The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 22: The Most Dangerous Man

Demonic cultivation had a single pursuit: power. Meanwhile, the righteous path followed set rules to form a solid foundation and advance one step at a time. Because of this savage pursuit, demonic cultivators were seen as madmen, resorting to any despicable means to further their might. This was why righteous cultivators feared them.

Fighting them was tantamount to fighting a madman.

With this knowledge in mind, You Quan began to regret fighting Zhuo Fan. Despite being confident in his success, fighting an unscrupulous demonic cultivator would be sure to come with negative repercussions on his part.

“I need to settle this quickly.” You Quan’s eyes flashed with murderous intent and dark-blue energy came out of his palm.

The air around him chilled in an instant and even Luo Yunchang, who was ten feet away, felt the cold biting her.

She was aware of its danger and her heart was in a panic. But before she could warn Zhuo Fan, You Quan turned into a black shadow and charged. All the flowers along the way wilted.

“High mortal ranked martial art, Hell Claw.”


The blackish cold energy struck Zhuo Fan’s chest until the latter spat blood along with pieces of ice.

“Humph, I have your heart. No matter what you’re trying to do, it’s useless.”

You Quan was pleased his sudden strike worked and relaxed.

There were four layers of power between them, and even if demonic cultivators, no matter the weird techniques or savagery, once one’s heart was in a vice, he couldn’t use most of his power. It was the same as being powerless.

Sun Yufei cheered at her cousin’s success, “Kill him.” While Luo Yunchang and the others were nervous.

Nodding inside, despite knowing his cousin was rash and prone to anger, You Quan had to admit her words this time were true. A demonic cultivator enemy must never be left alive.

Because a demonic cultivator’s vengeance will always be ruthless.

Now, another dark-blue palm aimed for Zhuo Fan’s head, “Humph, die!”

Luo Yunchang and the rest were in shock, hearts in their throats.

But following an explosive sound, Zhuo Fan’s head was fine while You Quan was flung like a ragdoll, trailing a bloody arc in the air.

“Blood Palm!” Zhuo Fan bellowed, staying in the move executing stance.

“That’s impossible!”

You Quan crawled to his feet and clasped his chest with an incredulous expression, “I sealed your heart, how can you still use martial arts?”

“Humph, there’s nothing bro Zhuo Fan can’t do!” Luo Yunhai stuck his chin out as Luo Yunchang and the others chuckled in relief.

But then, Zhuo Fan spat out another mouthful of blood. A sudden hole was now adorning his chest, which leaked blood.

“Wh-what’s going on?” Luo Yunchang was stunned while Captain Pang rushed to support the collapsing Zhuo Fan.

Only You Quan understood and cackled, “He seemed to have exploded his heart on purpose when I used my skill on him to break out of Hell Claw’s grip. He won’t have long to live.”

“What did you say?” Luo Yunchang was nervous.

Ignoring her, You Quan ridiculed the hazy eyed Zhuo Fan, “Such a pity. If you were at my stage, your move would have ended with mutual destruction. But it ended with quickening your death. Even hurt, I can finish you off.”

He rushed for Zhuo Fan and, though his speed dropped, it wasn’t something Luo Yunchang and the others could cope with.

“No!” Luo Yunchang jumped in front of Zhuo Fan with her arms spread. You Quan sneered, “He-he-he, young miss Luo, I would hate to kill you.”


The Luo clan members saw You Quan’s claw but were powerless to stop it from approaching Zhuo Fan’s head.

You Quan wanted to kill Zhuo Fan in front of them.

Sensing the incoming danger, Zhuo Fan gave out a strange smile.


Suddenly, the blackish claw was caught in a vice-like grip.

“Mid mortal ranked martial art, Hidden Dragon Claw?”

You Quan raised his head to find a warm face greeting him. It belonged to a youth of around eighteen, dressed in golden clothes and a scholarly face, yet having a sharp pair of eyes.

“Long Jie?” You Quan gnashed his teeth.

Sun Yufei was in shock, “Veiled Dragon Pavilion…”

“You Quan, do you need to kill for every little mistake?” Long Jie smiled.

“Humph, that’s my business, butt out.”

Shaking his head, Long Jie might look kind, but there was a certain determination in his eyes, “I was ordered by Uncle Jiu to protect the Luo clan. If you want to kill him, you have to go through me.”

“Why is the Veiled Dragon Pavilion suddenly…”

Sun Yufei trembled, never imagining the Luo clan could gain the help of Veiled Dragon Pavilion.

The Sun clan was under the protection of Hell Valley and even though the Luo clan only had four people, they had the Veiled Dragon Pavilion to back them. Based on background, the only clan that could fight the Sun clan in Windgaze City was the Luo clan.

This deflated Sun Yufei’s superiority. A clan under Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s backing was bound to rise.

Gazing at Luo Yunchang, Sun Yufei hardly hid the hatred in her eyes.

