Steel Steam and Flame

Chapter 2630: The beginning of the melee (middle)

Macquarie knew this would be the outcome. Maintaining extreme sanity will have good effects in many aspects. This is something all surgeons understand from the very beginning. But including Hilda, many decisions and choices are not based on reason.

Sometimes, Macquarie has thought about whether he needs to be like Miss Hilda and maybe be a little more relaxed. But the inertia of habit is too strong. Whenever such an idea appears, it will always create huge contradictions in thinking.

Hilda knew that Macquarie was at a point of conflict now, and understood why he came to her, so she immediately continued: "Mr. Defoni and I are different. He is making suggestions, and I am helping you do it." It’s a decision. Do you hear me clearly? It’s a decision, not a suggestion.”

"The results achieved by reason in some cases are not necessarily the best." She added and laughed, "Isn't the reason for contacting me just to hear these words? Have you made a decision now?"

"We need to think about it again." The hesitant Macquarie still kept thinking, "Because the possibility of it being a trap cannot be ruled out. The meeting on the Endless Sea is about to arrive in time, and Cassia and Lisuman are both on the list. a member of."

"Isn't it enough to just change the list?" Hilda said in a matter-of-fact tone, "We decided on the list. If it doesn't pass, then contact Mr. Perkins and Mr. Grote. I will definitely not have any opinions on this, but will fully support it.

Is it a trap, does that matter? The pollution incident in the Far Sea Republic is a trap that everyone is confused about. The first ones all jumped back. Besides, the chance of it being a trap that time would be very, very high.

Know what he is worried about. The current situation will not change if we worry about it. It will only change if there are no actual actions to influence it. For Macquarie, my current state is that I know what I should do and what I should do. If you explain the matter frankly, you will definitely achieve the desired results. "

"In short, we must let Jiao Yingying know about it." Sumanda said softly, with a serious and solemn tone, "As for whether I will personally participate in the retreat, I cannot retreat and explain that I am allowed to stay in the southern forest and continue the pollution purification plan. Situation Once I probe again, I will understand whether I have not participated in the necessity of retreat at this moment. I don’t have a very vague understanding of my own strength range.”

Cassia nodded to herself, "Thank you, you will tell Jiao Yingying about that."

"..." Cassia smacked her lips and shook her head, "Maybe he will be even more angry when he sees the eighth general."

"It is a creature that you can conceive of. You can only wait until there is a meeting in the sea, and there will definitely be no more information. Well... you will be poorly prepared to attack, Jiao Yingying and Li Xier The two asked him to contact him. In addition, they should forget about the list of people meeting in the sea and remember to change it. It is time for you to take the initiative to make some changes. Let the Eighth General take action, and the influence of experience and strength will It will become more and more troublesome.

Cassia listened to Sumanda's words and imagined the corresponding scene in her head. Shi Jin shook her head, "I hope that's the case, but in reality, the Eighth General will come to the former Prime Minister Xiaolu, not to deal with the regiment leader. Right. The eighth general still has the face of Macquarie..."

Jiao Yingda chuckled, "This is also your psychological comfort to yourself. The person corresponding to the eighth general is the regiment leader, the eldest sister of the new world tree. Even though my body is still in the whirlpool of the extreme sea, I came to the far sea common country. It’s just Macquarie’s body. But what Macquarie looks like now, you can probably tell what kind of state the Eighth General’s body is in.”

",,," Sumanda immediately knew how to answer the question, "He is talking about that thing, so hurry up and forget it."

After a while, seeing that Magri remained silent, Lisiel tried to ask, "Do you want to join us? He is an excellent teammate."

"Well, it's a rehearsal for good or bad, a rehearsal for contact with the Eighth General. If we had a head-on confrontation before, but now we don't know more about the situation, that would be bad news. Let's look at the Eighth General's views on the Theocracy and the Nature Association from the side. The strength of control. The enemies you encounter are definitely all surgeons, so you have to make the best plan. But if the polluted creatures are in the minority, you have to adjust your plan before it is too late. How to deal with Novisas and Liddy? Shia’s plan.”

"How to choose is scary, and having no choice is despairing."

Macquarie cut off the contact and fell into silence. Lisiel on the side seemed to have not heard anything, and stretched her body, making a "crackling" bone friction sound.

"Commander... When the captain comes back, maybe it's so complicated to take the initiative. With the character of the captain, there is a small chance that he will go to Shuyuan to start a full-scale war against the Far Sea Commonwealth and the Flame Alliance. Although now It is already a war period, and the various fronts and areas are not yet filling the ravines with bullet casings and corpses. But it must be the regiment leader, who is definitely rushing back to where the enemy is with the holy sword, and vaporizes us when he sees the enemy.


"You know, give him an answer beforehand, Mr. Cassia."

"Thank you for his comfort. You can always see the bad side in the good news." Jiao Yingying sighed.

"If so, the time before the Southern Forest Incident was not the time for the Holy Emperor Hall to fully prosper." Sumanda said, "Remember to contact Macquarie immediately. The eight-stage life cultivation plan will be completed very slowly. After that It is also an opportunity for Lisiel to show the effect of training for a period of time, which not only increases the confidence of the alliance, but also disrupts the thinking and judgment of the enemy. When the eighth general is no longer the only one, Xiaojia has no choice. .”

In fact, that is what you want to see. The pressure from the Eighth General and the successive Popes of Resurrection has come upon you, and you can definitely bear it. "

"You still want to wait until the leader comes back to think about it." Jiao Yingying explained her thoughts.

Now, contamination of the node center and the above-ground access to the caves has become a huge problem. You have to find a way to focus on those problems. It is not beneficial for you to run around. "

"That is the right decision, Jiao Yingying." Sumanda said, "Of course, it is also necessary to worry too much about the safety of the situation. After all, Monikoloa has also been dispatched, right? If the difference in power is too small, it will If there were no other plans and actions, both Nowisas and Letitia would be in too much trouble during that action. The performance element would occupy a small part, after all, they have to play an eighth general. Unacceptable stage play.”

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