She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1471: Fanwai Ace: There is no guardian clock in the world

  Chapter 1471 Fanwai Ace: There is no guardian clock in the world

  Do you know about elves?

  Actually, not only the light elves have a strict hierarchy, but also the night elves, which the light elves collectively call 'dirty and despicable race', also have a strict hierarchy.

  The night elves with a slightly regular appearance, complete and powerful wings, are called "Hopemakers". They are the "Hope" among the night elves. Because of their powerful wings, they are most likely to awaken the animal state and become a symbol of the beast master.

  The entire night elves have devoted resources to them, and they also shoulder the heavy responsibility of leading the night elves to truly stand up.

  “Hopeful” will be sent to Darknight City by the elders in the management area to receive a relatively complete education from birth.

  Night City is the only city among the night elves. This city is not even as prosperous as a small town among the light elves, but it is the city of hope in the hearts of the night elves.

  In addition, the rich and landed night elves are called the 'sowers'. They are like farmers, using their money to hire labor, grow crops, and raise a large number of night elves.

  Besides them, the other night elves are collectively referred to as 'Do Nothing'.

  Long life, mediocrity, is the inaction.

  Night elves like this are almost all ugly, with deformed wings, and they have no money or power. Naturally, the "do nothing" is not qualified to live in the city, and their ancestors have lived in those remote and barren places for generations.

  The Magic Cave, located at the northernmost end of Guangming Sea, is the place with the most barren land, the harshest environment, and the most backward productivity in the entire Guangming Sea.

   At the foot of the Modong Mountain, there are four villages.

  Sorn Village in the south, Luna Village in the north, Cuijia Village in the east, and Sauron Village in the west.

  The west of the Magic Cave is a hillside, where Sauron Village is located. Because it is close to the black sea water of Enchanting Cave, the soil of Sauron Village has been eroded by the black sea water all year round, making it unsuitable for planting. Today, there is not even a decent big tree in the village.

  The only two crops that can be produced in the village are potatoes and something called vine root potatoes. And these two things happen to be the favorite food of some small cave monsters.

  Often, the crops in the field would be stolen by cave monsters just as they were about to mature, which resulted in lower crop yields in the entire Sauron Village.

   Not only that, Sauron Village, located in the west, also bears the most intense sunlight of the Bright Sea in the afternoon. The sun hung in the sky like a stove, scorching every night elf who was hunched over and farming in the black soil, making their already dark skin even more vulgar and dull.

  At night, the hurricane blowing from the Black Sea in the Enchanting Cave can make the whole Sauron village howl like ghosts and wolves.

   It can be said that Sauron Village is the place with the worst living environment among the four villages in Lumodong.

  The girl who was born in the magic cave and the village near the magic cave, grew up listening to this sentence since she was a child——

  A female elf who is lazy and ugly will be married to Sauron Village.

   It is conceivable that Sauron Village is such a poor place.


   Estelle Lucas Sauron is Ace's full name.

The name    means that he was born in Sauron Village, west of the Enchanted Cave, and he is Estelle, the son of the Lucas family.

  In Elvish, Estelle means hope.

  Naming the child Estelle also represents the hope that he is the Lucas family.

   Estelle's ancestors have lived in Sauron Village for generations.

   Born in the poor village of Sauron, it is doomed that it will be difficult for Ace to marry a wife in the future. After all, the only old village head in their village who has studied for several years and went to Guangming City when he was young is still an old bachelor.

  Besides, Estelle's appearance is considered the bottom of the ugly night elves. Not to mention, he lost his father and mother successively when he was young, and he had to grow up with two oil bottle younger brothers and sisters.

  All kinds of factors combined, the possibility of Estelle finding a wife is zero.

  People in the village thought Estelle would be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

   Estelle himself thinks so.


   Estelle lost her father at the age of five and her mother at the age of seven.

  The year my mother died, my younger brother was only five years old, and my younger sister was only two years old.

   Estelle was surprisingly strong since she was a child.

  On the night of his mother's death, the cold wind blew the entire Sauron village into restlessness. Estelle tied the young sister to her back with a strap, and led the ignorant younger brother. The three of them walked through the entire Sauron Village against the strong wind. When they came to the village, they rang the old village head door.

  The old village chief opened the wooden door, his eyes were blinded by the sea breeze. After he recognized Estelle, he asked him with some surprise: "Little Ace, what are you doing at my house so late?"

