"This is very simple. As long as I pass information to them secretly and let them know our specific plan clearly, I believe that with the wisdom of the two old guys Hodson and Xuan Hed, they can be able to sustain it for a while." Vero Na said.

Chen Liuhe thought for a moment and said: "Treating the symptoms but not the root cause. They have to persist for a long time. At least they need to persist until I inflict a real fatal blow to the Shengu family."

"If something unexpected happens to these two major families before this, it means that my foundation here has been shaken. In the future, I will achieve twice the result with half the effort." Chen Liuhe picked up the tea on the table and took a sip: "I can't even stand firm. It’s all difficult.”

"This is your business, it's time to show your true strength." Verona said.

Chen Liuhe couldn't help but smile bitterly: "You think too highly of me. It's not like you don't know how fierce those guys from the Shengu family are."

"It's not easy to fight them until now. To destroy them in a short time is as difficult as climbing to the sky." Chen Liuhe said.

"Isn't this fake death a good opportunity for you? I believe you can maximize the benefits." Verona is still very confident in Chen Liuhe, because since coming to North America, Every answer sheet Chen Liuhe handed over satisfied him.

Chen Liuhe smiled casually and said: "I still don't know how far this move can go."

Immediately, he said again: "You are secretly conveying information to the Shen'en family, so it is easy to expose you. After all, Hiller Consenro and his gang are not fools."

"I have been prepared for this for a long time. It will be exposed sooner or later, but as long as the exposure is worth it, it is still worth it."

Verona Guding said calmly.

Chen Liuhe nodded slightly. This time he used the Guding family card. It was already very difficult to completely hide them in the dark.

After a pause, Verona stared at Chen Liuhe with a deep look, and then said: "It doesn't matter if the Guding family is exposed. I believe that the Guding family is not the only card in your hand, right?"

Hearing this, Chen Liuhe was stunned for a moment, then he laughed meaningfully and squinted at the Western old man in front of him:

"Why do you say that?"

"You are a very scheming person when it comes to doing things. You may seem bold and reckless, but in fact, you are extremely cautious."

Verona said slowly: "Looking at this chessboard, every move you make is very steady. On the surface, it looks very risky, but in fact, it is all under your control."

"It's impossible for a person like you to keep only one trump card. I'm sure there are still people among us who are colluding with you."

Verona said solemnly: "The Guding family cannot make you feel at ease."

Hearing this, Chen Liuhe laughed, and his laughter floated in the study room.

"Is this your guess, or did you discover something?" Chen Liuhe's seemingly casual appearance gave people a sharp feeling.

"Don't worry, I didn't find anything. This is just my guess."

Before Chen Liuhe could speak, Verona added: "Since I can guess it, then those old guys like Hiller can also guess that there must be your secret cards in our family."

"They will always be on guard and look for loopholes and clues in the smallest details." Verona said.

Chen Liuhe sneered: "No matter how suspicious they are, can they imagine that the Guding family has a cooperative relationship with me?"

"Don't forget, there is a blood feud between the two of us. This cannot be faked." Chen Liuhe curled his lips.

"This is not the point. The point is that the probability of the Guding family being exposed this time is very high."

Verona said: "It just so happens that if we are exposed, we can provide cover for another hidden card in your hand."

"Let them think that the nail has been pulled out, but in fact, the nail is still hammered into their hearts." Verona's old eyes were cold and stern, and there was a cold glow in them.

Boarding Chen Liuhe's ship was a big gamble.

The Guding family needs this huge gamble to enhance their status. This may be their only chance to ascend to the altar!

The structure of the eight major families has lasted for too long, and he does not want to continue like this.

And he, Verona Guding, happens to be a courageous and ambitious old man.

Chen Liuhe shook his head gently and did not continue to explain too much on this issue.

As for whether he has any other secret cards besides the Guding family.

This is something that only he will always know until it truly comes to light.

No matter what the reason was, it was impossible for him to reveal it to anyone other than his little sister.

"What about the Shengu family behind you? Have they communicated well? What's their attitude now?" Chen Liuhe took a sip of tea and played with the antique teacup in his hand.

Verona shook his head solemnly: "It is difficult to change their attitude. It is too difficult to let them take risks together."

Chen Liuhe nodded slightly disappointedly and said, "Do they know about your cooperation with me?"

"Without in-depth communication, if it fails, it will be self-defeating." Verona's face became a little ugly.

Chen Liuhe smiled coldly, stood up, patted Verona on the shoulder, and said, "Although it's a bit regretful, the problem is not big."

"It's just a matter of extra effort. Your Guding family has been constrained by the Shengu family behind you for so many years. It's time to change this situation."

Chen Liuhe spoke softly: "From now on, there will only be four major families in this world. As for those ancient divine families, there is no need for them to continue to exist."

Four major families?

Verona Guding's eyes suddenly flickered a few times.

The Shen'en family, the Chasidro family, and the Guding family are just three families!

It seems that Chen Liuhe really has a hidden card that he has not yet revealed!

Who is the one? It is hidden so deeply that no one can notice it at all!

But that's not important. What's important is that this is a good thing for them!

"I hope so." Verona Guding said solemnly.

Chen Liuhe grinned: "Help me pay attention to the outside world, no matter how big or small, I want to know everything clearly. If there is anything, remember to tell me as soon as possible."

After leaving these words, Chen Liuhe left.

It’s lively in Washington tonight!

As the news of Chen Liuhe's suspected death was revealed, the entire world exploded, causing a sensation at the top of the pyramid!

All the core members of the Shen’en Family and the Chasidro Family gathered together immediately.

Everyone's face was full of panic, and the look of fear was difficult to conceal.

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