The Cold Lord God Always Acts Like a Spoiled Brat To Me

The Cold Lord God Always Acts Like a Spoiled Brat To Me


1069 Chapters Completed Status


“Lord God is unattainable.” The system vowed.

“Can you take me home?” The icy Lord God tilted his head, his long eyelashes drooped, his eyebrows beautiful, and he begged her.


“The gods will be blackened, and it is a arduous project to redeem him,” the system said.


The fireman came from the fire, hugged the little cartoonist, lowered his eyes and smiled: “Would you like to draw me for a lifetime?”

The sports student pinched the deflated can in one hand, stared lazily at the slender dancer like a white swan, and said in a low voice, “I want you to dance and show me.”

In the interrogation room, the indifferent and sharp commander took off his black leather gloves, his badge was sharp in color, and his thin lips parted lightly: “Place me.”


Turn a blind eye to you who should cooperate with my performance.

#Strongly twisted melon is not sweet

#forever overturning

There is a god above the nine heavens, and the white clothes are as unattainable as snow.


The gods had delusional thoughts, and since then fell, only one person was blessed.

[1v1 Shuangjie sweet pet, the male and female protagonists have no memory in double slices, and the sick Jiaoyu sister and the lady’s milk buns have everything]

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