Struggle in Russia

Vol 3 Chapter 1457: Don't act rashly

【Struggle in Tsarist Russia】【】

Mordvichev naturally attracted the attention of the Ministry of Justice. After all, the third part is not a kidnapper, and it is impossible to arrest people without saying hello.

Of course, even if the kidnapper takes the meat ticket, he still has to hesitate, otherwise who will ask for the ransom?

What Li Xiao is doing now is actually not much different from kidnapping, except that he is a little more powerful than the kidnapper, leaving the kidnapped party helpless.

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. "Are you sure it's the person arrested by the third department?"The new Minister of Justice Mikhail Petrovich Minih has a very unkind look in his eyes He looked at Mordvichev's secretary, which made the latter feel very stressed. "Yes, Your Excellency. The other party claimed to be the director of the Third Department of St. Petersburg."Minich frowned, of course he knew the Third Department of St. Petersburg The supervisor was Li Xiao, but he couldn't figure out why the other party suddenly attacked his people. Logically speaking, the reformists should not provoke him at this time. "Did he say the reason for arresting Viscount Mordwitchev?" Minih asked angrily. "He said that Viscount Mordwitchev was suspected of malfeasance and accepting bribes..." Mineh said impatiently: "Is that all? He has more Say something else?"The secretary shook his head weakly: "I was already under control when they arrested Viscount Mordwitchev. What was the situation at that time? I don’t know either.”This is actually a lie. The secretary was actually outside the door when Viscount Mordwitchev was arrested. He witnessed the conversation between Li Xiao and Viscount Mordwitchev, so he naturally knew the real reason here. It's just that he is very clear-headed. He is just a little secretary. He really doesn't have the guts to get involved in the fairy fight between reformers and conservatives. Some things are best seen and pretended not to be seen. to, otherwise there will be constant trouble. Minih looked at the little secretary but didn't say anything. Of course he knew what Viscount Mordwitchev was going to Witkin's salon for, wasn't it just to make extra money. This kind of gray transaction is enjoyed by many heads of the Ministry of Justice, and it is also the main source of income for the Ministry of Justice. When doing this kind of gray transaction, he definitely cannot treat outsiders, but it stands to reason that his own secretary should belong to his own confidants. Is it possible that Viscount Mordwitchev is going to do this this time? Is the transaction special? Which one is completely invisible to the light and requires a high degree of confidentiality? Thinking of this, Minih asked: "Who is the Viscount doing this deal with?"The secretary immediately replied: "Baron Blokhin."Minich blurted out: "That Baron Blokhin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?"The secretary nodded immediately: "Yes, that's him! It was he who reported Mo Viscount Dvitchev!"Minekh clicked his tongue, and to be honest, it gave him a toothache. He felt more and more that this matter was a bit strange. Of course he knew what Blokhin did, that is, he was an intermediary broker, relying on various connections and connections to make a living. People like him value their reputation very much and would not do anything like reporting. But the little secretary looked like he was lying, and this kind of lie could be exposed with just a quick check. Unless the little secretary wanted to die, he couldn't be so stupid. If it is really Viscount Mordwitchev who was reported by Blokhin, then this would be too strange!

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【Struggle in Tsarist Russia】【】

Minih is a cautious person. With his status as the Minister of Justice, he relies on being careful in everything. He will never offend anyone if he can do it. If he can be a good gentleman, he will always be single-minded and harmonious. What he fears most is getting into trouble.

But what is very unfriendly to him is that Russia is currently in a troubled state, with a lot of troubles, and the Ministry of Justice is at the center of the whirlpool of troubles, and he can't escape even if he wants to.

After thinking about it again and again, he decided to go get some information first to see the situation. So he immediately went to find old Adlerberg.

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. "Count, you have to help me, what does this suddenly happen in the third part of St. Petersburg?"Old Adlerberg is also a little bit It was unexpected because there were no signs at all. The Reform Party was quite polite to the Ministry of Justice before and basically followed the rules. Why was it suddenly stabbed? Is this accidental or intentional? If it is just an isolated incident, there is no need to pay attention to it, it is just an accident. But if someone does it on purpose, there's too much to say. As an old fox in the officialdom, Old Adlerberg's sense of smell was not particularly sensitive. He subconsciously thought that this might be some kind of sign! This sign indicates that the next actions of the reformists will undergo huge changes. If they cannot cope with this change well, then they may suffer big losses! Suddenly he said seriously: "Please explain the whole story carefully!"Seeing that old Adlerberg was so cautious, Minich felt even more uneasy. , and immediately repeated what the secretary said. Old Adlerberg rubbed his chin and thought for a while, then asked seriously: "Are you sure it was Blokhin who reported you?"m Nih nodded. Old Adlerberg frowned and said: "It doesn't make sense! I know that guy, he just wants to make a living by making matchmaking, so there's no reason to ruin his own job? There must be something wrong here! Don't worry, I'll go check it out!"I have to say that the old fox has a wide range of contacts, and he quickly found out the relevant information. Only then did he find out about Shuyuanwww.zhhaoshuyua.comm The source lies at the Ministry of Justice. "You are too harsh when you open your mouth. It is a bad rule for a lion to open his mouth!" Old Adlerberg lectured angrily: "That Watkin is the mistress of Baron Blokhin. Brother, you are so ruthless in making money, how can he not be resentful?"Minih is a little embarrassed, because he is the one who instructed the people below to raise the asking price, after all, he is the one who makes most of the money. Here, the more ruthless the people below are in making money, the higher their income will be. Who would have trouble with money? He smiled awkwardly and said: "Well...please listen to my explanation. Our Ministry of Justice has always had a miserable life. The people below have complained for a long time. Now it is normal to charge more appropriately. Right?"Old Adlerberg looked at him in amusement, how could he be coaxed by such nonsense? Without Minih's instructions, how could those brats under the Ministry of Justice be as brave as lions? Open your mouth? However, it is difficult to elaborate on this matter, not to mention that the current situation is a bit special. It is normal for Minih to want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune. He would definitely not let this opportunity go. He sighed: "You can make money, but you still have to pay attention to how you eat. Also, I remind you that things are not that simple. Although your random asking for money is the trigger, I think Bro It’s impossible for Xin to slip away like this. It must be Grand Duke Andrei’s brat who is pulling the strings. I will go to Count Pobedonozev to find out the news and ask him to try to find out the other party’s true intentions. Just wait for the news first, remember! Don’t act rashly!"

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