“Humph, Long Jie, we have the same strength. You think you can protect them?” You Quan looked at Zhuo Fan hanging by a thread with killing intent.

With a serious face, Long Jie said with coldness, “You Quan, don’t forget your wounds. Think you can match me as you are now?”

Before he could retort, Long Jie said, “I know what you want to say, that a demonic cultivator can show 120% of his power. But if we fight here, it will incur an open war between our houses. Are you prepared to bear such responsibility?”

You Quan hesitated.

Hell Valley and Veiled Dragon Pavilion were of the Seven Noble Houses, yet also at odds. It was only a matter of time till war broke out, but not now. If he ruined his clan’s plan, he wouldn’t be able to bear the repercussions.


Just when he nodded, a hand grabbed at his chest.

He rushed his Yuan Qi in a panic to block the attack, but a sudden blood energy messed up his control. In but an instant, the hand pierced his chest and gripped his heart.

“Didn’t your Master warn you? In a battle with demonic cultivators, never let down your guard or you will forfeit your life.”

A familiar voice reached You Quan’s ears while his eyes were greeted with Zhuo Fan’s evil grin.

“Y-you can’t…” You Quan was in shock.

Zhao Fan was on the brink of death yet, now, had the energy to move around. But what was even more baffling was that he was stronger and faster than when Zhuo Fan first fought him…

Everything was clear now. He fell in his trap, and not just him…

He turned to the equally shocked Long Jie with an imploring gaze.

[Save me…]

“Die!” Zhuo Fan’s demonic voice echoed in the two’s ears and both shouted, “No!”

It was too late. Zhuo Fan already gouged out You Quan’s heart. Blood flowed like a fountain from You Quan’s chest as he collapsed.

He didn’t want to fight a demonic cultivator since every move was planned and vicious…


Sun Yufei cried in pain as she walked in a daze to his body. Sun clan’s guards took her and left in a rush. They no longer had a backing and this place was filled with Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s men.

The calm Long Jie, witnessing death for the first time, swallowed dryly and turned to Zhuo Fan. He saw the still-beating heart in Zhuo Fan’s hand and broke out in a sweat.

He saw his fair share of demonic cultivators but Zhuo Fan horrified him the most. If he compared them, those demonic cultivators he saw were noblemen when up against Zhuo Fan’s methods.

“You’re the one grandpa Jiu sent to protect us? Thanks for the help. Please send him a message, that we no longer need protection.” Zhuo Fan flung the heart and clasped his hands.

Long Jie returned the gesture with a bitter smile. Then he left without a word, like a defeated general.

Six hours later, inside Veiled Dragon Pavilion.


Long Jiu smacked the table in a fit of anger as his only eye was on the verge of popping out. Long Jie and Long Kui stood with heads bowed, not daring to make a peep.

“Never thought I’d see the day I, Long Jiu, who moved unhindered across the world, was had today by a brat. To think he would ruin all of our clan’s plans.”

Long Kui hesitated and asked, “Uncle Jiu, I do not understand. What does Zhuo Fan’s sneak attack have to do with Veiled Dragon Pavilion?”

“Foolish child.” Long Jiu cursed, “Ah Jie was there and was at odds with You Quan, everyone saw it. That punk killed You Quan right before Ah Jie. You tell me, who will the blame will fall on?”

“Luo clan!” Long Kui said like it was obvious.

Long Jiu laughed as he shook his head. Long Jiu explained, “Little Kui, do you believe a small clan would dare to kill a disciple of the Seven Noble Houses?”

Long Kui shook her head after thinking it over.

Long Jie continued, “If even you don’t believe it, then Hell Valley and Sun clan will surely refuse to. They will blame us.”

“What? But that will mean we’re the ones down on our luck. Why should we be the Luo clan’s scapegoat?”

“Humph, luck? All of this is the work of that punk. From Ah Jie, I understand the kid was on the verge of dying when he arrived. Even if You Quan wanted his life, he couldn’t do anything since Ah Jie stopped him. Then he sneak attacked him with a stronger move then in the beginning. This clearly states how cunning he was and that he planned ahead.”

“What? Does that mean he knew brother Long Jie was there from the start and targeted You Quan?” Long Kui exclaimed.

Sighing, Luo clan shook his head in helplessness, “Silly girl, not only did he plan against You Quan, but he also included Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Hell Valley in his calculations. Our houses would fight while his Luo clan escapes.”


“Impossible! Isn’t he afraid of offending two houses?”

“He thought this one out too. When he sold us that drawing, he already ascertained our house’s position. If we attack them or ignore the Luo clan’s plight, it is the same as showing weakness in front of Hell Valley, damaging our Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s honor. Our only choice is to protect the Luo clan.

“Sigh, he had me from the start… This punk is the most dangerous man I have ever seen.”

Recalling the previous scene, Long Jie had to nod his head in agreement.

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