The Prime Minister's Darling

Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: Choice

Chapter 20: Choice

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The old lady was lying on her side on the ground. Messy hair covered her face, her body was dirty, and she was wearing cotton clothes. Gu Jiao’s first impression was that she was from this village, who was just returning from the fields but had somehow fainted at her door.

The loud bang just now was from her smashing her head against the door. Her forehead was injured and she was bleeding a little.

Gu Jiao had encountered scammers before in her previous life, but if this was one, it would be her first time meeting a scammer willing to actually risk their life for a scam.

Rather, the woman had really fainted.

Gu Jiao squatted down, wanting to see which family she was from so that she could send her back. However, as she turned her body over, Gu Jiao realized that something was wrong.

There were symmetrical patches of blemished, discolored skin and red blotches on her face, as well as on the backs of both her hands.

Gu Jiao frowned slightly. This is clearly…

“Sis! We’re back!”

At this moment, Gu Xiaoshun, carrying an old book bag, ran towards Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao turned to look at him, her eyes sharp. “Don’t come over!”

Gu Jiao had never spoken to Gu Xiaoshun in such a stern tone before. Gu Xiaoshun was stunned.

“Sister…” He took two more steps forward.

“I said, don’t come over!” Gu Jiao’s tone became even harsher.

This time, Gu Xiaoshun did not dare to move at all. He simply stood there in a daze, about ten paces away from Gu Jiao.

When he saw Gu Jiao, he naturally saw the old lady lying at Gu Jiao’s doorstep.

His intuition told him that this had something to do with this old lady.

He asked, “Sister, who is she?”

Gu Jiao narrowed their eyes and said, “I don’t know. Go back to the Gu family first.”

She had originally planned to call Gu Xiaoshun over for dinner, but now that something like this had happened, the safety of her family could no longer be guaranteed. She could not let any harm befall Gu Xiaoshun.

Gu Xiaoshun was clearly upset, but since his sister had said so, he would just go back first.

“In that case, Brother-in-law, I’ll be going first.” He turned around and said to Xiao Liulang, who was behind him.

Gu Jiao was slightly taken aback. Xiao Liulangs back too?

Not only Xiao Liulang, even Feng Lin had come over.

Feng Lin had helped his deskmate review his homework, and his deskmate gave him a basket of grapefruit as thanks; he then gave Xiao Liulang half of them. However, he was worried that Xiao Liulang would not be able to carry them back, so he brought it back to the village for him.

Besides, Gu Xiaoshun had always bullied Xiao Liulang, so Feng Lin was also a little worried about Xiao Liulang going home with him and wanted to keep an eye on the two of them.

Xiao Liulang and Feng Lin both noticed the old lady on the ground.

“You’d better not come over either,” Gu Jiao said to the two of them.

Feng Lin squinted strangely. “Is she dead? No way, did you kill her?”

“Hey! Don’t you dare spout nonsense!” Gu Xiaoshun could not stand him always slandering his sister.

Feng Lin scoffed. “Am I wrong? Something must have happened to that old lady. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she let us near?”

Xiao Liulang walked over with a cool expression.

“You… don’t come over,” Gu Jiao said.

Xiao Liulang still came over.

Actually, he could tell from afar that something was wrong. He walked closer and took a closer look, confirming his guess.

Seeing him walk over, Feng Lin quickly followed.

“Hey! Why are you all going over? Sister, I… I…” Gu Xiaoshun scratched his head anxiously.

Feng Lin came to Xiao Liulang’s side and looked at the old lady with red spots on her face. An ominous feeling surged in his heart. “Brother Xiao, this is…”

“Leprosy,” Xiao Liulang said with a frown.

Feng Lin’s body swayed as he almost fell!

“This, this, this, this… This old lady is a leper…” Feng Lin was so shocked that he was stammering.

Leprosy was known as one of the most terrifying infectious diseases. It was said that as long as one person in the village was infected, the entire village would be infected. Moreover, there was no treatment for this disease—if someone was infected, they could only wait for death.

In the previous dynasty, there was a tragedy where tens of thousands of people died because they did not pay enough attention to leprosy.

When the emperor of the current dynasty ascended to the throne, his first major edict was the establishment of the leper colony on the mountain, where all of the lepers would be sent to be centrally managed.

“You touched her?” Xiao Liulang looked at Gu Jiao calmly.

Gu Jiao nodded.

However, she had only touched her briefly, and her skin was not damaged. The probability of her being infected was not high.

But others might not think so.

If anyone knew that Gu Jiao had interacted with a leper, they would definitely send her to the Leper Mountain together with the patient.

In a place like Leper Mountain, once you went up, you could forget about coming down again.

Feng Lin pulled Xiao Liulang more than ten steps away and said in shock, “You heard her. She touched that leper. You have to send her away immediately! Otherwise, your entire village will be infected!”

Xiao Liulang scowled slightly.

Feng Lin stomped his feet and said, “Brother Xiao, why are you still hesitating?! Haven’t you always wanted to get rid of that evil woman? She touched the leper herself, and there’s a high chance that she’s also infected. According to imperial law, she has to be sent to Leper Mountain. This is a legitimate opportunity to get rid of her!”

Feng Lin had thought about it. Xiao Liulang was a scholar, so if he really abandoned his wife it would ruin his reputation. However, this situation now was truly timely—not only could he protect his reputation, he could also get rid of that evil woman!

“No one’s getting sent to Leper Mountain,” Xiao Liulang said calmly.

Feng Lin was stunned.

Xiao Liulang walked towards Gu Jiao with his walking stick. “Bring me a dry cloth.”

Gu Jiao did not ask further and went to the house to get a clean piece of cloth.

Xiao Liulang took the cloth from her and squatted down in front of the old lady.

Realizing what he was going to do, Gu Jiao said, “I’ll do it.”

“No need.” Xiao Liulang wrapped the cloth around the old lady’s face and covered her mouth and nose. “Carry her in.”

“Okay.” Gu Jiao nodded.

“Hey! Brother Xiao!” Feng Lin stopped him.

By now, Gu Xiaoshun had the gist of the situation. The old lady was a leper, and his sister did not let him go over as she was afraid he might get infected.

But was he, Gu Xiaoshun, such a disloyal person?

Gu Xiaoshun ran over to help his sister and brother-in-law carry her into the backyard.

Feng Lin was beside himself with anxiety.

This is madness!

You’re all crazy!

Then, he gritted his teeth and risked being infected, entering the house with them!

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