The girl in red’s face turned yellow with anger, suddenly stretching out her hand, she pulled the purple-gold belt around her waist, only to hear ‘Qiang!’, a bright and shiny, its light radiated all around – long sword already appeared in her hand.

This sword was thin and slender, precisely a flexible sword made of high-quality Burmese iron. It was usually hidden in the belt, to use it, one must shake it against the wind, it would stretch out straight.

This kind of sword had the soft within the hard, and flexibility within the soft. In term of sword technique, if one did not have very deep level of mastery, using this kind of sword was really not easy.

Inside the public bath, there were already two faces showing expressions of surprise, as if they could not believe that this arrogant and willful, nasty little girl [xiao bengniang] unexpectedly was able to use such a flexible sword.

Only to see the tip of her feet tapped the ground, with a flash she leaped to the edge of the public bath, the sword slashed backhandedly, it chopped towards the top of Hu Tiehua’s head.

This sword strike was really fast, accurate, and ruthless.

“Aiyo!” Hu Tiehua cried out, his entire body sank into the water. Others only knew that he had been hit by the sword, who would have thought that half a day later, grinning, he stuck out his head from the middle of the pool. He laughed and said, “I only wanted Guniang’s ingot of gold, Guniang then want my life?”

The girl in red’s eyes seemed to spurt fire, she spoke sternly, “If you are a man, get out, get out!”

Hu Tiehua heaved a sigh, he said, “Of course I’m a man, only too bad I am not wearing pants, how can I dare to come out?”

The girl in red girl gritted her teeth, stomped her feet and said, “All right, I’ll wait for you outside, don’t think that you can run away.”

She was, after all, a woman, her face was a little red. After saying that, she left without looking back at all, looking like she was shaking with anger.

The little girl [or servant girl] cast Chu Liuxiang a glance with a smile, she said, “Your friend is joking too much, you should quickly prepare for his funeral!”

Speaking the words ‘prepare for his funeral’, four characters [zhun bei hou shi] her face also sank. She turned around and walked out.

Chu Liuxiang heaved a sigh, he muttered, “Seems like she is not joking. I only have to spend two wen [classifier for coins] to buy a coffin.”

Hu Tiehua laughed and said, “I don’t need a coffin, it would be best to burn me to ashes and pour it into a wine jar.” Translated by foxs

Clearing his throat, he added, “Actually, I did not deliberately want to make fun of her, but this little Miss is too vicious, too arrogant, too unreasonable, moreover, she is apt to lose her temper and wants to kill. If I don’t teach her a lesson, what will happen in the future?”

Chu Liuxiang spoke indifferently, “I’m afraid that not only you won’t teach her a lesson, she will teach you a lesson instead.”

The ‘Fast Net’ Zhang San suddenly stuck his head quietly out of the water, and quietly said, “Not wrong the slightest bit. I’ll say you’d better disappear a bit quicker.”

Glowering at him, Hu Tiehua said, “Disappear? Why would I want to disappear? Do you think I’m really afraid of that Xiao Bengniang?”

Zhang San heaved a sigh, he said, “Do you know who she is?”

Hu Tiehua said, “Who is she? Could it be that she is the daughter of Wangmu Niangniang [the Queen Mother of the West]?”

He went on to say, “Looking at her sword technique, indeed she has received handed-down teachings of a master, her move is also very fast, but relying on this sword technique skill to bully people, I’m afraid she is still lacking.”

Zhang San said, “Perhaps you can still provoke her up, but her [paternal] grandmother, you absolutely can’t afford to offend.”

Hu Tiehua said, “Who is her grandmother?”

With no cause, no reason, the corners of Zhang San’s eyes jumped twice, he spoke word by word, “Her grandmother is Jin Taifuren [lit. Madame Gold, Taifuren is a title for the mother of a noble or an official] of ‘Wan Fu Wan Shou Yuan’ [lit. ten-thousand good fortune, ten-thousand long life garden], and she is Jin Taifuren’s thirty-ninth granddaughter ‘Huo Fenghuang’ [Fire Phoenix] Jin Lingzhi.”

Hu Tiehua was stunned.

