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Vol 311 Chapter 1135: 1135 Sorry family

Chapter 1135 1135. I’m sorry about my family...

 There is a story. Although Lu Chuan started making cake rolls a little too long ago, he allocated his time so well that even now Song Tan is on fire and he doesn’t feel bored and he doesn’t waste a single second.

It's just that the milk has been simmering in the pot over low heat for more than ten minutes. He kept stirring it, so that the milk became thicker and thicker, and the sweetness in the air became more and more intense. Even Song Tan, who didn't like to drink milk, was confused. Ready to move:

 “Are you ready? Give me a taste.”

Lu Chuan raised his eyes to look at her. In the hot air, his eyebrows were blurred, but his expression was gentle. At this moment, he turned around and took a spoon and gently scooped out a spoonful:

 “Be careful of burning.”

 The milk was almost ready. It was now close to the appearance of condensed milk, but a little thinner. Song Tan patiently blew the milk before stuffing it into his mouth. Then his eyes lit up:

 “It’s really good! It can be paired with steamed buns! Fried steamed bun slices!”

"Yeah." Lu Chuan nodded: "But this has a short shelf life. I won't be able to cook it much this time. I'll make more in two days."

As he spoke, he turned off the heat and poured out the condensed milk. He looked around the kitchen and found that there was really no delicate container, so he had to pour it into a bowl.

Song Tan filled the stove with more firewood and asked him curiously: "What else do you want to do? Cut green onions?"

Lu Chuan was startled for a moment, and then he laughed: "That's not necessary. There is still some that my cousin cut up in the morning... I'll check if the meat is cooked. When it's done, you can turn on the fire again and collect the juice to stir-fry the meat floss."


The kitchen here was occupied by someone, a young couple who were newly in love. The seventh cousin and the seventh grandma simply wandered on the road outside the door, thinking:

 “Would you like to repair your house for the Chinese New Year?”

Grandma Qi nodded: "It has to be tidied up. We neither cook nor farm. The house has been promised to Yanping and the others. Let's demolish it while there is nothing to do before the year."

 The formalities were completed early in the morning, and the rest can only be done after my son comes back. Yanping and the others had spent all their money, so they had to do it as soon as possible.

 An old house in the countryside, especially when the seventh cousin was a chef. People from all over the country knew that he was rich, so the house was naturally built big.

Now that the heavy construction has been demolished, the other areas plus the re-applied homestead will be left vacant for the young people. The old couple can then build a hut.

 As for where my son will stay when he comes back for the Chinese New Year...

Oh, the little house was built quickly, so why can’t I sleep in it? We haven’t seen him for so many years, who knows if he is still thinking about his old background?

 It’s better to get rid of it, it’s best if the matter is settled!

I really can’t sleep in the city, so I still have the big one in the city! The will has been notarized, it belongs to Qiao Qiao, they can’t take it away.

But having said that, the couple still felt a little melancholy since it was their own child after all. But then I thought about it - now I can still serve as a banquet, my body is better than that of young people, and I can save all my monthly salary except for Qiao Qiao.

 In addition to my original savings, if my son can stay with us for another ten or twenty years, we will have something else to give him! Much more than what was given to Qiao Qiao!

After thinking about it like this, the seventh cousin and grandma felt instantly relaxed and no longer burdened at all!

However, they are not the only ones who are happy in Lao Song's house.

For example, the young men at the front were working enthusiastically with axes. Even though they were all covered in sweat even though they were wearing single clothes, the smiles that reached the corners of their mouths could not go away at all.

Who can go down?

Just chopping firewood, and I can get a big meal for myself and the old man at noon. If there are such good things in the world, the more the better!

There is only one thing that is a pity -

 Why is it so efficient to use firewood in rural areas?

 Only three trees are enough.

If they don't have enough firewood, they can chop down two more trees tomorrow!

The only reason is that Lao Song's family was too industrious and had to find some work to do when they had nothing to do. There were piles of firewood piled high in the corner of the backyard.

It's not this big firewood, but when everyone has nothing to do, they go for a walk in the mountains and can basically drag back a few dry branches.

For cooking, these twigs cook quickly and grow quickly. There are mountains all around, so there is really no shortage of them. Thinking of this, everyone looked around again with piercing eyes, trying to find some other work to do.

Only Song Sancheng didn't know anything. At this moment, he saw the young man swinging the ax and chopping the wood evenly and neatly, which made him feel particularly happy.

To be honest, everything from planting trees to chopping firewood is not an easy job. In previous years, he was the only one in the family who could do it, so it was really hard work.

Especially when lifting trees, it is easy to injure your waist in the cold weather.

This is because technology has developed now and there are many tools. Otherwise, in the past, if there were not many big men in the family, fetching water and cutting firewood would be tiring.

These young men not only work efficiently, but also do their job very beautifully! Apart from anything else, the firewood at home was neatly packed, but they pushed the cart to the backyard and piled the wet firewood neatly, which was very pleasing to the eye.

 Comparing the two sides, the difference is immediately apparent.

 What is this called? It’s said online that it cures obsessive-compulsive disorder, right?

Song Sancheng couldn't hold it back and quickly made a video and posted it on WeChat Moments.

In the kitchen, Lu Chuan was stirring the floss in the pot with a shovel.

At this moment, all the soup has been put away, and the meat pieces have been pressed into strands by the spatula. Now that the meat is being stir-fried over a low fire, the rudimentary form of the meat floss can already be seen.

 Correspondingly, the unique aroma of meat floss became stronger and stronger. At this moment, Song Tan had forgotten about the sweet condensed milk just now, and all she could think about was her meat floss rolls.

The only regret is—

 “Alas! The wheat was sown late!” She felt very regretful because all the butter had been whipped and only low-gluten flour was purchased. It was a fly in the ointment!

Lu Chuan laughed: "So I didn't do too much, just taste it first... Well, next time I'll make a fried chicken steak rice burger."

He explained: "Instead of using noodles, we use rice cakes. The rice is pressed into a cake shape, which is fragrant and not greasy. The chicken is hammered first to make it more delicious, and then fried... I have tried this at home and it is pretty good. Qiao Qiao should like it."

 The only problem is…

“I forgot, we don’t have chicken chops at home...otherwise we can use pork chops. Pork chops give a different aroma when fried.”

Song Tan threw the poker away and looked like a domineering president: "Whoever said there is no such thing, there must be."

She was gearing up: "When will it be done? I'll take you to pick out the chicken steak."

 Thinking of chicken steak, he also thought of the n food videos he had collected. Song Tan suddenly had a whim and asked: "Can you stew mutton in clear soup?"

“It’s the kind of free-range kid that doesn’t smell bad. The meat is tender. Just add some salt and pepper, and cut some chopped cabbage and vermicelli..."

 Lu Chuan:…

 I know how to do it. The seventh cousin and Master Jiang on the mountain should know better.

that is…

 When he comes, does he feel sorry for the chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep at home?

Update 1, the temperature has dropped today, it’s very cold.

  (End of this chapter)

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