Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 84: The Empress Destroys Your Country (10)

  Chapter 84 The Empress Destroys Your Country (10)

  System 168 is silent.

  Yeah, how did Shi Minzhi accomplish this task? But, but...he is a probation system, it is impossible not to take the road of probation...

  The huge pain made Nie Suzhi very uncomfortable, and he couldn't speak a word. But he could hear what Baitang said again.

   "Your Majesty is a ruthless king, wanton life and death, how does it feel to die at the hands of the woman you hate the most? I know His Majesty will not die. I leave the palace tonight. Your Majesty will never be able to catch your seventh empress, Baitang."

  Bai Tang wrapped up his sleeves, calculated the time of Nie Suzhi's resurrection, and took a red wreath gun from him. The sword used in the last world should be changed in this world.

  Nie Suzhi's half of the red necklace spear fell off, and Baitang broke through the door, using the head of the red necklace spear as a support, like a flying goose, walking away gracefully.

  Standing on the roof, Baitang looked at the guards who were still a bit astonished, laughed loudly, and said, "Hey! If you don't go in and look at your dog emperor, he might bleed to death."

  Baitang naturally knew that Nie Suzhi would not die, but the others didn't. Bai Tang intentionally missed the time for Nie Suzhi's resurrection, so that when she broke through the door, the guards would see Nie Suzhi who had just been resurrected. These guards will not be silenced if they can't get a glimpse of Nie Suzhi's secret.

  Defu reacted quickly and made a decision immediately: "You take someone to chase, you go and call the imperial doctor for help, and the others follow me in."

  Nie Suzhi clutched his chest, gnashing his teeth in pain, his eyes cracked.

   What Baitang said before his death was a naked provocation. The guards hurried in, and Defu hurriedly supported Nie Suzhi, his heart trembled, and he was very sensational: "Your Majesty, my slave! Does it hurt?"

  Nie Suzhi eased the pain in his heart, spat out a mouthful of blood, pulled Defu's collar and gritted his teeth and asked, "Where did my good queen go?"

   Defu flinched, and hurriedly said: "Your Majesty looked at the direction, she should be going to the Department of Punishment."

   "Come here, bring a bow and arrow, and follow me to Xuanwumen!"

  Baitang's speed is very fast, he can leave the palace completely unscathed, but where is the Department of Punishment? Where female slaves do coolies, she goes to the Department of Punishment, and Nie Suzhi feels that it is entirely possible for Baitang to take her away from the palace.

  From the Department of Punishment, the only way to go out of the palace is Xuanwumen.

  He is here waiting for his seventh empress.

   Can’t catch it?

  Why can't I catch it? Of course he died!

  Wen Yueqing packed all the long silk that Baitang talked about in a bag, and hid in a corner, very nervous.

   Especially hearing the familiar chaotic voices.

   "Quick! Don't let her get away!"

   "Your Majesty has an order, shoot and kill! Kill the queen if you catch her, don't show mercy!"

   I don't know what Miss Bai did to let His Majesty order her to be shot. In the past, queens were tortured to death by His Majesty.

   While his thoughts were in confusion, Wen Yueqing suddenly wrapped a hand around his waist, almost scaring Wen Yueqing to death.

   "It's me, Baitang, Miss Wen hold me tight, we are about to start a thrilling escape." Baitang said with a smile.

  Wen Yueqing's soft and slender waist was held in one hand, and a sharp red-tasseled spear was held in the other. Flying over the eaves and walls on the roof of the palace, so arrogant.

  Hearing the familiar voice, Wen Yueqing breathed a sigh of relief, her feet suddenly left the ground, causing her to hug Baitang's slender waist tightly subconsciously.

   "Miss Bai, the long silk you want is in the bundle."

   "Okay! Ms. Wen, it's going to be a tough battle, hold on tight!"

"it is good."

  Under the moonlight, Wen Yueqing saw Baitang's flamboyant smile, a confident and firm smile, which was actually more admirable than the Haoerlang she had seen. There was an idea sprouting and growing in her heart, and in the future, she, Wen Yueqing, would also become such a person.

  (end of this chapter)

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