Seeing this scene, Yuechan’s fair and jade-like face sank slightly, and her eyebrows were slightly displeased.

I feel resentful about the second body saying that she is an outsider.

“You are my wife, why are you shy?”

Shi Yu smiled nonchalantly, holding Qingyi’s unbearable jade waist with one hand.

Looking at this scene from a distance, Yun Xi’s pink cheeks bulged slightly, and her purple eyes were a little sour.

Although she was mentally prepared Prepare, but it’s still delicious to see Shi Yu and Sister Qingyi like this with your own eyes

“Brother, you still have one free hand. Do you want to hug Sister-in-law Yunxi or Fairy Yuechan?”

The witch covered her mouth and smiled sweetly, and started to make trouble.

Yuechan stared at the witch with cold eyes,”What are you talking about?

Qingyi scolded coldly:”Witch, shut up!””

For the witch, Yuechan and Qingyi are united front at this moment.

“The two sisters are so fierce! If it were Yun Xi’s sister-in-law, she would never be like this.”

The witch pouted, moved her lotus feet, hid behind Shi Yu, stuck out her head, winked and stuck out her tongue at the two fairies, very much asking for a beating.

Qingyi’s beautiful eyes turned towards Shi Yu.

Yun Xi came over, her purple eyes faint. ,Wronged���I want to see Shi Yu.

Yue Chan’s jade bracelet was wrapped around her chest, her pretty face turned away, and her peripheral vision seemed to be looking at Shi Yu’s side.

Shi Yu was ashamed. This witch was afraid that the world would not be in chaos, so she had to find an opportunity to teach her a lesson!

“Brother, the Dapeng bird is almost roasted. Do you want to come and eat?”

Smoke was curling up in the distance, Shi Hao shouted, calling to Shi Yu and others.

Shi Yu’s eyes lit up and he rushed over immediately.

When the little rabbit heard the words, his big ruby-like eyes sparkled, and he curled his lips and muttered,”Meat-eating guy, Really annoying.”

Beside the bonfire, a bunch of people gathered.

Shi Yu sat down, and Yun Xi naturally sat down on the right side. On the left side, the witch Qingyi took a step first to seize the position.

Qingyi stood tall and graceful, her eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of her lips raised a smile. dangerous arc

“What, is Sister-in-law Qingyi going to eat her?”

The witch blinked her peach blossom eyes innocently and leaned against Shi Yu. The smell of tea was very strong.

“Don’t be a monster!”

Shi Yu hit the witch on the head with a chestnut. When he saw Qingyi’s resentful eyes and slightly pursed mouth, he immediately lowered his head and took the initiative to make soup alive and catch the little rabbit.

The little rabbit’s head was smoking with anger. , with slender hands on her hips, refusing to obey even to the death.

Shi Yu glanced at the little rabbit and said,”I’ll lend you a holy medicine later.””

“No meat is allowed in this soup, otherwise I won’t eat it.”

The little rabbit’s big eyes were bright. He hummed softly, held a pile of elixirs, cut them into sections in front of Shi Yu, and put them into the pot.

“Sister Qingyi, please sit here.”

Yun Xi raised her eyes to see Qing Yi, smiled softly, and patted the empty space next to her with her fair hands.

“……good. Qingyi paused and sat next to Yun Xi, feeling very uncomfortable.

After a while, the soup was ready and Shi Yu returned to his seat.

“Shi Yu, try this, it’s very burnt and fragrant.”

Yun Xi took a knife and cut off a piece of Dapeng meat from the wing, dismantled the bones, and handed over the golden part.

As a cook, Shi Yu was qualified. He gnawed on the Dapeng’s leg, which was a hundred meters thick, while tilting his head. When he opened his mouth, even Yun Xi’s shiny fingers moved it cleanly.

“The eating phase is so cute.”

Yun Xi’s lover’s eyes were filled with beauty, and her purple eyes became crescent-shaped.

Seeing Qingyi beside her unnaturally, Yun Xi filled another bowl of soup and handed it to Qingyi with a smile,”Sister Qingyi, try it.”

“Thank you very much, sister Yunxi.”

Qingyi’s smile was slightly stiff. She reached out to take it and took a sip. Her beautiful eyes shone and her taste buds were instantly detonated.

Shi Yu chatted freely with Yun Xi, Qingyi, Little Rabbit and others.

In the corner where no one cared, a Bi Qing Yi was even more uncomfortable with the fairy in white, who was silently watching the scene of Shi Yu and the others laughing and chatting, with mixed feelings in her heart.

That was Yuechan. She was originally cold and aloof, hanging high in the sky like the bright moon, but now she seemed a little lonely.

She once I thought that I was different from these people in the mortal world.

My only destiny was to follow the Tao.

But after meeting Shi Yu, I found that these are not in conflict.

Taoist brothers should eat and drink, but Taoism has not fallen behind..

Even the goddesses of the Celestial Race, Fairy Yunxi seems to have a higher level of cultivation than her now.

Not to mention the witch and the second incarnation.

“It’s boring, Sister-in-law Yunxi is too talkative.”

Seeing that Qingyi and Yunxi were getting along peacefully, the witch held her little face in her hands and murmured unhappily.

She rolled her eyes with a cunning light. She stood up and pulled Yuechan, who was out of place next to her, over and let her sit down. By Shi Yu’s side

“Sister Yuechan, be brave, you can do it too!”

The witch lightly waved her pink fist to cheer up Yuechan.

Yuechan frowned, what evil is the witch holding back?

Sure enough, Qingyi’s cold eyes hit her instantly, and the witch raised her eyebrows provocatively.