  The old village head didn't have a deep impression on Estelle, and he didn't have much conversation before tonight. In his impression, the child was very silent and low-key, always following his mute mother to do farm work.

Estelle's voice, hidden in the sea breeze, blew into the dilapidated house of the old village chief, he said: "Village chief, I am afraid that monsters will eat my younger siblings, can I trouble you to take care of them for a night? "

   This was the first time that the old village chief heard Estelle speak.

   Surprisingly, this little guy speaks very politely and can use honorifics like 'trouble'.

   This is relatively rare among the children of Sauron Village.

   Few of the children in Sauron Village know how to use honorifics. Most of their speech is very vulgar, and it sounds like they grew up in a poor corner.

  The old village head belatedly remembered that Estelle's mother came from Dark Night City. It is said that she had read books and was also a "hopeful". Because he did not awaken the animal state, he had no choice but to drop out of school. Logically speaking, with her pretty appearance, she should be able to marry a 'Hopemaker' or a 'Sower', but for some reason, she married into Sauron Village, the most barren and backward place among the night elves.

  The old village head ended his memories and asked Estelle: "Where's your mother?"

  The child said: "My mother just died."

  The old village chief was stunned.

  He remembered in a trance that in the past month, Mrs. Lucas rarely came out to work.

   Unexpectedly, he died of illness.

"My condolences." The Lucas family has long lost their male master, and now the mistress is dead, leaving three young children unattended. As the village head, the old village head can't refuse Esther regardless of emotion or reason. Seoul's request.

   Seeing that the child is so young, Mrs. Lucas's body is probably left unattended.

  The old village head said: "You guys stay at my house, I will find someone to bury your mother."

  Ace said: "I can do it myself, please ask the village chief to take care of my younger brothers and sisters tonight."

   "You can do it?" The old village chief was very skeptical.

   "I can." The child has his own stubbornness.


   Estelle left his younger siblings at the old village chief's house, while he broke into the sea breeze again, with a weak and short body, and walked towards Lucas' house at the end of the village with difficulty. Looking at the petite figure, the old village chief couldn't help shouting: "Ace, what are you going to do with your mother's funeral?"

  The child actually said: "I will make her body into a guardian bell and plant it in front of my house."

  The old village chief showed a look of astonishment, he blurted out subconsciously, and reprimanded Estelle severely in a condemning tone: "That's your mother, how can you turn her into a guardian bell!"

  The so-called guardian bell is to take out the internal organs of the deceased, and then blend the reefs in the Black Sea with the black sea water, and pour them into the deceased. After one night, the dead will turn into a reef statue. Such a reef statue will lose the consciousness of being a human being, and will turn into a demon, which will become the guardian bell at home.

  Generally, the elves only choose to cruelly turn the enemy into a guardian bell when dealing with their old enemies.

  In this world, how many people are willing to make their relatives into a guardian clock, making him a devil who is neither human nor ghost.

  The old village head never expected that the young Estelle would be so ruthless.

  Hearing the old village chief's condemnation, Estelle turned around. In the dark night, his dark eyes seemed to be shining.

His hare lips moved, and he explained a ruthless fact to the old village chief in a calm tone, "I am just a child, and I can't protect my younger siblings at all. I am afraid that one day when I go home from work, I will see my younger siblings." I was eaten by monsters. My mother is dead, and making her into a guardian bell can protect our family."

   "Village Chief, I love my mother, but we three brothers and sisters have to continue to live."

   "I have to."

  The old village chief wanted to refute Estelle a few words, but felt that the child's choice was the most correct.

  Choosing to make her mother a guardian clock is the only choice for the weak and helpless Estelle.

  The younger brother is only five years old, and the younger sister is only two years old. They still cannot deeply understand the relationship between mother and child. But seven-year-old Estelle understands what mother-child love is.

   Mrs. Lucas is dead, and the living suffer the most.

   Estelle chose to keep pain and repentance to herself, and leave peace and worry-free to her younger siblings.

  This is the real kindness and righteousness, responsibility and responsibility.

  The old village head looked at Estelle's dark and ugly face, but he felt a sigh in his heart: This boy is extraordinary.

   Sure enough, the next day, there was a guardian bell in the shape of a night elf at the door of Lucas' house. Every villager who passed by the door of Lucas's house would stop and look at the guardian clock, and then cast fearful and fearful eyes at the eldest son of Lucas's family with an unpredictable expression.

