Start As a Lord In a Viscount

Start As a Lord In a Viscount


803 Chapters Ongoing Status


Claire accidentally traveled to the magical world. She thought she could become a nobleman in a safe way, but unexpectedly, someone came to collect her debts. She had no choice but to return to her viscounty.

Fortunately, he is a magician himself, and he also has the ability to trade across borders.

Then he had to develop his own viscount, and the traded Dali Pills could increase his power? ! The exercises traded from the martial arts world can actually make the knights under his command greatly reduce the time to awaken the fighting spirit? !

And what’s the deal with a dragon?

After many years…

The people in the territory sighed: “Thanks to the Lord for saving us, who are living in dire straits, let us know what is truly alive.”

“Religion? Serious people who believe in that stuff must believe in the science propaganda by the Lord!”

Every businessman who came to the territory could not help but sigh: “This is the greatest city I have ever seen, no one.”

“Lord Claire, your reputation is known to everyone from the orc kingdom in the extreme west to the mermaid kingdom in the sunrise!”

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