People in Ultra: I became Dark Teliga

People in Ultra: I became Dark Teliga


158 Chapters Ongoing Status


A year ago, Chen Mo traveled to the world of Teliga and obtained the sealed bronze spark prism.

But looking down at his fat body, Chen Mo fell into deep thought.

Is this special meow a normal start for a time traveler?

Chen Mo was determined to lose weight, so he jogged in the park and met a bald man.

"Young man, you are so fat, tsk tsk tsk... Come here, I will teach you a set of weight loss secrets..."

A year later, the super-ancient monster Gorba resurrected on Mars

The child of destiny, Kengo Manaka, entered the super-ancient ruins with the Hypa gun given by Mitsukuni Shizuma.

Seeing that the stone statue of Teliga is about to be destroyed by Carmilla

Manaka Kengo cried out in grief:

"I want to protect everyone's smiles!"

The stone statue of Teliga finally reacted

Jianwu: "Let me turn into light to protect this world!"

Chen Mo walked out of the darkness.

"Sorry, I am the one chosen by Telika!"

Chen Mo took out the bronze spark prism, and the light that originally flew towards Manaka Kengo suddenly changed direction.

Jianwu:? ? ?


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