  This is really a demon, who actually made his mother into a guardian bell.

   But no matter what the villagers said, Estelle remained silent. He guards the barren land left to them by his parents, uses his frail body to carry the pole, goes out early and returns late every day, and grows potatoes and vine root potatoes. In order to prevent monsters from stealing the only farmer, Estelle would set up a simple tent in the field every season when potatoes and vine root potatoes were about to mature, and guarded the field day and night.

  He used his thin shoulders to lift the sky above the heads of the Lucas brothers and sisters.

   This kind of life lasted until Estelle was 17 years old.

  That year, Esther had a high fever. When he recovered from his serious illness, he was chasing three Lulu beasts who were stealing potatoes in the field. He accidentally discovered that he could kill a Lulu beast with one fist.

   This discovery made Estelle startled.

   Gradually, Estelle, who was so powerful that he could kill a Lulu beast with one fist, became the most powerful night elf in Sauron Village. Estelle of the Lucas family, who has been ignored by the villagers, is gradually accepted by them.

  The villagers began to hire Estelle to help them look after the crops, and the reward was to take care of their brothers and sisters.

  Since then, the life of the three Lucas brothers and sisters has gradually become easier.

  At the age of 28, Estelle was digging vine root potatoes when he suddenly noticed waves in the sky. He looked up to the south, and saw a group of gorgeously dressed young men, Yu Jian flew over from the Bright City in the south, and landed on the magic cave that made all the elves fearful.

Out of curiosity, Estelle sneaked to the mountainside of the Magic Cave and overheard the conversation of a few bright elves. Only then did she know that these people were the most powerful beast masters in the legend, and they were coming to the Magic Cave to participate in a battle. Contest. Those who pass the competition can enter a school called Holy Spirit Academy to study.

   Estelle didn’t know how powerful the Holy Spirit Academy was at the time, but he was very smart. Seeing that those bright and shrewd people who were high above him tried their best to join the Holy Spirit Academy, he knew that as long as he entered the Holy Spirit Academy, he could change his destiny!

   So Estelle also mixed in with them.

   There, he met the noble person in his life, the legendary master of the Shenyue Kingdom, Emperor Mo Xiao.

  On that day, Estelle completely grasped the strings of fate. With his own hands, he reversed his own destiny, and also reversed the future of the night elves.

  At that time, the people in the village did not understand what it meant to be able to enter the Holy Spirit Academy, but the old village head had a vague guess.

  The old village head was also a "Hopeful" when he was young, and he also went to the city of night elves to study and see the world. He successfully awakened the animal state, but his talent was limited, and he stayed at the level of a judge all his life.

  He has never heard of the Holy Spirit Academy, and he has also heard of the reputation of the Great Master of the Shenyue Kingdom.

  If Estelle can go to the school of the Great National Teacher, he will have a bright future!

  Because of making his mother into a guardian bell when he was young, Estelle was full of bad reviews in the village. In the early years, the villagers avoided the three siblings. In the whole village, only the old village head cared for the three brothers and sisters.

  The night before leaving, Estelle deliberately came to the old village head's house to say goodbye.

  Seeing Estelle, the old village head had tears in his eyes.

He put his hands on Estelle's shoulders and told him earnestly: "Ace, if you enter the Academy of the Holy Spirit as a night elf, you will definitely be bullied and despised by those light elves. You have to be mentally prepared .”

   Estelle has never really gotten along with the light elves, but he knows how deep the light elves suppress the night elves and how deeply they hate them. He nodded and said to the old village chief: "Don't worry, village chief, I will be careful. I will endure those who cannot be beaten or offended."

  No one can 'endure' more than Estelle.

  The old village chief didn’t have anything to give Estelle. Seeing that Estelle was wearing tattered clothes full of patches, he thought about it and took out the Sun Dasheng t-shirt that he had treasured for many years. He went to Guangming City to wear that T-shirt several times when he was young, and it was washed clean, but it was a little yellowed because of its age.

He gave Estelle the most decent clothes, and told him: "When you get to the city, you can change into it. Everyone in the city pursues fashion." The old village head racked his brains for a long time before he thought of "fashion". This is a very fashionable term in itself.

