The King

Chapter 12: Legendary figure--Chils Knight

  Chapter 12 Legendary Character—Cheers Knight

  Although it was only a rabble, the impact it caused was still not small. The places along the way are disgusted by ghosts and gods.

   Conscience of heaven and earth, Hudson has repeatedly emphasized military discipline. Without his order, no one would dare to leave the large army, let alone harm the local area.

   But it doesn't make any sense. The people along the way ran away when they saw the army, and they had no chance to explain.

   Occasionally, I meet a few noble lords to communicate with, and they are just sending the plague god. If it weren't for Earl Pierce's call-up order, these guys might have sent troops to expel them directly.

   After driving for three days in a row, Hudson noticed something was wrong. It seemed that he was running too fast.

  The call-up order is not aimed at my family. The nobles in the entire southeastern province are within the scope of the call-up. Judging from the reactions of the nobles along the way, it is clear that they are preparing.

   Being the first to arrive on the battlefield can certainly increase impression points, but it is also possible to be the first to be sent as cannon fodder.

  My family knows their own affairs, and Hudson has no hope for his "well-trained" army.

   Aware of this, Hudson slowed down his march again. Every morning on the road, in the afternoon to set up camp, and by the way, some game to improve the food.

  Plump porcupines, strong elks, jubilant hares, vigorous pheasants...all became regular guests on Hudson's dining table.

  Even ordinary soldiers can get a bowl of broth from time to time.

  The selfless gift of nature made Hudson understand why there are so many wandering knights in the continent of Aslante.

  Land, forests, rivers, grasslands... are all private territories of nobles. Without the permission of nobles, commoners cannot fish and hunt privately.

   It is only the nobles who hunt once in a while, obviously unable to keep up with the reproduction speed of wild beasts, which is why the prey is everywhere now.

  Rules are bound by ordinary people, and they are completely inapplicable to nobles. Even the worst wandering knight can hunt freely. Even if it is discovered by the owner, at most it will be expelled.

  Just sending away a porcupine, Hudson, who was in high spirits, was interrupted by a familiar voice.

   "Master, Cheers Knight invites you to the banquet."

  Preparing to hang out in the aristocratic circle, in order to brighten his eyes, Hudson also made up a lot of knowledge in the circle.

   "Is it the Cheers Knight of the Harklian family?"

   Hudson asked.

  There is no way, the duplication rate of the nobles in the mainland of Aslante is too high, if you don’t note the family, you can’t tell them apart at all.

  If you don’t figure out these things and come to be a guest rashly, it’s easy to make a joke.

   "Yes, master."

  The guard's answer reassured Hudson. Without much hesitation, he replied directly: "Tell the visitor, I will go there after I settle down."

   "Banquet" is also a major feature of the aristocratic group. Whether it is making contacts, eating, drinking, having fun, or discussing matters, it can all be done at the banquet.

   To judge the relationship of a family, just look at how many guests they hold at a banquet.

   Along the way, Hudson has often accepted banquets. It's just not to exchange feelings, but to let him and his subordinates get out of here quickly.

  Of course, this kind of hurtful thing must not be said directly, a little hint is enough.

  Nobles are the ones who pay the most attention to face. Unless it is absolutely necessary, everyone will not turn their faces on the bright side.

  Many times, even if deep down in your heart you want to kill the other party immediately, you still have to show aristocratic demeanor on the face.

   Once the face is publicly torn apart, it is basically to the point of endless death, and it is difficult to have room for maneuver.

  This is also the reason why it is very difficult for a dude to survive three episodes. If you offend too many people, you will eventually meet the iron plate.

   As a smart person, Hudson naturally won't offend people easily, and he is very face-saving every time.

  As long as the owner comes out to express his opinion, after purchasing the supplies, he must leave the camp and leave. If the master does not come out, then set up camp and train soldiers.

  Perhaps because he strictly restrained military discipline, there was no trouble, everyone communicated harmoniously, and expanded a lot of contacts.

   Having experienced a lot, Hudson has gradually gotten used to the way nobles get along.

   Arranged the affairs of the camp and came to the castle with a few attendants. The scene in front of him left Hudson speechless. This was probably the worst castle he had ever seen.

   But thinking of the rumors about the Chelsea Knight, Hudson is not surprised.

   "Knight addicted to magic", this is what everyone said to save face on the surface, but secretly he also has a title-"Prodigal Son".

  Obviously without magical talent, but fantasizing about becoming a magician, doing messy research all day long, leaving nothing but nothing.

  If it’s just these things, it’s over with everyone laughing. There are not a few nobles who are prodigal, and it is also a good thing to be able to reduce one competitor.

   I love tossing, I love tossing, but this Cheers knight is very talented in training. He is a rare great knight in Sack County, and he even has the hope of becoming a silver knight.

   Logically speaking, with his strength, a little effort can make the family business go further. However, Cheers Knight refused, even if he made a military exploit, he chose to convert it into a monetary reward.

   There is no doubt that all the money has been invested in magic research. Sometimes, in order to obtain magic materials, he can also join as a guest mercenary and work for the Mage Association.

  Strong strength, coupled with unorthodox experience, made Chelsea Knight a "legendary" figure.

  Although the castle is dilapidated, Hudson believes that it is still very safe here. As long as the surrounding lords are not out of their minds, they will not come here to seek bad luck from a great knight.

  Of course, the most important thing is because of poverty. When encountering a poor man with such strength as Chelsea, even if he wins the battle, he can't squeeze out the oil.

   "Little Redman, long time no see!"

  A hearty voice sounded, and Hudson's good mood suddenly disappeared, and he explained helplessly: "Uncle Chells, I am Hudson, and Redman Jr. is my elder brother."

   This is the most helpless place for Hudson. He really can't figure out why father and son should share the same name. However, this situation is very common in the aristocratic circle.

  Especially for families with five generations under the same roof, if a family reunion is held, it is estimated that just distinguishing names can make people collapse.

   I really don't know when my family got involved with Cheers, but I guess even if there is friendship, my father will not say it.

   After all, this man in front of him doesn't have a very good reputation in the aristocratic circle. The great knight's friendship is important, but it can't stand this guy who always likes to borrow money.

  For the sake of the wallet, everyone chose to speak lightly and carefully to this bold knight.

  (end of this chapter)

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