Step Down, Let Me Come!

Step Down, Let Me Come!


42 Chapters Ongoing Status


Shen Tang has awoken on the way to exile and discovered that this world was very unscientific.

The divine stone descended from the sky, and a hundred kingdoms began to fight against each other.
Scholars condensed wenxin, and the words came true.
Martial artists congregated wudan, splitting mountains and breaking seas.

The man she thought of as only a pretty boy told her to “Hold the weapon and jump on the horse,” and the next second he was wearing armor with a spear in hand. One person can form an army, thousands of troops can kill seven people and then lose the next seven!

Someone that looked like the tuberculosis patient in her eyes said “the stars are scattered all over the world”. The sky is like a round top, the land is like a chessboard, and the formation of troops can be grasped in passing!

This TM can’t be considered scientific!
It is clear that in this world, theology was the nail in the coffin of science.
And she—
“Your Highness, there is a severe drought in north county, how about you cry for a bit?”
Shen Tang: “…”
“Your Highness, there is a flood in Nanzhou, how about you smile more?”
Shen Tang: “…”
Looking at the ten big bowls of rice that she just ate, the pockets that were cleaner than her face, a group of villagers crying for food, but harboring malicious intentions and causing trouble all day long, as well as the good-for-nothing that was suspected of reincarnation, really…
Spirit Painter’s Village Chief Shen Tang has no choice but to abandon her beloved painting brush and is forced to accept the road to become the strongest.

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