"I went to the holy city 30 years ago. I bought it from a clothing store in the farmer's market. This T-shirt is the most popular style in the city. It is decent for you to wear it to the competition." The village chief said fondly Touching the golden cudgel in Sun Wukong's hand, he said: "It is said that this monkey is called Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. The Monkey King is invincible in all battles, but he is very powerful. Estelle, if you wear it, you will definitely be able to win all battles." Invincible, invincible.”

   Estelle nodded solemnly, hugged her clothes, and bowed to the old village chief. "Village Chief, after I leave, I will trouble you to take care of my younger brother and sister." Fortunately, the younger brother has grown up, and the younger sister has also grown up, so they can be independent.

  The old village chief nodded vigorously, "Of course I will."

  He knew better than anyone that the ugly and weak child in front of him was the real hope of the night elves.

   This night, the old and the young sat together and chatted for a long time.

  They talked about the status of the night elves, and imagined the future of the night elves. The old village head said: "I have been to the holy city, where technology is advanced, every elf has a car, a mobile phone, a computer, every household has a TV, and there are all kinds of dazzling high-tech products. But we There is only one phone in the village of Sauron. Ace, you have to work hard to change your future and the status of our night elves. We have dark skin, ugly appearance, and deformed wings, but we also have thoughts, flesh and blood spirit."

   "We are never inferior to the light elves."

   "If you don't want to be a slave forever, you have to rise up!"

"Ace." The old village head pressed Estelle on the shoulder, and blessed him heroically: "I wish you all the best, and you can return to your hometown in the future, and lead us to rise up and defeat the light elves. From now on, you will definitely Can marry a more beautiful bride than the Thorne family in the next village!"

  Thorn from Thorne Village next door is the only son of the village headman. His family is considered the richest night elf in Enchanted Cave, and he didn't know what kind of **** luck he had to marry a light elf.

  Although the bright elf's wings were cut off, his face was actually pretty.

   It is said that she was once the brightest star in Guangminghai.

   "I will, village chief."

  —Returning to his hometown with honor, defeating the light elves, and bringing a bride back to the village who is more beautiful than Thorn’s wife in the next village has become Estelle’s goal.

   Estelle has been away for many years.

  And he successfully changed the future of the night elves as he promised to the old village chief.

Later, when the World War broke out, the Bright Sea was swallowed by the former Dao Enchanting Butterfly. Fortunately, a large number of elves living in the Bright Sea were put into a spiritual vessel that could temporarily hold living creatures by Duan Fen. . After the war ended, Divine Physician Duan Fen sent all the living elves to the Great World of God's Punishment.

  After settling in God's Punishment World, the light elves and night elves opened a new chapter under the leadership of Donor and Estelle.

   Shinto for 60 years.

  Three thousand worlds, deep in the universe.

  Two worlds, one black and one white, are back to back like conjoined twins, floating in the vast universe.

  Two arch bridges are built in the center of the black and white world, connecting the light world and the dark night world. After so many years, the misunderstanding between the light elves and the night elves has been solved, but the hatred and grudge between the two races will not disappear overnight.

  In order to change and completely eliminate the hatred between the two races, the first thing Donor and Estelle did after taking control of the God's Punishment World was to jointly establish the Ministry of Education and uniformly formulate textbooks. Both the night elves and the light elves are receiving a unified peace education.

  Elf children born after the War of Annihilation, after learning the new textbooks, most of them can live in peace with the other race. During the winter and summer vacations, they will travel and visit the other world by aircraft.

   More and more elves have found their most tacit combat partners and formed spiritual contracts. Many of them also developed a friendship that surpassed that of comrades-in-arms, became lovers, and held a wedding.

   Gradually, the two races can get along more and more peacefully.

  Everything is developing towards the good side.

  In the world of light, the light elves established a holy city that is exactly the same as the city of light. In order to commemorate the homeland where they once lived, they still named this city the holy city of light. The only difference is that in the Holy City Square, not only the statue of the elf king Moldo stands, but also the statue of the divine physicist Donor.

  Similarly, the night elves also built a new bustling capital in the night world. Different from the elegant and solemn European architectural style of the city of light, the capital of the night elves has a strict and mysterious black gothic style.

  Light elves live toward the sun, while night elves travel month by month.

  The capital of the night elves is called Night City, and a wide square was also built in Night City. In the center of the square stands a towering elf statue.

