Under normal circumstances, Huangfu Longdou will also collect some strength.

But Naichiro Yokoyama opened his mouth, it was too stinky.

Huangfu Longdou punched down, without reservation, and directly hit him in the jaw.


I saw that Naichiro Yokoyama's jaw was under the fist of Huangfu Longdou, as if it had been detached, and his whole head was swinging back and forth, and even the upper and lower rows of teeth made a piercing friction sound.

You must know that the jaw is a rather deadly position, even if it is a professional martial artist, if the jaw is hit by a person of the same level on the opposite side, it is possible to lose combat effectiveness on the spot if it is hit by a violent concussion.

Don't talk about Naichiro Yokoyama.

Moreover, the level of Huangfu Dragon Dou is far above him.

So much so that as soon as Huangfu Longdou withdrew his fist, Yokoyama Naichiro rolled his eyes and planted straight to the ground.

Sleep as quietly as a baby, motionless.

"Cut! The breath is so stinky, I thought it was some kind of character, it turned out to be a miscellaneous fish!"

Huangfu Ryuto shook his head, didn't bother to pay attention to Naichiro Yokoyama anymore, and continued to rush towards the others in Lily of the Valley.

At the same time, he noticed that the situation on Shibayama's side didn't seem to be good, so he immediately changed direction.

In fact, Yokoyama Naichiro is really not weak, even a little stronger than Uchiyama Kyoku, probably 64 open.

It's a pity to find the wrong opponent.

Of course, he couldn't withstand the Huangfu Dragon Fight's punch.

In the eyes of Huangfu Longdou, they are all miscellaneous fish.

"Yokoyama-senpai... Bastard!"

In the distance, Serizawa Tamao saw that Huangfu Ryuto had killed Naichiro Yokoyama, and immediately strode towards Huangfu Ryuto.

Originally, he was beaten by Huangfu Longdou because of Chenchuan Shisheng, and he was holding back his anger.

Now seeing this scene again, the anger in Serizawa Tama's heart has risen to another level.

I didn't want to wait any longer.

With a backhand punch, he knocked over a lily of the valley in front of him, and then accelerated the speed of rushing towards Huangfu Longdou.

But just now 633 took a few steps, a fist, slashed through the air.

Serizawa Tamao, who only had Huangfu Ryudou in his eyes, didn't notice it at all.


The fist then smashed firmly into Serizawa Tamao's cheek.

Serizawa Tamao's head couldn't help but be beaten to the side, and the whole person was also stunned and stopped.

"Boy, don't be arrogant, you want to make trouble with our boss, you are still 10,000 years early!"

The person who stopped Serizawa Tamao was none other than Kyokusu Uchiyama.

This guy was beaten by Huangfu Longdou and was beaten by Lily of the Valley, and after being beaten by Lily of the Valley, he was beaten by Yoshiki Murayama, and now he is beaten by Yoshiki Murayama.

I found it accurately.,Serizawa Tamao in a rage.。

Uchiyama Kyokuchi grinned, swung his fist again with a hideous face, and continued to rush straight at Serizawa Tama's door.


Just when he was about to hit again.

Serizawa Tama raised his left hand at this moment and grabbed Uchiyama Kyoku's fist.


Uchiyama Kyoku's eyes couldn't help but flash a trace of consternation.

I didn't expect a guy I hadn't seen before to be able to block his fist steadily.

Just when Uchiyama Kyojiu was stunned.

Serizawa Tamao's right fist slammed out.

Before Uchiyama could react, he was punched.


Uchiyama Kyoku's whole head leaned back, and he only felt that his brain was buzzing, as if something was flowing out of his nostrils.

All of a sudden, Jing Jiu was stunned by the internal injury, and two lines of blood came out of his nostrils.

Immediately afterward, Uchiyama Kyoku's brain felt a sharp pain.

I couldn't help covering my face and bent down.

At this time, Serizawa Tamao moved again, slowly came behind Kyokuchi Uchiyama, and clasped his waist with both hands.

