The King

Chapter 11: set off

  Chapter 11 Expedition

  Opened the arsenal and took out the dusty weapon. Hudson's good mood disappeared without a trace in an instant.

   Originally planned to "paddle", but seeing the pile of broken copper and iron in front of him, even if he didn't paddle, he would not be able to make waves on the battlefield.

  Seeing this scene, Baron Redman was also a little embarrassed. Although he knew that his arsenal didn't have any good things, it was still a bit unexpected that it was so bad.

  "The family is not rich and cannot afford too many weapons and armor. There are seventy-two sets of armor in the arsenal, thirty-six battle axes, forty-eight fighting axes, ninety-seven scimitars, and one hundred and eighty-seven spears...

   These are the accumulation of the family, although they are a bit old, they can still kill people. Let's make do with it first, if there are gains on the battlefield, it's not too late to change the outfit. "

   Baron Redman said slightly embarrassed.

   Originally, I wanted to keep some weapons and armor, so as not to lose all of them. Now it seems that it is completely overwhelmed. Although the pile of broken copper and rotten iron in front of me is well sealed, it is still hard to hide the traces of time.

  Especially the armors, many of them were unthreaded and scattered all over the ground. Even if it can be stitched together again, the thick rust can't be concealed.

  Hudson picked up a piece casually, squeezed it a little harder, and it did not disappoint him, the nail piece turned into powder directly.

  Seeing this scene, Baron Redman resolutely chose to escape. It was so embarrassing that he had no face left.

  Of course, this can't be completely blamed on him. There have been no major wars in recent decades, and small-scale conflicts with convoys are enough.

  Looking at the equipment of the guards, you can tell that they are all high-quality weapons and armor, which is enough to prove that he is a martial patriarch.

   As for the arsenal, there is no way. Weapons also have a service life. If they are not used for a long time, the best way is to seal them up.

   Sealing up weapons and armor is not easy, you need to ask a magician to take action, and it will not be unsealed until it is ready for use.

   No matter how well it can be sealed, it will not be able to withstand the erosion of time. According to the data on paper, it is barely enough to equip 500 soldiers, but in reality, less than one-third of them can be used.

   This is only usable. If you are picky about the quality, I am afraid that it is beautifying to describe it as one. Anyway, looking around, few pieces are intact.

   Things have come to this, Hudson has nothing to say. Hurry up and send the damaged weapons to the blacksmith for repairs, and you can count as much as you can salvage.

   In fact, this is also a beautiful vision. In such a short period of time, even if the few blacksmiths in the territory worked around the clock, they couldn't repair a few pieces.

   Talking is better than nothing, Hudson can only retreat to the next best thing, and equip soldiers with the most primitive weapon-spear. It is not a normal weapon spear, but a spear made of bamboo.

  In order to obtain a stronger defense, Hudson also mobilized the people to make "shields". There is no doubt that this is not a conventional shield, but a Xibei product made of bamboo.

   If you want to rely on this thing to block the weapon, you probably have no hope. But the opponent is the rebels! How can the rebel army be fully equipped with weapons and armor?

  Even if it is useless on the battlefield, these preparatory work are not in vain. With a little modification and a movable bamboo board, put on a rope, it is a backpack in the shape of a turtle shell.

  You can usually carry dry food, and it can also increase the confidence of soldiers on the battlefield. In case of encountering an enemy with a wooden stick, it can also play a defensive role.

  The main reason is that the time is too short, and only some simple tools can be made. Otherwise Hudson would not be so passive.

  Of course, just because the equipment of the low-level soldiers can’t be seen by others doesn’t mean that this knight is also so sad.

   Knight swords, war horses, armor, all the equipment a knight should have, and even the ten knight attendants were assigned corresponding armor weapons.

   In this regard, Baron Redman is not stingy. As for the miserable equipment of ordinary soldiers, Hudson is more willing to believe that there is nothing he can do about it.

  The main war came too suddenly. If the intelligence had been received from the beginning, with the production capacity of the territory, no matter what, one hundred and eighty weapons could be produced in a hurry.


  Time flies, and the three-day deadline has passed by. Riding a tall horse, wearing bright armor, and carrying a knight's sword, Hudson set off with five hundred "well-trained" soldiers under the farewell of the crowd.

   The momentum of "majestic and high-spirited" did not last long after all. Not long after leaving their own territory, the originally neat team became disorganized, and Hudson was so angry that he was furious.

  Emotional two-day training camp is a loneliness. The so-called well-trained is just for the elders in the hometown to see, and it will be revealed as soon as it comes out.

   As a last resort, Hudson could only choose to slow down the marching speed. Originally planned to travel sixty miles a day, it was forced to cut it down to forty miles.

   You must know that this is a small group of troops marching, they only carry a dozen catties of dry food with them, and there is no heavy logistical material to drag them down.

   This speed is simply tortoise speed. Forget it, don't insult the turtle. The tortoise that has become a monster is much faster than this.

   Once the speed slowed down, the situation improved a lot in an instant. Although it is hopeless to be neat and tidy, at least the basic queue is kept, so that they will not run around.

   Don't even need to think about Hudson, he knows that this is because the officer he temporarily appointed is unqualified, and he didn't lead the soldiers below him well.

   But there is no way. These days, officers with a little bit of ability are basically nobles, so how could he be able to command them?

  As for recruiting wandering knights to serve as officers, let's go to sleep, dreams will have everything. The baron's resources are not enough for his own brothers, so how can he afford knights?

   In a sense, to evaluate the strength of a nobleman, one can tell by the number of knights under his command.

  Basically speaking, if you can support a dozen or so knights, you can be considered a middle-class nobleman. And if you want to step into the threshold of great nobles, you must have at least a few hundred knights under your command.

   Of course, this is just Hudson's personal subjective judgment and is not representative. If you want to become a great nobleman, these things alone are definitely not enough, otherwise the great nobleman is too cheap.

  Taking the Koslow family as an example, relying on their strong fertility, they spread all over the place. It is estimated that there are hundreds of knights scattered all over the country.

  However, because the territory is too scattered and the power cannot be concentrated, the Koslow family can only be regarded as a small noble.

   It is nothing more than relying on the prosperity of the population, speaking in the aristocratic circle a little bit harder than the average small aristocrat.

  This point can be seen from the dusty arsenal at home. In recent decades, the surrounding neighbors have been very peaceful.

  (end of this chapter)

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