  It was a man in a black battle suit. The elf wings behind him were fully spread, and the length surpassed the entire square, almost covering half of the sky. The man looked stern, with sharp eyebrows, and held a crescent moon sickle.

  When night falls, the moon will be in the deep space, facing the black sickle far away.

   This is the statue of Estelle, the elf king of the night elves.

  Every day, a large number of elves come here to visit the statue of the night elf king Estelle, and listen to the life story of the night elf king told by the square manager. The manager of the square is an octogenarian old man. He wears a plain double-breasted jacket, sits behind a work table, and retells the same story every day with great joy.

  Although the story is the same old-fashioned story, the listeners come from all over the world. Therefore, every time he told Estelle's inspiring life story, the old man took it seriously.

  After work this day, the old man packed up his things and walked towards his apartment building on the east side of the square on crutches.

  God's Punishment World is vast and sparsely populated. The elves respect nature and prefer to live in forests. They prefer to live in dense forests and nature. Therefore, the entire night elves have only one capital, Night City. Those villagers who lived in Sauron Village at the beginning have now scattered, and only the old man who is the administrator of the square lives in the city.

  The old man is getting old, every step is slow and strenuous, and it takes a long time before he returns to the door of the house.

  The old village head is also not used to the smart locks that young people love to use. He still uses the oldest key. As he got older, the old man's eyesight became blurred, and he failed to insert the key into the lock after several attempts. At this time, a long and powerful hand stretched out, snatched his key, and easily inserted the key into the lock.

   "Thank you," the old village chief said, turning his head to look at the boy beside him.

  When he saw that the appearance of the visitor was exactly the same as that of the statue in the square, the old village head trembled his legs and subconsciously wanted to kneel down. "Ace." He suddenly covered his mouth, quickly changed his words and called the other person respectfully: "King!"

   Estelle held the old village head's arms, preventing the old village head from kneeling. Looking down at the old man's cloudy eyes, he said in a deep voice, "The village chief, it's me."

  The old village chief held Estelle's arm tightly with tears in his eyes.

   Estelle became the king of the night elves, but he was still the boy from Sauron Village.

  The old village chief invited Estelle into the house. His apartment building was very small, and the tall and tall Estelle was sitting on the double sofa in the living room of the apartment, making the room even more crowded and narrow.

The old village head brought the buttered tea that he cherished as a treasure, and told Estelle: "My lord, since you led our night elves to rise again, our life is getting better and better. In the past, we couldn't afford to drink it." Such a good thing."

  The villagers of Sauron Village, who live on the most barren land, know what it feels like to be hungry and not have enough to eat. Now, they drink a sip of buttered tea and eat a sip of sweet spiritual fruit, and they all want to thank the king for his efforts and gifts in their hearts.

   Estelle took a sip of the buttered tea from the old village chief.

   Too sweet.

  The villagers of Sauron Village love this sweet treat.

   Estelle didn't like drinking this overly sweet tea, but he didn't show it, and continued to drink it with his expression unchanged.

  The old village head talked a lot, and he even guessed the reason for Wang's late night visit.

He looked up at Wang's deep and handsome face, and said clearly: "I am running out of time, Wang, are you here to see me off?" The old village chief could feel the rapid loss of vitality, and every step he took recently , have to take a breather.

   Estelle nodded and told him, "I'm here to see the village chief off for the last time."

  The village chief was very pleased.

  Thinking of the night Estelle's mother passed away, at a young age, he had to endure the grief and make his beloved mother a guardian clock. The old village chief smiled, and said, "King, after I die, you can also make me a guardian bell, and plant me on the border of our dark night world, and guard the king's world forever."

But Estelle shook his head and said, "No, I will protect my world." After a pause, he put down his teacup, stared at the buttered tea at the bottom of the cup, and said, "I am strong enough to protect the world I want. Everything that needs to be guarded. Village chief, I promise, there will never be a guardian bell in the dark night world."

  The old village head suddenly burst into tears.

   "Wang, I'm sorry for you." Only the old village chief knows what kind of struggles the little boy had to make when he was 7 years old, so that he could cruelly make his mother who loved him the most into a guardian bell.

  The old village head stood up while supporting the sofa, and knelt on the ground slowly and solemnly. "king."

  Seeing this, Estelle stretched out his right hand towards him.