Hu Tiehua was a person who was unwilling to admit defeat even to his death, but this ‘Jin Taifuren’ was indeed someone he could not afford to offend –– not only he could not afford to offend, but practically no one could afford it.

Speaking about martial arts, Shi Guanyin, the ‘Water Matriarch’ Yin Ji, Xue Yiren [lit. man in bloody garment] … these people’s martial art skill might be a bit higher than Jin Taifuren.

But speaking about power, no one in Jianghu could compare to this Jin Taifuren.

Altogether, Jin Taifuren had ten sons, nine daughters, eight sons-in-law, thirty-nine grandsons and granddaughters [sons’ children], plus twenty-eight grandchildren [daughters’ children]. Some of her sons and her daughters’ husbands were difficult people [I think this is a typo, but not sure what it is], some were chief constables, some were Bangzhu [gang leaders], some were Zhangmenren [headmasters]. It could be said that none were not the top martial art masters of Jianghu. Translated by foxs

Among them, there was only one who abandoned martial arts to cultivate literature, and already became Golden Horse Jade Hall [a place for ministers and scholars to discuss affairs, old metaphor of excellence in learning and wealth], his official position was extremely high. There was also one who was born of a military background, precisely the military general of the present dynasty whose military meritorious service was the most flourishing.

She had nine daughters, but only eight sons-in-law. Because one of her daughters shaved her hair to become a [Buddhist] nun, she entered Emei School and received the cassock and alms bowl [direct/favorite disciple] of Emei’s ‘Ruoyin Dashi’.

Most of her grandchildren and granddaughters also made their names and established ten-thousand merits. The ‘Fire Phoenix’ Jin Lingzhi was the youngest, but was also the one Jin Laotaitai [old lady] most fond of.

The most important thing was that Jin Laotaitai’s family was well taught and did things right. The younger generation of the Jin Family were all on the right path, there was absolutely no one who broke the law and committed crimes. Therefore, when Jin Taifuren was mentioned in Jianghu, everybody respected her very much.

Such a figure, who would want to provoke?

Hu Tiehua was stunned for half a day, only then did he sigh. Glaring at Zhang San, he said, “You already knew that she is Jin Laotaitai’s granddaughter?”

Zhang San nodded and said, “Uh huh.”

Hu Tiehua said, “But you still wanted to steal her pearls … Are you muddle-headed from eating fish, or going crazy from drinking wine?”

Smiling bitterly, Zhang San said, “Originally I did not dare to entertain this idea, but that pearl … ay! That pearl really shouldn’t be worn on the head, I just had one look, and my soul flew away, unconsciously I made my move … ay! How would I know that she would dare to chase into the men’s bath hall?”

Only to hear the Fire Phoenix shouting loudly outside, “You can’t run anyway, why haven’t you come out quickly?”

Knitting his brows, Hu Tiehua said, “This Guniang’s temper is really hot.”

He suddenly patted Chu Liuxiang on the shoulder, and said with an apologetic smile, “I know that toward women, you always have the best way. This Guniang, only you can deal with her. It looks like I will have to ask you to throw yourself into the arena.”

Chu Liuxiang chuckled, he spoke leisurely, “I can’t, I look like a monkey, as soon as a woman sees me, she will get angry.”

Hu Tiehua said, “Who said you look like a monkey? Who said that? That man must have something wrong with his eyes. Can’t he see that you are the most handsome, the most elegant man in the world?” Translated by foxs

Chu Liuxiang closed his eyes, he did not open his mouth.

Hu Tiehua laughed and said, “Actually, this is also a good opportunity. Maybe in the future you will be Jin Laotaitai’s grandson-in-law. As friends, we can also be infected with a little light.”

Chu Liuxiang seemed to have fallen asleep, he did not hear a single word.

Zhang San spoke quietly, “Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the best. I think, you’d better …”

Hu Tiehua suddenly jumped up from the water, still dripping wet, he spoke loudly, “I don’t care if she is Jin Laotaitai’s [Madame Gold] granddaughter, or Yin Laotaitai’s [Madame Silver] granddaughter, she cannot be completely unreasonable; if she can’t talk reason, no matter who she is, I can be more unreasonable than her.”

Only then did Chu Liuxiang open his eyes, he spoke slowly and deliberately, “No one has ever said that you are reasonable.”

