The Pioneer of the Rebirth Era

Vol 2 Chapter 2521: Learn how to be a boss

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There is a big gap between going to work in imagination and going to work in reality, especially for people like Ran Hao who simply cannot go to work like a cow and a horse.

Ran Hao imagined going to work, or a high-end office building like those shown on TV, with stylish workstations and immutable computers. When I sit in front of the computer, I either have a pile of files in front of me that look like I can't finish my work, or my hands are busy clicking on the keyboard.

Or maybe they are like the workers in their own toy factory, each performing their own duties and busy with their work. Occasionally, they can chat with their co-workers, but most of the time they are working, and then they go home exhausted after a hard day's work. .

But what happened to Ran Hao when he went to work today was that he was personally received by the general manager of the company as soon as he arrived. There was no work station as he imagined, and there was not a lot of information waiting for him to study as he imagined.

He was taken directly to the conference room. The general manager's assistant first made him a cup of tea and then turned on the projector next to him. The manager asked him to learn to call him when he was free, and then left him and his assistant alone in the conference room to start learning.

The content of the study was not about teaching international trade according to the script. The assistant held the remote control of the projector and played PPT made of various frame structures in real life. First, he explained to Ran Hao the entire process of international timber trade.

At the same time, several more important points were delineated, such as customs declaration, taxes and fees, and those departments that must communicate well, etc.

There is no detailed teaching from the beginning. I just briefly talk to Ran Hao about the entire business process and key points. It didn’t say how to purchase goods or how to find a ship to transport them.

At first glance, it sounds like this thing is so simple, and it seems to be no problem even if I do it right away.

Of course, this must be an illusion. If it were really that simple, those professionals would have changed their professions one by one. Anyone can do this profession. This profession has become widespread. How could it still be called 'international trade', which sounds very high-end? .

But do you think the assistant is fooling Ran Hao?

It was obvious that no matter what the general manager had repeatedly emphasized before or the PPT she was playing now, it was all solid information. She did not dare to fool around on her own initiative.

The reason for teaching this way is because although Ran Hao is a beginner, he is not an ordinary beginner. If you are an average beginner, you may even want to start your own business in the future.

Then this person really has to learn everything from scratch, even starting from the bottom, becoming familiar with every joint, and only after working his way up step by step can he have the capital to start a business.

And this capital is not only my understanding and knowledge of this industry, but the most important thing is the contacts I have accumulated in every step of my promotion.

Your own ability to start a business is important, but your network is even more important. Otherwise, just the customs declaration, if you are not familiar with the process and cannot find the correct method, will be enough to drag you out of business.

What's more, in international trade, when you go abroad to purchase goods, any local snake without local connections can make you cry.

Therefore, ordinary entrepreneurs start from scratch step by step. In addition to learning various knowledge about the industry and experiencing every link to be familiar with it, the most important thing is to accumulate entrepreneurial funds and contacts that can be used after starting a business.

These are obviously no problems in front of Ran Hao. Ran Hao firstly does not need to accumulate entrepreneurial funds, and secondly, he does not need to slowly make connections.

As long as he wants to do this, whether it is funds or connections, Ran Feifei, his sister, can arrange it for him. Therefore, he does not need to start a business step by step, but needs to do it from the perspective of someone who has already succeeded.

What is it from the perspective of someone who has succeeded?

That is, he needs to know the right person for procurement, so he recruits such a person, and which transportation company is suitable for transportation, so he finds this transportation company to help him transport the goods.

Which department should be contacted for customs declaration procedures? What arrangements will be made at the terminal after returning? Where should the warehouse be rented?

In short, just let Ran Hao know what positions are available in his company, and then who are needed for those positions. This means just being the boss directly and then assigning tasks to the employees below.

You don’t have to work hard from childhood to adulthood, and you don’t have to think about how to find orders and how to reduce costs every day. Not to mention that you don’t have to do everything yourself for fear that something will go wrong and your business will fail.

What Ran Hao has to do is to know which positions and links are needed for the operation of his company, and then start recruiting and looking for people for this position and links.

If something goes wrong somewhere and the order is not delivered smoothly, or the order is lost, etc. Then just lay off the person in charge of this link and replace it with someone who can do it.

So when others start a business, they learn how to start from scratch, how to look for opportunities, and how to accumulate their own connections. Ran Hao started his own business by learning how to be a boss.

Therefore, the little assistant’s teaching was obviously done carefully. Looking for Book Garden or this company, after Ran Feifei said hello, he had been preparing carefully and thinking hard about how to teach Ran Hao, the young master, how to run a timber trading company. boss.

Ran Hao spent the whole day in this kind of teaching on how to learn to be a boss. The assistant who was thirsty for the part-time teaching position gave him water.

When he was hungry, the assistant went to get him food. Even when he was tired from sitting, the assistant asked him to go to the company manager's lounge to rest and take a nap to regain his energy before studying again.

In short, this is completely different from what Ran Hao originally imagined, which is that he needs to learn a lot of things, take many notes, and read mountains of information to understand the industry. But you can't tell what's wrong, and it even seems like this teaching is more useful than the kind of learning you imagined.

"Where did this man come from? The general manager has to hang around his back?"

Although Ran Hao basically spent the day in the conference room watching PPT and studying, such a strange face came to the company, and his own manager nodded and bowed to accompany him.

The assistant who usually walks with his chin upturned also takes one bite at a time. Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Do you have any requirements for the taste of the food? Holding it like this, anyone with a clear mind would know that this strange face is not simple.

"I don't know, it seems I didn't join the job. During lunch break, I heard the assistant chatting with some of her close friends from the company. She said that the other party was here to study."

"Study? What to study? Does the prince come to familiarize himself with his company first and prepare to take over?"

"No, our big boss's surname is Zhang. I heard the assistant call him Young Master Ran, Mr. Ran."

"An illegitimate child will take his mother's surname?"

"It's possible. It's good to be reincarnated. Some people are born as cows and horses, and some are born in Rome."

(End of chapter)

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