The Last Primal

The Last Primal

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The Last Primal,

Darkness. The ultimate ruler, the true One-Above-All. Everything starts from it, and everything returns to it eventually. People say that in your final moments, darkness seeps in your very existence, engulfs your whole being. They say it’s an incredibly relaxing feeling that takes you on your journey to your afterlife. They say that in the very darkness, the ‘nothingness’ your weary soul will finally be able to rest and relax. This brings up some very philosophical and existential questions. Do you even exist?

Follow the epic journey of Aiden, the last primal, a unique and ancient race as he finds his place in a strange, new world, filled with threats and violence.

Release schedule: The current schedule (from September 2020): 1 chapter EVERY DAY (between 1500-1700 words)

Author's note:

This story (and the world itself) is something I started writing and creating 15 years ago, while I was telling stories with my friends in our regular D&D sessions. The world is a hand-crafted fantasy world, filled with history and lore that we created over the course of years. While I may be new to the writing scene, I will do my very best to bring you an enjoyable experience.

I plan to write R-18 chapters later as well, but as you will see from the flow of the story, this is not feasible for the short term. Just hang tight, we will get there in a natural manner.


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