly, with a young and beautiful male cultivator leaning next to him, who was gently whispering in my ear. say.

When the remnant soul of the person under the ghost sand tried to get out at this time, it was already in time. It was tightly wrapped by a small amount of lavender mist for seven weeks. It moved every time and was suppressed in the opponent's living soul.

"If my Taoist friends are willing to spare my life, I will definitely teach you all I have learned and understood!"

When Tu Luhuo Island last appeared, no one could find the cave, and greed caused trouble. When they tried to refine the gourd, they could be reborn.

In fact, it was because Gui Sha's servant wanted to seize the sand gourd, but was prevented from succeeding by the true energy of the Tao soul. However, he was willing to do so. Since his residual soul was dominant, he weakly merged with the living soul of the sand gourd in an attempt to do so weakly. Seize the house.

After thinking about it, the sand gourd sat cross-legged by the pool and finished refining the "Yin Gathering Liu Jade" in the pool. He took it for his own use. After refining the gourd, he mixed the white water in the pool and the haze at the bottom of the pool. The wind and sand collected Liu Yu together.

"Yes Yes!"

In fact, the body of the living soul in Niwan Palace has absorbed some of the remaining souls of the people under Guisha, and is actually a bit smaller in comparison.

Before the people under Gui Sha formed the elixir, they were already four-star reincarnation deadliest. They killed many people throughout their lives. They once laid a "Ten Thousand Souls and Blood Burial Yuan Gathering Array" under an island and slaughtered tens of thousands of creatures on the island. Get a "All Souls Blood Essence Pill".

How could such a murderous person, who betrayed his sect, relatives and friends, feel any remorse?

"Danger!" In front of a stick of incense, Sha Hu opened his eyes. If there was not a small amount of Dao soul Qi in Ni Wan Palace, he might have fallen into the trap of Gui Sha's servant and had his body taken away successfully. .

As the message in the letter said, there are two sand storage chambers inside the gourd. The space is really large. One of the chambers is empty, and the other chamber contains some kind of blood-colored crystal sand.

Entering the Secret Realm of Transforming Evil and obtaining the Evil Evil Jade Fruit to overcome the tribulation, you will get the eighth-grade ghost elixir instead of the second-grade.

Sha Hu frowned. Those were the memory fragments of the ghost Shaxia. How could they appear in his mind? Why?

The people under Guisha were so frightened that they could only beg for mercy, praying that the other party would let me go.

That is equivalent to Sha Hu being forced to swallow part of the remaining souls of Gui Sha's servants. Find Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan. com is the origin of those incomplete memory fragments.

The Xuanyin corpse vine was cultivated in this cave, and a "Siyin white-fleshed fruit" was carefully cultivated using the corpse as material.

As soon as the scene changed, he had become a ghost. The ghost was holding a storage bag and fleeing under the vast sea at night. It seemed that he was being hunted.

"It's done, it's done!" Looking at the tragic scenes above, he actually laughed loudly and kept mumbling.

It also has the effect of confiscating the soul and nourishing the soul. It is a soul-protecting magic weapon, named "Soul Gathering Liu Yu".

Then it turned into a white shadow glowing with blood, and shot out towards the group of blue-gray souls located in the middle of Niwan Palace.

Although the "Yin Gathering Liu Jade" is of high grade, it already has an owner. It is not difficult to refine. All you need to do is find the core inscription of the controller along the body of the gourd with your spiritual sense, and use your own soul power to Just put down the soul mark.

But my remnant soul is mixed with a small amount of blood spirit evil energy derived from killing living creatures, and it has very little restraint on the living soul. The people under the ghost sand have no confidence that they will be able to successfully seize the body.

And from time to time, familiar scenes appear in my mind.

"I'll fight him!" The servant of Guisha realized that the other party had no intention of letting him go, so he immediately gave it a try and stimulated the remaining soul power of the residual soul.

"Yeah!" Shahu stood up, staggered and almost fell over. He held his head tightly with both hands and felt that the world was spinning for a moment.

"What is it!" When the person under Gui Sha plunged into the opponent's soul, he felt that he was satisfied, and a small amount of lavender mist emerged from the seven weeks.

Although the dignified golden elixir soul of the man under the ghost sand had been severely damaged by the thunderstorm, there was only one remnant soul left alive at this time, and the remnant soul was even as weak as the living soul in the opponent's Niwan Palace.

In the end, because its remaining soul was stronger than the living soul of a sand gourd, it won again and completely dissipated.

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