  The old village head gently held Estelle's right hand with both hands. He first kissed the back of Estelle's hand, and then put his forehead on the back of the other's hand. The old man choked and said piously: "My soul is weak and old, but it will always be loyal and follow the king. The years are long, and may my king be happy and fearless."

   Estelle stared quietly at the old man for a while, then nodded and said, "As you wish."

  The old village head sat up again.

He took a few breaths, and then said to Estelle curiously: "I thought, until I die, I will not be able to see the king in person with my old bones. Wang, why have you never come back to see the king these years?" Me, look at the villagers of Sauron Village?"

  He thought Estelle had a last resort and refused to come to see them.

But the old village chief never expected that Estelle actually said, "Because I haven't found a wife who is more beautiful than Thorn's wife in the next village." commitment made.

  Old village chief: "."


   Is it because of this?

  The old village chief couldn't laugh or cry.

He hurriedly explained: "Wang, this is really a big misunderstanding. Back then, I hoped that you would find a better wife than Thorn's daughter-in-law in the next village. That was just a word of encouragement. How could you take it seriously? ?”

   Estelle said: "Sir, it's hard to chase after a word."

  Old village chief: "."

   One stick!

Talking about this matter, the distance between the old village chief and Estelle also weakened a little, he boldly teased Estelle: "Since the king has not found a satisfactory wife, how could he suddenly think of it tonight? Want to see me?"

Estelle was silent for a while, and then said: "Since my mother passed away, you are the elder who took care of our three brothers and sisters the most in Sauron Village. You are a kind and wise man, and I have to die for you." The old village head was not married, Having no children, Estelle intends to die for him as a 'son'.

  The old village chief was speechless for a while.

   After a long time, the old village chief said with emotion: "My lord, you will live a happy life and meet true love."

After saying this, the old village head felt extremely tired. He leaned on the single sofa and sighed: "King, I'm a little tired. Please forgive me and sleep for a while." After finishing speaking, he closed his eyes and breathed. Gradually becomes slower.

   Finally, complete peace.

   Estelle got up and knelt beside him, and said in a low voice, "You go."

  The old village head is the most respected person in Sauron Village, and he is the one who takes good care of Estelle. He has a high reputation among the night elves. At his funeral, many mourners came, and Donore rushed to Estelle's side at the first time to accompany him to take care of the funeral.

  After burying the old village chief and seeing off the guests who came to express their condolences, Estelle returned to the Palace of Dark Night and sat alone on the dark and cold throne. He dragged his black robe on the stairs, tilted his head against the handrail, with a dazed expression.

  For a while, Estelle didn't know what to do.

  The door of the hall was pushed open suddenly, and the moonlight poured into the hall. Donor, dressed in a golden suit, stepped on the moonlight and walked to the steps of the hall. Donore looked up at Estelle on the throne, and said, "If you need, I can accompany you."

   Estelle stared at Dorno for a long time before saying, "Sauron Village is gone."

  The departure of the old village chief means that Sauron Village has completely disappeared.

   Estelle can't find his hometown.

  Donore said, "There is a place I want to show you."

   Estelle frowned, "Where?"

"follow me."

   Estelle hesitated for a while, then got up and walked to Donor's left, and left the Palace of Night with him. These two years, they have always walked side by side like this, fighting side by side, inseparable, they have long been used to each other's existence.

  They are light and darkness, walking in the world.

   Estelle trusts Donoer, just as she trusts her heart not to betray her. He didn't know where Donore was taking him, but he followed Donore forward without looking back.

  Even if there is Daoshan Volcano in front of him, he will not flinch or hesitate.

   This is the trust between spirit bearers.

  Donor took Estelle across the arch bridge and came to the world of light.

   "Welcome to my world." Donore said to Estelle with a smile.

   Estelle pouted, and said, "Your Highness, I have been to your world many times." He is still used to addressing Donor as His Highness, even though he himself is already the king of the night world.

   Donore smiled, his blond hair shining in the morning light. "Then you are welcome to visit us often." Standing in the rising sun, Donor was handsome and elegant, not like ordinary people.

  He is an angel walking in the world.

   Estelle couldn't hold back, and subconsciously reached out to grab a strand of Dorno's flying blond hair. Donore happened to turn his head at this moment. He stared at the blond hair wrapped around Estelle's fingertips for a while, and suddenly asked, "Ace, is Thorn's wife beautiful?"

