Succubus Lord: Start with many children and many blessings

Succubus Lord: Start with many children and many blessings


411 Chapters Ongoing Status


The era of national lords! Each lord will randomly receive an initial troop type.

Su Xuan was surprised to find that the initial unit he randomly received turned out to be a succubus from hell!

Succubi have both strength and beauty, but they need the life magic of their lord to exert their full combat power.

He also accidentally activated the [Many Children, Many Blessings] system. As long as he gives birth to offspring, he can gain an increase in his territory!

Ever since!

Su Xuan had no choice but to embark on the path of no return to sow the succubus.

While the other lords were leading their respective armies to fight on the battlefield, Su Xuan was frantically creating humans with the succubus!

A few years later, Su Xuan’s succubus army was born, and tens of thousands of succubi with increased types killed all enemies instantly.

And he has only one goal now!

Su Xuan: “I want that superior god to fall! Or…become my woman!”


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