Serizawa then leaned back and lifted Uchiyama Kyoku, a very smooth German back fall.


Uchiyama Kyoku's whole person was directly smashed to the ground by Serizawa Tamao, and a mouthful of blood poured out of his mouth on the spot.

The force can be described as extremely terrifying.

Uchiyama Kyoku's facial features were distorted in pain.

After Serizawa Tamao got back on his feet, he ignored Uchiyama Kyokuchi and continued to walk towards Huangfu Ryuto.

"TM, stop for Lao Tzu!"

Serizawa Tama had just taken a few steps when Uchiyama Kyoku's voice sounded again.

Serizawa Tama stopped and turned his head.

It was found that Kyokusu Uchiyama was struggling to get up from the ground again.

"Don't think I'll be so easy to kill, ah~~~"

Uchiyama Kyoku, who opened his mouth full of blood, staggered and rushed towards Serizawa Tamao again.

After Serizawa Tama took a long breath, he also re-faced Uchiyama Kyoku.


On the other side of the playground, the pair of fists of the field fighting spirit swung again and again, smashing into the bad faces of the surrounding lily of the valley.

The muscles of his body gave him a lot of strength in his fists.

With every punch, he can basically knock a lily of the valley to the ground.

But it couldn't stand the lily of the valley, and there were more and more people rushing over here.

Lily of the valley saw that he had hair on his head and recognized him as a cadre of Fengxian.

Naturally, he was the object of his key care.

At this time, the fist of the fighting spirit of the field was slightly slower.

A lily of the valley in front of him took advantage of such a small gap and suddenly jumped up, kicking the chest of the fighting spirit.

The lily of the valley that can seize this opportunity is not good, and it is naturally not an ordinary trash fish.

This man is a member of the Jiamu faction.

The number of the Jiamu faction is less than 10 people, but it can be ranked as the three major factions of Lily of the Valley along with the Sichuan Xisheng faction and the Nakai faction.

In addition to Genjiro Kaki's own strength, the members are all quite strong, which is also one of the reasons.

Even if it is the fighting spirit of the field, the whole person is kicked back again and again.

Before he even stood firm, a lily of the valley next to him was bad, and several punches in a row smashed him in the face.

The fighting spirit of the field was beaten and was a little dizzy, and he had not yet stood firm.

Another lily of the valley grabbed him from behind, restricting his mobility.

The other three lily of the valley are approaching again, and they are about to continue to swing their fists at the fighting spirit.

At this moment, Xiong Che Liya rushed over.

It's like a mad cow, knocking out the two lily of the valley bad ones.

The fighting spirit of the field took advantage of this kick to kick a lily of the valley bad and forcibly broke free.

turned around with a punch to turn the lily of the valley that had just hugged him, and knocked it over with one punch.

"Don't be careless, you'll be killed!"

Xiong Che Lizai turned his head and said with a smile on the fighting spirit of the field.

"I don't need you to remind you!"

The fighting spirit of the field grinned, revealing a fierce expression.

Immediately afterwards, the two parted and faced the other bad things of Lily of the Valley.

The fighting spirit of the field is to rush directly to the bad faction of Jiamu who just kicked him, and is ready to get the field back.

"It's terrifying..."

The golden tooth of the fighting spirit of the Jiamu faction who looked badly grinned.

It was greeted without any hesitation.

The fists of the two slashed through the air in unison.

Almost simultaneously landed on each other's cheeks.

Two bangs.

The Jiamu faction tilted its head and immediately took three steps back.

And the fighting spirit of the field, which was just a step back, quickly stabilized his body again, and immediately pounced on the bad of the Jiamu faction.

Those fists were suddenly like a raging storm.

The Jiamu faction in the passive was bad, and in the end, it didn't last long to resist, and it was completely overwhelmed by the fighting spirit of the field.

Although the poor strength of this Jiamu faction can almost reach the level of ordinary cadres, it is still a lot worse than the fighting spirit of the field.