Hu Tiehua already wrapped a cloth towel around himself and rushed out.

The people in the public bath immediately followed and jumped out; who wouldn’t want to watch this lively scene?

When the long-legged man passed by, he suddenly smiled at Chu Liuxiang.

Chu Liuxiang also smiled at him.

The long-legged man said with a laugh, “If I am guessing correctly, Zuncha [honored Sir] must be …”

He took a glance back, suddenly stopped talking, and then walked out with a smile.

Walking out behind him was precisely the person that Chu Liuxiang felt very familiar.

This person’s face was as red as a cooked crab that was just out of the pot, it was unclear whether he was born like this, or was it red from the hot water of the pool? Or did it turn red after seeing Chu Liuxiang?

From the beginning to the end he never glanced at Chu Liuxiang, but the man who was with him stole a few glances at Chu Liuxiang out of the corners of his eyes, but when Chu Liuxiang looked at him, he lowered his head and hurried out.

The ‘Fast Net’ Zhang San spoke quietly, “These two don’t seem like good things, I seem to have seen them somewhere.”

Chu Liuxiang seemed to be thinking about something, he spoke casually, “Right, I seem to have seen them too.”

Zhang San said, “The man with long legs, his qinggong must be very high, his style is also very big, presumably he is a figure with great background, but I have never seen him.” Translated by foxs

He chuckled, and then continued, “People that I have not seen must be ones who rarely move about in Jianghu.”

“Mm hmm,” Chu Liuxiang said.

Zhang San said, “Although this place has a wharf, normally there are very few Wulin towering figures coming and going here. But today all of a sudden there are so many people coming here, it is indeed a curious occurrence.”

Chu Liuxiang suddenly chuckled and said, “You talked so much, you actually just want to hold me here to accompany you, isn’t that right?”

Zhang San blushed.

Chu Liuxiang said, “But people are fighting outside because of you, you should at least go out and have a look.”

Zhang San said, “All right, you want me go out then I’ll go out. With you, I dare to go anywhere.”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Before you go out, don’t forget to take the pearl hidden at the bottom of the pool with you.”

Zhang San’s face turned even redder; shaking his head, he sighed and said, “No matter what I do, why can’t I hide it from you …”

The door of Xiao Yao Chi was not big.

The door of the bathroom could not be big, moreover, there must be a thick curtain hanging on it, to prevent the cold wind from the outside to blow inside and the hot steam from the inside to escape out.

Now, somehow the curtain has been lifted, outside the door was already crowded to bursting point with a large number of people.

To have a Big Miss daring to burst into a men’s public bath was already a shockingly big news, what’s more, this Big Miss also picked up a long sword to kill someone.

Very slowly Hu Tiehua put on his clothes. This time, contrary to expectation, the ‘Fire Phoenix’ Jin Lingzhi held down her anger, she was standing there with ashen face, as soon as anyone dared to look at her, she would stare back fiercely with that pair of big eyes of hers.

Hu Tiehua slowly buttoned up, he said, “Could it be that you really want my life?”

Jin Lingzhi responded, “Humph.”

Hu Tiehua sighed and said, “Such a young Xiao Bengniang, why is it that as soon as you have a falling out you immediately want to kill?”

Glaring at him, Jin Lingzhi said, “Those who should be killed, I will immediately kill. Why let him alive? Why let him alive?” Translated by foxs

Hu Tiehua asked, “How many people have you killed in total?”

Jin Lingzhi replied, “One thousand, ten thousand, no matter how many, it’s none of your business.”

Hu Tiehua said, “What if you can’t kill me?”

Gritting her teeth, Jin Lingzhi said, “If I can’t kill you, I will give you my head!”

Hu Tiehua said, “I don’t want your head either. If you can’t kill me, I just hope that you will never kill again in the future. People in this world who really deserve to die are really not many.”

Jin Lingzhi scolded, “Fine ––“

As soon as the word came out, like a highly trained horse, the sword light stabbed toward Hu Tiehua’s throat.

Her sword technique was not only fast and ruthless, as soon as she made her move, it was a killer move that aimed to take people’s life.

Hu Tiehua’s figure flashed, he dodged the attack.

