Saving Uchiha starts with taking down the patriarch’s wife

Saving Uchiha starts with taking down the patriarch’s wife


51 Chapters Ongoing Status


Shisui is about to die, and the countdown to annihilation of the Uchiha clan begins.

After thinking about it, Aoki, who had obtained the heaven-defying understanding, decided to take down the clan leader who was weak and indecisive first!

But there was a little accident during the process... Aoki was a little confused when he accidentally captured the patriarch's wife.

[After observation and speculation, combined with the rich experience in your previous life, you have figured out how to handle the patriarch’s wife! 】

Aoki: Ah this...

[In the face of Sarutobi's attempts to win over you, you have realized the true meaning of Erwuzai]

Aoki:? ? ?

On the night of the genocide, the clan was reborn from nirvana under the leadership of Aoki.

Itachi: After killing my father, I actually still have a father?

Sandaime: He came to trick me and sneak attack me...

Tsunade: He's just a bastard...I, I'm not clean anymore!

Kurenai: Aoki, from now on our child will be called Mirai Uchiha.


The protagonist is not a soul traveler!

Also known as: Kill your biological father? Don't panic, you still have me as your stepfather!


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