The Fortune Teller Sees the Love of the Flower Knight

The Fortune Teller Sees the Love of the Flower Knight

Uranaishi ni wa Hana Kishi no Koigokoro ga Mieteimasu 占い師には花騎士の恋心が見えています

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I can see the color of that person’s sorrow, the color of joy, pain, and love.

Cyril Vedito, a pharmacist, can see things that other humans cannot. Colors appear above a person’s head that represents their emotions and future. With her white hair and red eyes, she is often treated as a rumored “fortune teller” in town.

Hector Alderde, the “Flower Knight”, is the most handsome bachelor in town. The man with many loves, is actually not in love with any of his followers. In fact, he even seems to be a misogynist.

By chance, Cyril sees an ominous color above Hector’s head and unintentionally saves him. Hector, who is supposed to hate women, has taken an interest in her, and he comes to visit Cyril’s shop incognito.

Behind his handsome face, Cyril finds out that Hector actually has a big secret. One day, she finds the color of “love” above Hector’s head. And that is…

A clumsy “first love” fantasy of a fortune teller and a beautiful knight!

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