Jin Lingzhi glared at him, one sword strike was faster than the last, in the blink of an eye, she already sent out seventeen, eighteen sword strikes. The sword technique that female used were mostly ‘light and agile’, but her sword technique was ‘hard and violent’ all the way. They only heard the unending ‘Chi! Chi!’ sound of the sword blade splitting the air, even the people at the door moved far away to avoid it.

Although this place was intended for the customers to change clothes, the space was not big. As far as Jin Lingzhi’s sword could reach, there was almost no room for the opponent to dodge.

Too bad that the opponent she encountered was Hu Tiehua. If it were someone else, perhaps there would have been seventeen, eighteen more holes piercing through his body.

In other things, Hu Tiehua may not be able to hold back his temper, but once he got into a fight with people, he became calm, just because his experience in battle was indeed extremely rich, indeed very few people would be able to surpass him in this regard; when other people fight, it was inevitable to be a little nervous, but to him, it would seem like a simple home-style meal [idiom: common occurrence].

Even when he encountered an opponent whose martial art skill was much higher than his, he definitely would not be the least bit nervous. Therefore, changes that others could not see, he was able to see them all; styles that others could not dodge, he was able to dodge them all.

Only to see his figure moving back and forth; Jin Lingzhi’s sword was fast, he dodged even faster.

As Jin Lingzhi stabbed out her nineteenth sword strike, she suddenly withdrew abruptly. Glaring at him, she said, “Why did not you fight back?” Translated by foxs

Hu Tiehua chuckled, he replied, “It is you who wanted to kill me, I do not want to kill you at all!”

Stomping her feet, Jin Lingzhi said, “All right, I want to see if you still don’t fight back, I want to see if you still don’t fight back.”

Her sword stabbed out, her sword technique suddenly changed.

Up to this moment, although her move was quick and ruthless, her sword technique did not show anything special.

The martial arts of ‘Wan Fu Wan Shou Yuan’ did not excel in sword technique, but this moment her sword technique changed, they saw the sword light was dense and extremely fine, like candied floss, like spinning cocoon, or like the water of the Yangtze River, in unceasing torrent. Not only the style was fantastic, it did not have any flaw at all.

Even to people without any knowledge, they were able to see that this kind of sword technique was incomparably unusual.

It should be noted that most sword techniques in the world had flaws. If there were no flaws, it must have been through many improvements by scholars with much intelligence and wisdom.

But since many scholars with much intelligence and wisdom were willing to exhaust their intelligence to improve this set of sword technique, then in itself, this set of sword technique must be extraordinary.

Hiding behind the door, the ‘Fast Net’ Zhang San spoke quietly, “That looks like Emei Pai’s ‘Liu Xu Jianfa’ [lit. willow cotton wadding sword technique].”

“That’s right,” Chu Liuxiang said.

Zhang San said, “Her Qi Gu [seventh (paternal) aunt] is Emei Pai’s Ruoyin Dashi’s cassock and alms bowl disciple, presumably this set of sword technique was taught to her privately by her Qi Gu.”

Chu Liuxiang nodded, but did not reply.

Only to hear Jin Lingzhi shouted, “All right, you are still not fighting back … If you can still not fight back, I’ll consider you have the ability!”

Amidst the shout, her sword technique changed again.

The dense and extremely fine sword style suddenly became sparse.

The sword qi that filled the sky also disappeared suddenly. Translated by foxs

They saw her left hand horizontally across the eyebrows, the long sword slashed diagonally out, the sword light seemed to be there, but seemed to disappear at the same time, the movement seemed to be fast but also seemed to be slow, the sword path seemed to be real, but also seemed to be empty, the stye seemed to be changing, but did not change.

This time, people without any knowledge were unable to see the ingenuity of this sword technique.

Some people even thought that this Xiao Bengniang’s heart grew timid, her strength exhausted.

But when Chu Liuxiang saw her move, his face could not help revealing that inwardly he was emotionally moved.

He has already seen that this move was precisely the first style of Huashan Pai’s  sword technique ‘Qingfeng Shisan Shi’ [Thirteen Styles of Cool Breeze], the ‘Qingfeng Xu Lai’ [cool breeze coming gently].

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