Spoilers for Marvel Multiverse: Avengers Live Broadcast

Spoilers for Marvel Multiverse: Avengers Live Broadcast


2000 Chapters Ongoing Status


A dimensional live question and answer system suddenly came to Asgard, Kama Taj and other places.

The first live broadcast is Avengers 3: Infinity War!

From then on, the whole of Marvel was in chaos!

Thanos: I obviously snapped my fingers, but I still lost in the end!

Loki: Forget about being beaten by the green fat man, killed by Thanos, and forced to join the Space-Time Administration, but what happened to the female Loki?

Scarlet Witch: Quicksilver from the parallel universe looks so young, but Stark, don’t think I will let you go!

The Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man: Avengers... actually became a superhero in high school!

Iron Man: I actually have a daughter! I must love her three thousand times!

Thor: My hammer! my eyes! How could I become so fat!

Professor X: A parallel universe where people with superpowers are regarded as superheroes is really enviable...


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