Chapter 210 Tombstone Address

Hinata Yuuto was walking alone on the streets of Konoha. The chakra storm roared in the distance and could be felt even in the center of the village.

 “It’s really lively.” Yuuto glanced over there and continued on his way with his head lowered.

Strange lines are generated on the skin of the arms, changing with the change of direction. This is a secret technique taught to Hyuga Yuuto by the Slug Sage. It can detect the location of the psychic blood contract in Shigu Forest, and its function is similar to that of a compass.

While staring at the changes in the pattern on his arms, he moved lightly to avoid the crowd.

The roar at the cemetery was getting louder and louder. It was obvious that the battle with Obito had become intense. Hyuga Yuuto even saw the huge Rashomon.

 The ninjas woke up from their sleep one after another, took their ninja tools and walked out of their houses, and the streets were no longer silent.

Anbu figures appeared on the roof. These masked troops directly under the Hokage were like the nerve tissue of Konoha, transmitting orders from the Hokage Building to everywhere.

After careful observation for a period of time, Hyuga Yuuto knew that these orders were probably given by Jiraiya. He had a solid line of troops and attached great importance to guarding weak points. It was a standard Jiraiya style.

The painful lessons of the Nine-Tails Rebellion and the Crimson Night gave Konoha experience in resisting super masters. The main combatants besieging Obito were only the masters and apprentices of Sarutobi Hiruzen and Orochimaru, and Uchiha Fugaku and Hata. Mukakashi was the auxiliary, and the other jounin were patrolling the formation. Their only function was to use combined ninjutsu to suppress Obito and consume his chakra.

Hinata Yuuto was speculating on the outcome of tonight's battle in his mind. His speed did not slow down and he was getting closer and closer to his destination.

Byakugan opened, and the positions of the guards were found one by one by Hinata Yuuto.

  The pattern on his arm turned downwards, Hinata Yuuto bent down, cut through the floor like digging tofu, and followed the stairs into the underground building.

The psychic blood contract of the Shiggy Bone Forest was placed in the corner of the village, with insufficient defensive power and no alarm mechanism... These weird designs all revealed one message - Konoha probably guessed what Hinata Yuuto wanted, and deliberately sent the blood contract to the village. The deed scroll is placed here.

 He stopped when he passed a stone wall.

 “Smart approach.” Hinata Yuuto murmured, pulling out all the weeds in the cracks of the stone.

The stone wall is not too big, nor does it look good. There are serious black marks on it, and weeds come out of the cracks in the stone, like a tombstone that has not been cleaned.

The corridor is very long, and the patterns on the walls are quite artistic. There is a special burning torch every fifteen meters, and there are no patrols.

Out of "maximum efficient use of land" and some considerations, Konoha bulldozed the burned Hyuga clan land and built new streets on it. Looking at it, the former clan land was divided into "residential areas." , "training ground", "commercial street" and several other areas.

Hinata Yuuto muttered to himself, and finally walked to the end of the corridor and entered the spacious stone room where the blood contract scrolls were placed.

You can take it if you want, just don't kill anyone.

What Sarutobi Hiruzen and Orochimaru can analyze, Tsunade, who understands Hyuga Yuuto better, can naturally also see through it.

Hyuuga has been glorious for thousands of years, and now only this blackened stone wall is left.

Looking at the style and materials, it is obvious that this was newly built in recent years. There is a scroll-like pattern on the top of the circular building, which is probably a secret office or library.

The encounter at Ichiraku Ramen that day was destined for the master and apprentice to meet here.

 Not long after, he saw a three-story circular building.

 “There are still capable people in the village...”

Even without using Sage Mode and Half-Eye Mode, Yuuto was much stronger than those guards. Without much effort, he knocked the ninjas to the ground, put his hands in his pockets, and entered the building leisurely.

Hinata Yuuto looked at it for a long time, sighed softly, stretched out his hand to touch the wall, and touched a raised "letter" based on his memory. There were no words on it, only a Hyuga clan emblem that looked like clouds and raindrops.

