Rich Daddy, Don't Be Arrogant

Rich Daddy, Don't Be Arrogant

2370 Chapters Completed Status


Rumor has it that the president of Yeshi, Yebei Xiao, is cruel and merciless. Cruel and merciless. Although he had a monstrous face, it made all the women in the city retreat. But. . . Recently, he had been pestering a female doctor. "Can you explain why your son looks exactly the same as me?" The female doctor fiddled with the scalpel in her hand. She said casually, "My son grows up based on his ability. It has nothing to do with you!" It was rare to see a soft one at night when it was too hard. He said in a fawning tone, "Our innate conditions are so good, we can't waste them. Why don't we combine our strengths together and give our son a playmate. . . " The five-year-old little shota facepalmed. He showed a look of disdain.


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