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Chapter 43: Pseudo-magician online

  Chapter 43 Pseudo-magician online

   After seeing off the knights of Xi Ludi, Hudson secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the person Earl Pierce sent was not a qualified lobbyist, otherwise he might not be able to withstand the temptation.

  Switched to an indigenous knight, there is a high probability that he will accept this piece of pie, even though he knows it is very hot.

   In the final analysis, the competition is too fierce. Every year there are tens of thousands of new knights like Hudson in the entire continent, but none of them can get the fief in the end.

  Most of the knights died on the way to the battle, and only a few lucky ones were able to stand out.

   Relatively speaking, Hudson was lucky. Before leaving home, he won a chance to lead troops to the battlefield.

   No matter how wasteful the serf soldiers are, they are much better than starting from scratch. Without the family's serf soldiers, Hudson would not be in his current position.

   It seems that he has been passively in charge all the way, so why is it that he is not actively contributing to the flames. If you don't want to, can anyone really force it?

  If he joined this war as a wandering knight, he would be the cannon fodder on the front line.

  As far as Hudson knows, the lowest ten captains in Earl Pierce's Crimson Knights are all knights. It is impossible to stand out from the crowd without experiencing eight wars ten times.

   This is still an elite army, if it is placed in an ordinary army, the probability of getting out of the top is even lower. The probability of obtaining a fief from the lord is even lower.

  Most knights only have titles and no fiefs. If you follow a generous boss, you might be able to get a manor as a restaurant.

  Most ordinary knights can only receive a meager salary. If you want to get more, you can only go to the battlefield to grab them.

  If it weren't for the fact that the pockets are really not rich, the Knights of Xiludi would not be so easy to be bought by Hudson.

  The snail brigade was on the road again, and Hudson clearly felt the transformation of the serf soldiers. After two consecutive victories, they finally saw a trace of veterans in them.

  It's a pity that this army is only under his temporary command, and after the battle, they have to go back to their respective homes. No matter how good the training is, it is still making wedding dresses for others.

   After being attacked once, Hudson became more cautious, and the spies were released five miles away.

   In his spare time, Hudson studied his cheat—mysterious compass.

  The fire of souls of the five silver skulls is like five blood packs, which greatly replenished the compass, and Hudson also benefited a lot.

  Relying on his keen perception, he, a rookie archer, has evolved into a marksman. The overall quality of the body has also been greatly improved.

   It's a pity that this kind of external blessing comes at a price. Once the energy in the compass is exhausted, it will return to its normal state.

  Before this, Hudson had already experienced a wave of training speed bonuses, but unfortunately it didn't last long and disappeared due to exhaustion of energy.

  Of course, it can’t be regarded as completely disappearing. The physical fitness has improved a lot, but it’s not as strong as when it was blessed.

   "Mysterious wind element, please listen to my call, the wind is rippling!"

   After finishing the spell, only the leaves in front of him shook twice. It is still unknown whether it was caused by the release of magic, or the saliva spewed out by Hudson when he chanted the spell.

  Similar scenes have long been familiar to everyone. Everyone knows that the noble nobleman is practicing magic.

  As for why no magic was released, they don't know, anyway, no one dares to discuss this issue openly.

   As long as the skin is thick enough, embarrassment can be eliminated. In order to become a great magician, Hudson also worked hard.

   There is no problem in meditation, every time he can enter the state with the help of the mysterious compass, and his mental power is also rising slowly.

   As for the magic power, it can only be hehe. It's not a magic insulator, but it's not much better.

  The magical elements between heaven and earth have never been bought. Even if Hudson's mental power is no less than that of a junior mage, he still can't release a single spell.

  To be precise, relying on one's own efforts, one cannot release a single spell.

  With the help of the mysterious compass, Hudson can still release magic. For example, when hunting at noon, he released the first-order magic "Earth Archery".

   As a price, the only earth-type magic core in his hand was completely reduced to residue after a dozen times of "earth archery".

  Compared to knight training, magic training is really too picky. All magic spells must match the magic elements of the department in order to be able to release magic.

  The energy accumulated in the mysterious compass is all transformed from the fire of the skeleton soul, which is obviously undead.

  Unfortunately, there are too few necromancers, and there is no necromancer magic in the spells that Hudson exchanged from Chelsea.

   There is no relevant energy reserve, no magic can be released, and it will not prevent Hudson from reciting magic spells.

  Be proficient in advance, so that you won't panic at the critical moment. The speed of chanting the spell often also determines the speed of the magic release, so every great magician is a "quick mouth".

  Hundreds of failures did not shake Hudson's determination to learn magic, at least on the surface.

   They are all forced out. Learning magic is not easy, and it is even more difficult to learn by yourself without a tutor.

   A magician suddenly appeared, how could it not be eye-catching. If someone checks it out, they will find something is wrong in an instant.

   For this abnormal situation, the first thing everyone thinks of is the believers of evil gods. For example, the high priest of the Skull and Bones Association relies on the power of evil gods to release magic.

  Hudson is now half a foot into the aristocratic circle of the southeastern province, and he doesn't want to be suspected of being a follower of evil gods.

  Then before shaping the magic genius, it is necessary to make up for a period of learning magic.

  At the very least, it must be reasonable in theory, and it cannot be picked out by others. Now this group of soldiers is the best witness.

  They know nothing about magic and can fool around at will. If it was in front of a group of nobles, Hudson would not dare to play like this.

  Reciting spells and saying that they are practicing magic is barely acceptable. But even a trace of magical elements can't be attracted. Cheers Knight, who has achieved nothing for decades, is a role model, and he has nothing to do with genius mages.

   In order to be able to purchase magic spar reasonably and reasonably in the future, Hudson also worked hard.


  The Fifth Army Robbery Brigade, which had failed many times in a row, finally got its meat as the deadline approached. Facts have proved that the judgment of the head of the Chelsea Army is correct, and the rebels are indeed transferring supplies to the rear.

   Successfully robbed a rebel transport team, wheat, cloth, salt, tea, spices... and even several boxes of coins.

  The initial estimated value is no less than 100,000 gold coins, which can be said to be a rich harvest.

  (end of this chapter)

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