Super God: From Ghost Controller to Emperor Fengdu

Super God: From Ghost Controller to Emperor Fengdu


302 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel to the Lostbelt universe of Super God and Marvel.

Good news: there is a hangup

Bad news: This is related to the mysterious resurgence!

Let’s look at a trickster with a normal IQ, wandering among the gods, and step by step raising the throne to the highest place, with the name: Emperor Fengdu!

Angel Yan: "What a mysterious and dangerous child. I have full confidence in his future!"

Morgana: "Bichi! This brat has already driven me to the hell dimension. What else does he want?"

Carl: "Before Him, nothingness is worthless!"

Keisha: "He is the future, and he is worthy of angels going through fire and water for him!"

He Xi: "Technological materialism, weird materialism... He is right, the combination of the two will create the future!"


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