in another alley.

Yoshiki Murayama swung his fists repeatedly.

beat the lily of the valley bad people in front of him, and fell to the ground one after another.

With his strength, it is naturally more than enough to deal with the miscellaneous soldiers of Lily of the Valley.

Even if you accidentally get hit by Lily of the Valley's bad fist, the damage is quite limited.

And in this alley, in addition to the good trees of Murayama.

In the middle of the alley, there is also Kinoshita Omae on the lily of the valley.

Of course, in the whole alley, there are still many bad figures of lily of the valley and the bald figures of the phoenix, constantly staggered.

Accompanied by the sound of blows and screams, Kinoshita Daizen in the middle of the alley grabbed a phoenix bald head and slammed his head against the wall.


After a few consecutive impacts, obvious blood could already be seen on the bald head.

After Kinoshita Omachi let go of his hand, the phoenix fairy fell to the ground with a bald head.

"Oh yes... Just rely on you garbage to go against Lao Tzu, and don't pee on yourself!"

Kinoshita Daimachi looked at it with contempt, turned around, and took advantage of the situation to punch the bald head of another phoenix fairy who pounced on.

Although he was beaten down twice by Huangfu Longdou.

But Kinoshita Daizen still has some strength, after all, he can become Nakai's companion right arm.

This punch went down, and he immediately beat the phoenix fairy's bald head out of balance and sat on the ground.

Kinoshita Daizen immediately followed, and with another kick, without mercy, kicked the phoenix fairy's bald face fiercely.

Under the continuous attack, the phoenix fairy was beaten bald on the spot and lost its combat effectiveness.

Originally, Kinoshita Daizen wanted to continue to rush up and deal with the other phoenix bald heads.

At this time, I noticed that at the end of the alley, Yoshiki Murayama knocked over a lily of the valley.

"Hey, you don't look like any of the other soldiers, do you want 23 to come and play with me?"

Kinoshita Daizen immediately grinned, looked at Yoshiki Murayama with a sinister smile, and hooked his finger at him.

"Then let me play with you!"

The corners of Yoshiki Murayama's mouth hooked, and in the next second, the whole person suddenly accelerated and rushed towards Kinoshita Daizen.

The speed is getting faster and faster, and on the way, he punches and kills a lily of the valley bad.

Watching Yoshiki Murayama get closer and closer to him, Kinoshita Daimae narrowed his eyes.

"Why doesn't it feel right?"

Kinoshita Daizen faintly felt that it was not good, but Yoshiki Murayama was already close, and there was no time for him to think about it.

He immediately gave up thinking, turned around and picked up the plastic trash can next to him, burst into a loud shout, and threw it directly at Yoshiki Murayama.

Looking at the flying garbage can, Yoshiki Murayama jumped up and stepped on the wall next to him, using his strength to pull his body up a few points again.

While dodging the garbage can, Yoshiki Murayama also pounced in front of Kinoshita Daimae, and it was a punch.

Before Kinoshita Daizen could react, his face was hit by Yoshiki Murayama's fist.

Feel the heavy force.

Kinoshita Daimachi finally understood where the wrong thing in his heart came from.

It seems that when I faced Huangfu Longdou for the first time, I felt like this.

Kinoshita Daizen, who suddenly realized, retreated again and again.

"It's over..."

Kinoshita Damae clearly remembers how he was beaten by Huangfu Longdou at that time.

And this moment.

As soon as Yoshiki Murayama's feet landed, he immediately continued to pounce on Kinoshita Daizen, and the pair of fists exploded again like raindrops.

You must know that when Kinoshita Daizen first met Huangfu Ryuto.

At that time, Huangfu Longdou and the current Murayama Yoshiki, if you look at it from the attribute alone, it can be regarded as a between.

At that time, Kinoshita Daizen was beaten by the emperor and had no ability to fight back.

It is conceivable what the result of facing Yoshiki Murayama is now.

It was an instant beating that I couldn't find the north.

Soon, Yoshiki Murayama was beaten and fell to the ground with a full head and convulsions.


Looking at Omae Kinoshita who fell to the ground, Yoshiki Murayama looked disappointed.

Originally, I thought that Kinoshita Daimae took the initiative to provoke himself, and his strength should be good.

It turned out to fall so quickly.

"Kinoshita... Bastard!"

At this moment, a figure appeared in the alley.

Looking at Kinoshita Daimae who fell to the ground, the eyes of the visitors were suddenly filled with anger.

He is none other than Kinoshita Daizen's boss, Nakai.

Seeing his brother fall, Nakai didn't hesitate at all, shook off the bald heads of the impatiens around him, and rushed towards Yoshiki Murayama.

"How dare you beat Kinoshita like this, and prepare Lao Tzu to be beaten, bastard!"

Nakai, who was furious, quickly rushed in front of Yoshiki Murayama.

His fist was also aimed at Yoshiki Murayama's cheek for the first time, and instantly slashed through the air.

"Yo... Not bad!"

Yoshiki Murayama immediately took a step back, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but rise a point as he almost hit his fist.

With just one punch, he could see that Nakai's strength was definitely much stronger than Kinoshita's Daimachi.

Face the stronger the opponent.

For Yoshiki Murayama, nature is more and more interesting.

"It's not over yet!"