However, as soon as the fighting spirit of the field knocked people down, the surrounding lily of the valley bad people pounced on him again.

Xiong Cheriya didn't go far, and fought with him against the lily of the valley that surrounded him, which relieved him a lot of pressure.

Not only the fighting spirit of the field, but also the cadres of other phoenixes are under great pressure in the face of the bad siege of Lily of the Valley.

If you're not careful, you'll be hit continuously.

But with the help of each other, they were not directly defeated by the lily of the valley for the time being.

Just depending on the situation, Shibayama Hayato on Fengxian's side may become the first cadre to be killed, and Kyoku Uchiyama will be killed in one step first.

Under the siege of Lily of the Valley, he was bound and had already suffered a lot of attacks.

As soon as he killed a lily of the valley with a punch, he was punched in the face.

The person who punched was also a bad faction of Jiamu.

The force of this punch is not small.

Coupled with the continuous attacks, Shibayama Hayato suddenly felt a wave of dizziness, and his steps were unsteady and he half-knelt on the ground.

The surrounding lily of the valley will naturally not let go of this opportunity and rush to the top.

Just in these lily of the valley bad just approached.

Suddenly, a man stood in front of them, it was none other than the Imperial Father Ryuto, who had just killed Naichiro Yokoyama.

"I'm announcing now, it's time for you to be out!"

Huangfu Longdou's sharp eyes swept over the few people in front of him.

"Huh, do you think..."

The Jiamu faction crooked his mouth, and the words were not finished.

Huangfu Longdou's fist had already fallen on his face.

The bad mind of the Jiamu faction instantly became blank, and when he came back to his senses, he found that he was already lying on the ground.

And the few lily of the valley who had just besieged the Shibayama Hayabusa were bad, and they fell to their side one after another.

If you look down from above, a few people are lying there, and that's called a neat one.

"Zhishan, don't push yourself too hard!"

After retracting his fist, Huangfu Ryuto stretched out his hand to Shibayama Hayato as he spoke.

"Boss, don't worry, I'm not so fragile yet, I will definitely help you win this battle. "

Shibayama Hayato said firmly as he grabbed the hand of the Imperial Fu Ryuto.

"Well, we're definitely going to win!"

Huangfu Longdou nodded.

Just when he was about to get up from the Hayabusa.

A lily of the valley rushed over, and the whole person jumped up and kicked at Huangfu Longdou's head.

And there were several other lily of the valley bad ones who pounced together.

Yu Guang had already discovered their existence Huangfu Long Dou, the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, and he stood there without moving.

Because a figure suddenly appeared and kicked the lily of the valley badly.

Lily of the valley, who was still in mid-air, was kicked out several meters away on the spot, fell to the ground and rolled in a good circle before stopping.

In addition, there was also a figure that also stopped several lily of the valley bad people who rushed on the other side, and waved their fists again and again, knocking down these lily of the valley bad in an instant.

"These lily of the valley guys are really good enough to resist beatings. "

"Haha! This fight is really painful, and there is nothing wrong with coming to Fengxian. "

The two people who appeared were none other than Narumi Daime and Yoshiki Murayama, and the two of them returned to Huangfu Ryudou's side again.

"The main drama hasn't started yet, you can save a little effort, but it's time for the main drama to begin. "

Huangfu Longdou took a deep breath, raised his head and shouted to everyone: "The warm-up is over, and the main drama begins... Today, let's engrave the word 'phoenix' on the roof of lily of the valley, brothers, continue to press it for me!"

Immediately, Huangfu Longdou took a step forward and headed towards Lily of the Valley.

"Wouldn't it be too much to leave traces of the phoenix on the lily of the valley rooftop?"

"This is interesting, it proves that our phoenix has defeated Lily of the Valley!"

After Narumi Daime and Yoshiki Murayama glanced at each other, the corners of their mouths went up, and they fought with Huangfu Dragon.

You must know that the rooftop has a very special symbol in the bad world.

The other phoenix immortals also began to consciously advance in the direction of lily of the valley.

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