Reborn on Top of Football

Vol 8 Chapter 686: When to tie the blue dragon (6)

Leonie thought about these two people and suddenly smiled: "A pair of old men and old ladies, they can be regarded as talented and beautiful."

Huang Xin pushed him: "I'm so sorry for you."

Then Huang Xin criticized Wang Ai: "No matter what, he is so much older than you. You should respect him even if you comment privately."

Kangsi said quietly from the side: "But, they should be considered equal, right? Are they all in the main hall?"

Huang Xin smiled and said: "You and Beihai are both citizens, so?"

"Oh." Kangsi looked at Wang Ai: "Be honest, do you hear me?"

A few people laughed and laughed to disperse the poisonous atmosphere caused by the diary, but the situation of Wang Ai fans thousands of miles away was still lingering in the minds of several people and it was precisely because it was difficult to resolve that no one mentioned it.

Three days later, the news that "Milan fans publicly asked Wang Ai for help", which once attracted a small amount of attention on the Internet but was quickly submerged in many waves of sadness, was resurfaced. Fans asking for help reposted an article, which read : "I unexpectedly received support from the Chinese management team of Inter Milan Club. According to them, Wang Ai, who is far away in BJ, saw my post and was very anxious but could not come over, so he had to entrust them to raise some supplies for me. I didn't expect that, The thing I posted casually actually caught his attention, thank you! You and the Chinese from Inter Milan saved my life!"

When Wang Ai saw it, he had been quarantined for twelve days and had three days left before returning home. But on this day, what Huang Xin and the others had predicted finally happened. Many Milan people in trouble were inspired to see that someone had actually received help, and they desperately chased this misty straw. Countless people with social accounts I clicked Wang Ai’s name…

"Fortunately, we have a few days to delay." Huang Xin pushed away the laptop and looked at Wang Ai: "What should I do?"

Wang Ai pondered for a moment and put down the tea cup: "What can I do? Donate."

Leonie said: "What is lacking now is supplies, not money."

"I can't change materials either." Wang Ai fell into thinking with some sadness.

After a while, Wang Ai looked up: "I'll discuss it with you."

Several people looked at him curiously and heard him say: "It's not easy to get a ventilator. We were very nervous a while ago, but things like masks and protective clothing have calmed down. Northern Light Industry alone can produce 70 million masks a day." ?The market is completely sufficient. I can buy some and send them over, as well as protective clothing. But there is another aspect that I suddenly remembered."

"What?" Leonie asked.

“I forgot when, but I read an article on the Internet that said that there are a lot of shady Chinese medicine practitioners, but Chinese herbal medicines are selling very well in foreign countries. The Japanese have done a lot of work in this regard, and the Japanese have taken a lot of profits. Because the Chinese herbal medicine in our country is made according to the traditional Chinese medicine tradition and does not meet the standards of Western medicine, but Japan does not have this burden."

Huang Xin interjected: "But traditional Chinese medicine can't cure it now."

"Yes." Wang Ai nodded: "Not only Chinese medicine, but also Western medicine can't cure it, but Chinese medicine can alleviate the symptoms and make them less uncomfortable. Many symptoms are the cause of death, just like colds. Cold viruses themselves are difficult to kill. However, it is easy to cause high temperature and organ failure. Therefore, reducing symptoms with traditional Chinese medicine is equivalent to reducing the mortality rate, increasing the recovery rate, and improving the patient's mobility."

Kang Si said: “It doesn’t cure the root cause, but treats the symptoms.”

"Yes, that's what it means." Wang Ai agreed: "And our country's traditional Chinese medicine productivity should still be sufficient. Ginseng is only a few yuan, right?"

"So you are going to donate a batch of Chinese medicine? By the way, help open the door of domestic Chinese medicine overseas?" Leonie's eyes were burning: "This is killing two birds with one stone, benefiting at no cost."

"Well, isn't this a coincidence? I want to do something, but I can't. I don't have the right medicine, and I don't have enough money. It happens that Chinese medicine is effective, helpful, and not expensive. Chinese medicine wants to go abroad again, and I There is support.”

Huang Xin took a deep breath: "I think it's better for you to discuss it with your parents first. One is that your so-called excess productivity of traditional Chinese medicine is just your judgment and lacks basis. Maybe you are nervous now? The other is Regarding the issue of Chinese medicine going overseas, how do you know for sure that domestic Chinese medicine groups have this intention? Even if they do, how strong is it? How much support can they provide? Or to put it bluntly, how much discount are you willing to give you for purchasing? Also, now you want What you are promoting are all products that have not been approved for listing abroad. How do you deal with foreign regulatory agencies?"

Kangsi whispered from the side: "There is still a possibility of substandard goods..."

When Wang Ai heard this, he decisively picked up the phone and called home. After listening silently, Wang Bin couldn't help but said: "Are you addicted to cross-border medicine? A sports star wants to be the spokesperson for traditional Chinese medicine? You are not busy enough, and the Football Association can't hold it. You are, right?"

Wang Ai got stuck, and after a while he said, "Just tell me, is this useful or not? Is this a good thing? Can it be done? Should I do it?"

Wang Bin was silent for a moment: "Wait!"

After a day of suffering, Wang Bin called: "I contacted Chairman Liu of Sinopharm Group. Chairman Liu was very interested and specifically asked Academician Zhang some professional questions. Now I am officially informing you that Sinopharm Group agrees in principle to your donation of traditional Chinese medicine." The proposal. The specific scale and type need to be discussed with them in detail, and I will not get involved in this aspect."

"Why don't you intervene?" Wang Ai asked a little confused.

Wang Bin got stuck, and after a while he said angrily: "Do you think I am the same as you? After all, you are a non-governmental figure outside the institutional system. If you are willing to cross borders and talk nonsense, people have to praise you for serving the country wholeheartedly. I cross borders. ? That’s what I call interfering in other people’s work!”

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Wang Ai snapped: "I'm an old man, you're still so angry."

Huang Xin held back a smile on the side: "Dad is very busy during this period. The epidemic needs to be fought, production needs to continue, medical productivity needs to be organized, and daily production needs to be maintained. BJ and Northeast travel back and forth, and XJ and Sichuan also go there often. It’s not easy to find time to take care of your little business.”

"I don't want to think that it would be easier to have the deputy director's father come forward?" Wang Ai muttered a few words to cheer up: "Okay, I'll go talk to Director Liu!"

"You still have two days of quarantine." Huang Xin reminded.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! It's delaying things, delaying things!" Wang Ai spun around in circles.

Just as he was talking, the door opened and Anna came in with a phone: "Doctor, there is an unknown number for BJ, a landline."

Wang Ai blinked: "You answer first."

Anna answered the call and covered the phone with a few words: "Who is the chairman of Sinopharm Group?"

Wang Ai and the women looked at each other and laughed.

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