Before he could finish speaking, Nakai suddenly withdrew his fist and swept his left leg towards Yoshiki Murayama.

Obviously, the punch just now was just a temptation.

The real killer move is this kick.

However, the bent foot has not been completely swept out.

Nakai's pupils shrank, and he noticed that Yoshiki Murayama did not retreat but advanced, and suddenly took a step forward and approached him.

"Your movements are still too slow!"

Yoshiki Murayama's fist shot straight out like a spear.

There are no false movements around the bush, and the speed is incomparable.

Before Nakai kicked himself, the fist came to Nakai first.

Looking at the rapidly approaching fist, Nakai's pupils instantly dilated.

For the first time, I wanted to raise my arms to protect my front door.

Although his head reacted, his body did not.


A solid punch hit.

Under the furious power of Yoshiki Murayama.

Nakai almost lost his balance and retreated several steps in a row before he regained his steady.

"What a heavy fist, this guy... Where did it come from?"

Yoshiki Murayama's heavy punch also made Nakai calm down.

After swallowing the taste of blood in his mouth, he carefully looked at Yoshiki Murayama in front of him.

"What's your name?"

"Before you ask someone, you have to give your name first, right?"


"So you're the boss of one of the three major factions of Lily of the Valley, Nakai? No wonder you can resist my fists, right... My name is Yoshiki Murayama!"

Hearing this name, Nakai couldn't help frowning.

No matter how you search in your head.

I haven't heard of it, but there is a very strong guy called Yoshiki Murayama.

"Why haven't I heard of you before, with a strength like yours, it is impossible to be obscure. "

Unable to figure it out, Nakai asked directly.

"I only recently transferred to Fengxian, and I used to be a national double. "

Yoshiki Murayama looked at Nakai with a puzzled look on his face, and he didn't mind solving his doubts for him.

"Then why did you come to Fengxian?"

Nakai became more and more confused, thinking that if it weren't for Yoshiki Murayama, it might be much easier for Lily of the Valley to deal with the phoenix.

"Of course, it's to follow the Huangfu Dragon Fight and make yourself stronger!"

Yoshiki Murayama didn't think about it, and replied.

Nakai, who heard this answer, couldn't help but widen his eyes.

He had thought that Yoshiki Murayama might be a foreign aid invited by Fengxian or some other reason.

I didn't expect that Murayama Yoshiki would enter Fengxian because he followed Huangfu Longdou.

"Alright... Don't talk nonsense, keep starting, after all, kill you, I'm going to go to the top!"

Before the words fell, Yoshiki Murayama continued to pounce in front of Nakai and threw a punch.

Sensing the crisis, Nakai immediately put away his messy thoughts and swung his fist.

Two fists staggered in mid-air in an instant.

Two bangs.

The two hit each other in the cheek almost at the same time.

Yoshiki Murayama's upper body leaned back directly.

And Nakai not only tilted his head back, but the whole person couldn't help but take three steps back.

When he turned his head, he found that Yoshiki Murayama didn't seem to feel pain, and even the corners of his mouth rose a little.

Obviously I hit him myself!

Why did he laugh?

Nakai couldn't figure it out.

And Yoshiki Murayama told him why with practical actions.

Yoshiki Murayama, who was about to fall backwards, suddenly took a step back and stepped heavily on the ground to stop the tendency of leaning back.

"Happy! This kind of strength is happy! Haha!"

Yoshiki Murayama laughed wildly393, pulled back his upper body, and then quickly approached Nakai again.

While grabbing Nakai's collar, his fist exploded and slammed directly into his face.


Nakai didn't expect that he punched with all his might, and Yoshiki Murayama didn't seem to feel any pain, and he was able to fight back immediately.

The body's reaction suddenly slowed down.

I could only watch Yoshiki Murayama's fist slam into his face.

There was a loud bang.

Nakai's whole person retreated on the spot, and after retreating a few steps, his heel hit a lily of the valley lying on the ground, and he lost his balance and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

"But... Damn, this guy is really strong..."

At this moment, Nakai couldn't hold back any longer, and a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth.

"Do you want to come again?"

Yoshiki Murayama asked with a smile as he looked at Nakai.

Hearing this, Nakai raised his head slightly and looked at Yoshiki Murayama: "Even such a strong guy is willing to follow Huangfu Longdou, is this world too crazy, or is Huangfu Longdou too terrifying?"

At this moment, Nakai already knows very well how far Murayama Yoshiki's strength has reached.

Such a strong guy, if you can't do it, you even have a chance to reach the apex of Lily of the Valley, but now he is willing to follow Huangfu Longdou.

Suddenly, Nakai understood.

"What do you think, obviously the reason is very simple, that is, Huangfu Longdou is stronger than this guy, and it is more than a little stronger, so this guy is willing to follow Huangfu Longdou. "

Nakai, who figured it out, was no longer entangled.

Although there was blood at the corner of his mouth, the place where he was beaten hurt terribly.

But Nakai slowly got back to his feet.

"But... Anyway, it's just someone else's little brother, so there's no reason why I should lose!"

Nakai thought, roared angrily, and pounced on Yoshiki Murayama again.

It didn't take long.

Nakai, who had a blue nose and swollen face and a mouth full of blood, fell to the ground.

"... I really can't beat it!"

Nakai, who felt terrible pain all over his body, lay on the ground and looked at the sky with a dull face.

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