Possessing The Obsessive Maniac’s Cotton Doll

Possessing The Obsessive Maniac’s Cotton Doll

광공의 솜뭉치로 빙의함

76 Chapters Ongoing Status


Park Yul got transported to the world of a novel.

Well, sure. He has read a lot of fantasy novels so far, so he was not surprisingly intolerant of such a thing. Live a little, get transported into a novel! And then come back! That’s how to live, isn’t it?

But, why did he possess the cotton doll given to the character who would become the insane, obsessive male lead in the future?


“Levi, the doll you gave me seems to be moving.”
“What are you talking about?”

Yul endured the gaze of the Archduke who was staring at him.
‘Be patient, be patient. If you even breathe now, you will be f*cked.’

“Hmm. Yes, it must be my imagination.”

The Archduke then turned around and said flatly.
Yul lived. He had survived such a miserable life, and today too.

“Burn that.”
“What?! Nooo!!!!!!!!!”

As he screamed out in a panic, surprised eyes turned to him.
‘Oh, I’m f*cked.’

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