The Exorcist: Hanako in the toilet at the beginning

The Exorcist: Hanako in the toilet at the beginning


62 Chapters Ongoing Status


Kuang Heng dug into walls at night to steal the light, why didn’t he study during the day?

Because I was busy chipping away at the wall during the day.

Qian Suyu was wearing a variety show and had a debt of 300 million at the beginning, so it was difficult to hold back.

Fortunately, thanks to the Awakening and Demonic Removal System, as long as you successfully remove the Demon Relief Dao, you can obtain unimaginable generous rewards.

However, the first commission released by the system turned out to be a well-known urban legend – Hanako in the toilet?

“As for choosing stick education or physical education, you only need to answer three questions.”


Which Chinese character is the coolest?

Hanako:? ?

Liquid iron is called molten iron, but what about liquid silver?

Hanako:? ? ?

Red Bull is a functional drink, but what about Red Bull?

Hanako:? ? ? ? ?


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