   Estelle followed Yuhuang and Donoer in the big world for many years, and had already seen countless peerless beauties. The beauty of Thorne's wife could not catch Estelle's eyes at all. But Estelle still nodded and said, "She is the most beautiful girl in a hundred miles around the enchanted cave."

   Donore nodded, and suddenly said: "After so many years, have you found someone more beautiful than Thorne's wife?"

   Estelle pressed the tip of her tongue to the roof of her jaw, but said nothing.

   Donore glanced at him thoughtfully before saying, "Let's go."

   Estelle hurriedly followed.

  Donor took him to the City of Light, to his temple, and directly into his bedroom.

  Donor's bedroom is extremely luxurious, with silk fabrics everywhere, and the floor is covered with soft and precious carpets, walking on them is almost silent. Although Estelle had been to the temple many times, it was the first time that he followed Donore to his bedroom.

  The bed in Donor's bedroom is extraordinarily large, at least three meters wide.

   Estelle couldn't help looking at the bed the first time he entered the room, but when Donore turned his head to look at him, he hurriedly looked away.

   Donore pretended not to see his little eyes. He told Estelle: "Deep in the palace is my treasure room. You are the first person invited to visit my treasure room."

   Estelle responded: "It is my honor to receive this honor, Your Highness."

   "It is indeed your honor." Donore made a pun.

  He opened the door of the treasure room and led Estelle in.

  As Donore said, there are indeed countless rare treasures in his treasure room. Many famous treasures in the three thousand worlds were hidden by him. Donore stood quietly beside Estelle, allowing Estelle to admire his babies.

   It took Estelle some time to finish visiting the collections, and finally turned to look at the wall behind him.

   That is a whole wall of extinct paintings.

   Surprisingly, among the many world-famous extinct paintings, there is a framed photo.

   What made Estelle even more astonished was that the photo showed a small, dilapidated house made of chiseled rock and concrete, and a field was surrounded by a fence in front of the house. In the field, potato vines grow together chaotically, but it is a rare piece of greenery.

  In front of the house, there stands a statue of a reef figure.

  This place.

  This is" Estelle turned and looked at Donor, and asked in disbelief: "This house? "This is his hometown in Sauron Village, and the statue is the mother who was made into a guardian bell by Estelle himself.

   Donore nodded.

   Estelle was rarely in a daze, and after a while, he asked, "When did you take the picture?"

   Donore said mysteriously: "Secret."

   Estelle never expected to see her former residence again.

  Even though he now owns a palace and owns a piece of the world, he still misses the dilapidated low house at the end of Sauron Village in his heart. Estelle smiled gratefully at Donor, and said sincerely: "Your Highness, this is the best gift I have ever received."

  Dornoll nodded and said: "This is also the most precious collection among my many collections."

   This is worth pondering.

   Estelle narrowed his eyes, and the look in Donor's eyes suddenly became dark.

  Donore ignored Estelle, he looked at the picture calmly, suddenly smiled mysteriously, and said, "Ace, do you want to take me back to your hometown to see?"

   Estelle stared at the picture, but said: "My hometown has long since disappeared." Sauron Village had long since disappeared along with Guangminghai in the World War.

   Donore smiled even more mysteriously. He walked to Estelle's side, tilted his head and leaned into Estelle's ear. The angel handed the most attractive fruit to the devil, and he whispered: "Ace, do you dare to take me back to Sauron Village, to your home? If you dare, I can take you there."

  Hearing this, Estelle's pupils shrank suddenly.

  He stared deeply at Donore, his fingers curled into fists involuntarily. "Your Highness, do you know what you are talking about? Your Highness, please think twice before saying something."

Donor looked into Estelle's deep black eyes, which were hidden with mad obsession under restraint. He didn't flinch, didn't explain, but said lightly: "They all said, I am the most powerful elf of the light elves." A beautiful elf. Thorn's wife, in front of me, is not even qualified to carry shoes."

  Donore raised his jaw and ordered Estelle with a haughty expression: "Ace, take me back to Sauron Village."

   Estelle closed her eyes and sighed, "Of course, Your Highness."

  Seeing that Estelle agreed, Dorno pushed Estelle away, turned around and poured spiritual power into the picture hanging on the wall behind him. In the next second, the picture turned into a door leading to a secret space, Donor and Estelle hid in it, and were transported to an independent space.