Right, this is the feeling!

After all, Qingyi is also Yuechan, and now she has an independent personality, but as long as Qingyi/Yuechan is hairy, the witch feels very happy!

Use Yuechan to irritate Qingyi!

Then use Qingyi to stimulate Yuechan!

The witch is enlightened! Shi

Yu concentrated on cooking, his hands were shiny, and he vaguely remembered that the witch was on the left, stretching out a hand.

Yuechan’s delicate body froze, her pupils suddenly dilated, she lowered her head and looked at it in disbelief The big, shiny hand on his thigh wiped it on her snow-white and pink thigh, and then wiped the oil stain with the hem of her skirt.

Brother Dao is not such a person, he, he treats me as a witch… a witch Seeing Yuechan’s embarrassed look, her beautiful eyes turned and her slightly raised corners of her mouth could no longer be suppressed.

Not only did she avoid a disaster, but she also saw this scene unexpectedly

“Is this witch quite quiet?”

Shi Yu was confused and turned his head and was dumbfounded.

Yuechan’s jade face turned red, her whole body trembled slightly, her shy and charming appearance, like the dawn of dawn, eclipsed everything around her.

Shi Yu thought of his behavior just now and was stunned. Said:”Why are you here?”

“Brother Tao, use it slowly!”

Yuechan was embarrassed, got up and left as if running away.

“Yuechan, you still owe me fifteen holy medicines!”

Shi Yu shouted at Yue Chan’s back.

The graceful figure that was getting further and further away almost fell to the ground.


A ball of light flew over and landed on the ground directly in front of Shi Yu. It was a kit.

Shi Yu picked it up. When I opened it, the fragrant fragrance of the medicine spread out, and the fragrance spread for ten miles.

Inside were eleven mature holy medicine plants.

“The remaining four holy medicines were presented by Yuechan among the immortals.”

Yue Chan’s heavenly voice came from a distance, with a hint of trembling, obviously she has not completely recovered from her shyness just now0…

Looking at the holy medicine in the kit, Shi Yu smiled brightly.

Eleven holy medicines are enough for him to practice for a period of time after entering Immortal Ancient!

Yuechan is a capable person!

The little rabbit came over, hugged Shi Yu’s thigh, pursed his lips, and said eagerly:

“Shi Yu, where is my holy medicine?”

Shi Yu was in a good mood. He took out a magic medicine from his brocade bag and gave it to the silver-haired girl. He narrowed his eyes and smiled:

“Remember to return it, but you are not allowed to bite it secretly. If I find that there are teeth marks on it, I will compensate you ten for the damage.”

Little Rabbit grabbed it, puffed up his flat chest, and looked at Shi Yu sideways,”Is this girl that kind of person?”

“Who knows?

Shi Yu shrugged,”Besides, are you really a human being?””

“Rabbits will bite when they are anxious, don’t force me!”

The little rabbit held a holy medicine and grinned.

Shi Yu stretched out his hand and said,”What are you yelling about? The holy medicine is back.”

Little Rabbit suddenly felt aggrieved,”Shi Yu, I, I was wrong.”

“Ha ha! This little rabbit changes faces so quickly!

Shi Hao and others laughed.

Yun Xi covered her mouth and chuckled, patting Shi Yu’s leg,”Okay, you guy, stop teasing others.””

The little rabbit’s face turned red from suppressing it. When he saw Shi Yu nodded, he ran away!

Everyone continued to drink and eat meat.

Deep in the bamboo forest, the red glow on Yuechan’s cheeks had not faded away. She used magic to remove the hem of her skirt and oil stains on legs

“Oh, why did sister Yuechan run away?”

The witch followed over and played with her slender jade fingers, teasing Yuechan.

“You’d better not mess with me.”

Yuechan is as cold as ice.

“Does my sister think she can defeat me?”

The witch came in an instant, pinched Yuechan’s white chin with one hand, smiled playfully, the yin and yang energy flowed in her hand, and the golden rune ring suppressed Yuechan.

Even though the real witch was not as good as Qingyi and Yunxi, she followed Shi Yu enjoyed the blessing of the origin and obtained the ultimate cultivation method and the Kunpeng treasure technique.

He was no worse than the ordinary ancient freaks who had been kings for many generations. He could handle Yuechan easily at this moment.


Yuechan bit her lip with her silver teeth, her eyes filled with tears. Deeply aggrieved,”What do you want?”

She was defeated by the second incarnation and humiliated many times by the witch.

Not to mention how uncomfortable and wronged she felt.

“Looking at your aggrieved look, I really feel pity for you.”

The witch pretended to be pity and pinched Yuechan’s chin,”I have a plan to help my sister reverse the situation.”

“Come less!”

Yue Chan scolded, you can’t believe a word the witch said!

“Anyway, my brother also touched my sister’s legs. Oh, by the way, there was also the lower realm, and my sister’s butt was also touched.”

The witch smiled.

“Why bring up old things again? Yuechan frowned, her jade face filled with anger,”And these are all thanks to you!””

“I would like to ask the upper realm, besides my brother, who else can be worthy of Fairy Yuechan, who is the best in the nine heavens and ten earths?”

“Immortal Gu is approaching, and the gap between you and Qingyi will only widen. Is your sister willing to be shorter than Qingyi for the rest of her life?”

“No, the future sister can only pay homage to Sister-in-law Qingyi~”

The witch covered her mouth with her slender hands and giggled. She looked at Yue Chan from the corner of her eye and saw her moved face. The corners of her lips became more curved.

“If you have any bad ideas, tell me.”

After struggling for a long time, Yue Chan spoke coldly.

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