Tennis: Start with unlimited physical strength

Tennis: Start with unlimited physical strength


176 Chapters Ongoing Status


Kamisikawa traveled to the world of tennis and had unlimited physical strength. Regardless of any training, his physical strength was unlimited.

As a result, Kamizikawa conducted various difficult physical and tennis training day after day, and developed a terrifying physical fitness, achieving a solid foundation and various difficult skills.

Injured your hand playing spin tennis? It's okay, he has developed a wrist as strong as steel.

Will you be hospitalized if you use too much mental tennis? No problem, strong physical fitness is enough to replace and support all consumption.

Playing killing net hurts your body? Kamisikawa said it was not a big problem and asked if you could catch the ball.

Yukimura: "So it turns out that mental tennis can still be played like this? It really opens up a new world!"

Tezuka: "I can't believe it. Is this really a human hand? Kamisikawa is the real monster!"

Atobe Keigo: "I am really convinced. Can this be called a protracted war? Is Kamisikawa still a human being?"

Polk: "Don't dare to catch this ball, it will break your hand!"

Byodoin Phoenix: "I have seen the cruelty of the world, but I am willing to call Kamisikawa the most terrifying and cruel existence in world tennis!"


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