Dorno told Estelle: "Before the Great War, I asked Senior Duan Fen to move Sauron Village to this space ring in advance. The space ring cannot hold living bodies, so what we will see is just a Sauron Village without life."

  Just like that, Estelle is also very satisfied. "That's enough."

   The two appeared at the door of the old village chief's house.

  Looking at the quiet and desolate village in front of him, Donore smiled and said to Estelle: "This is your home, you have to introduce it to me."


   Estelle and Donore walked side by side on the stone path, and every time they passed a house, they would stop and introduce it. "This is the old village head's home, that's Uncle Ge's home, that's the home of the old village chief," Estelle told Donor after introducing him all the way: "People with prestige live at the head of the village."

   "What about your house?" Donore asked.

   Estelle was suspiciously silent for a moment before saying, "Murao."

  Dornoll laughed out loud in embarrassment.

   Estelle was not angry either, he took Donor through the entire village before reaching the end of the village.

  Really came to Estelle's house, but Donore put away his smiling face again. Looking at the portrait on the reef in front of the house, Donore took the initiative to say to Estelle: "I have secretly investigated your deeds in Sauron Village. This one should be my mother."

   Estelle and Donore looked at each other before saying, "Well, it's Mom."

   Estelle walked to the statue.

  When she was seven years old, Estelle only felt that her mother was very tall.

  Now, I have to look down at my mother's face.

   Estelle stared at his mother's body that was integrated with the reef, even though he had already become a god, he couldn't remember how much grief he felt when he made his mother into a guardian clock. But standing in front of her mother again, Estelle was still so sad and guilty that she wanted to cry.

He stroked his mother's face and whispered, "I didn't choose. I was only 7 years old at that time. I couldn't protect my younger siblings. I didn't want them to be eaten by monsters. I could only make her into a guardian bell. I don't know if she will blame me, but I think if she wants to blame, it will only blame me. At least my younger brothers and sisters are innocent."

  Hearing this, Donore also felt uncomfortable.

He did not comfort Estelle, but said to him: "You are right, Ace, as a mother, I think she also hopes that the children will grow up safely. You were just a child at that time, Other than that, you can't think of a way to get the best of both worlds."

   "But it doesn't matter. Now that you are a fortune teller, I believe that under your leadership, your people will no longer suffer from the hardships you suffered when you were young."

Estelle nodded vigorously, "Well, I will not let a new guardian clock appear in the night world. In the future, I will be their guardian clock." He is the king of the night elves, and he will be the guardian clock of the night world , will defeat all monsters for them.

   "In that case, let's send her away." Donore said.

   Estelle also had the same intention.

  He finally hugged his mother's body and whispered in her ear: "Mom, I brought Donor to see you. You have worked hard all these years." After speaking, he shattered the guardian bell with his own hands.

  The next second, the portrait turned into a cloud of ashes and disappeared in front of Estelle.

   Estelle stared at the void, without moving for a long time.

   "Let's go." Donore and Estelle glanced at the homeland for the last time, and then walked out of the village without looking back. Wherever they passed, everything turned into nothingness.

  The disappearance of Sauron Village means that Estelle has completely let go of her obsession.

  He sent away the old village chief and his mother, and he also found Donor, who was prettier than Thorn's wife next door.


   Shinto 64 years.

  Feng Yuncheng came back from rebirth, and a group of friends left their practice and work to go to the mansion of the Third Prince of Shenyue Kingdom in the Holy Spirit Continent to congratulate the couple on their reunion.

   Estelle and Donore also went.

  That night, everyone couldn't help drinking and singing.

  Yu Huang watched them fight with a smile, but she felt a little melancholy.

   Now, everything is perfect, but there is still a hidden corner in her heart that has not been filled. Sheng Xiao easily sensed Yu Huang's disappointment. He held Yu Huang's finger, turned his head and asked her, "What are you thinking?"

  Yu Huang said: "I'm thinking about my adoptive parents."

  Of course Sheng Xiao knew that the adoptive parents mentioned by Yu Huang were not Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping, but the couple from the end of the earth era. "When you have completely restored the ecosystem on Earth, you will be able to build a time-space portal to transport the survivors of the doomsday era to the future era of Earth."

   "Yeah." Yu Huang's mood immediately improved again.

  She looked down at the blue planet in her palm, her eyes shining brightly.

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