However, the first thing he saw was not the scroll, but the blond woman sitting on the ground with her back to him.

If Konoha allows this ruins to remain in the village, and the ninjas who come and go pass by every day, the impression that "Hyuga Yuuto once caused serious damage to his home" will be deepened countless times, and there is no chance that a passionate young man will look for Hinata. Yuuto's revenge may lead to another round of vendetta, which is something the top management of Konoha never want to see.

The young man standing quietly in front of the stone wall straightened his bamboo hat and continued to walk forward.

Hinata Yuuto touched his nose, walked behind the blond woman, and said softly:



The delicate fist hit Hinata Yuuto's chest, and a strange force exploded. Hinata Yuuto flew backwards, crashed through the wall of the corridor, and slid far away.

 He breathed lightly, rubbed his chest, the carp jumped up and walked into the stone room again.

This time Hinata Yuuto changed his tone and became more respectful: "Teacher..."


Tsunade still didn't look back, and she punched him hard with her fist without any expression on her face.

Hinata Yuuto collapsed the wall again, rocks rolled down, and most of the corridor was in ruins.

But this time, Hinata Yuuto did not get up in a hurry. Instead, he lay on the gravel and thought quietly for a while.

 Finally, he dusted himself off, took off his bamboo hat, and sat next to the blond woman.

“…Idiot.” Hinata Yuuto slapped the palm senjutsu on his chest and said in a casual tone:

“I’m the [Moon God], so I’d better hit you on the head.”

The blonde woman glanced at Hinata Yuuto and snorted coldly:

“You can stick your face in here and I’ll crush your throat.”

 The words he spoke were merciless, but he did not punch again.

Hinata Yuuto blinked and faced the teacher, then grabbed Tsunade's legs with both hands and turned her body towards him.

Looking at each other, the man and woman in the secret room are both handsome and handsome. Because of the existence of the Yin Seal, their bodies are always full of energy. Putting aside their identities as ninjas, as simple "males" and "females", they are both quite perfect.

 “What are you doing?” The blond woman leaned back, supported her body with her arms, and nodded slightly to the side:

"Take the blood contract scroll and get out of here."

 “Aren’t you going to stop me?”

“I can’t beat you, and the teacher and Orochimaru are fighting a powerful enemy, so I don’t want to cause trouble.”

"That guy Obito is a scourge to Konoha and me, and he will die tonight." Hyuga Yuuto channeled the slug and put the blood contract scroll into the wet bone forest.

Tsunade really didn't stop her, she just played with her hair lazily.

"If you don't mind," Hinata Yuuto looked at Tsunade's thin waist and fair skin and said bluntly:

 “I’ll see you in the evening.”

 “You bastard, get out of here!” The blonde woman glared angrily:

"You are a sinner who betrayed the village. I am the granddaughter of the founder of the village. Come to me at night? How do you want me to face my grandfather and companions after I die?"

 “Alas…” Hinata Yuuto scratched his head:

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t think well.”

  When this matter was mentioned, Tsunade couldn't control her temper. She grabbed Hinata Yuuto's collar and said through gritted teeth:

“Asshole, did you put something in the wine that night?”

 “Oh, yes, teacher, that’s really just a mystery...”

 “How dare you call me teacher after you did such a thing!?”


While the two were talking, the ground suddenly shook violently.

"We can't stay here much longer." Hinata Yuuto picked up the blond woman and rushed out of the ground with one step.

Reaching the ground, Tsunade hummed, hooked Hinata Yuuto's neck, twisted and jumped to the side.

 When she was about to say something, she saw Hinata Yuuto frowning and staring into the distance thoughtfully.

The blonde woman followed his gaze and saw a shocked scene.

 Under the night, a huge monster shaped like a dead tree stood proudly, and it was actually bigger than the Nine-Tails!

 (End of this chapter)

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