At this moment, in order to achieve the final victory, everyone is doing their best, desperate.

Even Tadamura Tada, who has just been beaten over and has a mouth full of blood.

Everyone in Fengxian has no intention of showing mercy to his subordinates at all.

Seeing that Tamura Tadashi had just gotten up, several phoenix fairies rushed towards him for the first time.

After all, kindness to one's enemies is cruelty to oneself.

Only an enemy who lies on the ground and cannot move is a good enemy, a good enemy who does not threaten.

At this time, Tadamura Tada's brain was still stuffy.

Facing the bald head of the phoenix who pounced on him, his reaction was obviously half a beat slower.

Two of them grabbed Tamura Tada's clothes with their bald heads, and raised their fists to beat them.

It's not even good, he will become the first cadre-level figure to be killed in this big war.

But at this time, the two brothers, Migo School and Mikami Hao, rushed over.

"Eat me with one move and three kicks!"


Sanshang and Mikami Haona are one person with one punch, one person with one leg, and the two phoenix fairies who dragged Tamura Tada's bald heads down to the ground.

"Tamura, are you alright?"

"Have more eyes, if you're not careful, you'll be killed!"

Mikami Hao and Mitsukami went to school and then looked at Tamura Tadashi and reminded.

And on this chaotic battlefield.

As soon as Mikami Hao and Sanshang went to school, several more phoenix fairies rushed up.

The two who just reminded Tamura Tadashi to have more eyes.

In the blink of an eye, he was hit by the fist of the phoenix's bald head.

It seems a little hilarious.

But the current situation is really too chaotic.

Hardly anyone can really do it, listen to the six directions, and see all directions.

However, although the people of Lily of the Valley, in normal times, do not deal with each other.

At every turn, he will even do his own people.

But at the critical moment, the guy from Lily of the Valley is still quite reliable.

Nakai, Naichiro Yokoyama, and Daimae Kinoshita appear on the side.

The three of them shot out in unison, and together they instantly knocked those phoenix fairies bald heads directly to the ground.

"Juniors, be careful!"

"Don't let these miscellaneous soldiers kill you!"

"Come on, TM!"

Nakai, Yokoyama Naichiro, and Kinoshita Daimae glanced at the Mikami brothers and Tamura Tada, and after giving the instructions, they turned around and continued to rush towards the bald heads of the other phoenixes.

"Thanks, senior!"

"It's worthy of the seniors, handsome enough!"

The two brothers, Sanshang and Mikami, cast admiring glances at them.

"Okay, we can't hold our seniors back!"

Tamura Tadashi patted his cheek heavily, and after clearing his brain a little, he also rushed towards the phoenix bald heads.

"Yo... It's Tadamura!"

"We can't lose to him, on!"

The two brothers, Mikami Hao and Sanshang, after glancing at each other, also pounced on the other phoenix fairies.

The other side.

Yuji Tokaji had just beaten a phoenix bald head down.

Another phoenix bald head suddenly appeared behind him and grabbed him from behind.

Yuji Tokaji was just about to break free when another eyebrowless phoenix appeared in front of him.


Seizing the opportunity and facing Yuji Toji's face, it is a few punches in a row.

"Tokaji, you're too embarrassed, aren't you?" ~!"

Izaki, who was next to him, immediately stepped forward when he saw this, and his fist instantly slashed through the air.

Although he was only a year, his attack power was already quite good, and he took down the bald head of the phoenix who was besieging Yuji Tozaki in one fell swoop.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Yuji Tozaki broke free from his phoenix bald head and knocked him down with a backhand punch.

It was also at this time that Yuji Tokaji noticed that there was a phoenix bald head rushing towards Izaki from behind.

"Hey, don't do anything superfluous for me!"

Yuji Tozaki shouted as he stepped forward with a sudden lunge.

It was the whole person who jumped up, kicked the bald head of the phoenix who was approaching Izaki from behind, and kicked it over.

"I really didn't expect that the two of us would still have a time to fight side by side. "

Izaki instantly turned his head to glance at Yuji Tokaji and the bald head of the impatiens, smiled slightly, and then took a step towards Takashi Makise not far away.

"I really didn't think of it, remember... I don't owe you anything!"

Yuji Tokaji glanced at Izaki and took the same step as he spoke.

The two of them had fought each other quite a few times before.

Even now, they're still competing with each other.

And the reason why they went to Takashi Makise.

That's because the situation on Takashi Makise's side isn't going well.

"Damn bald people, get down on your stomach!"

Takashi Makise punched a few times in a row, and just knocked down the two phoenix fairies in front of him.

A phoenix bald head rushed to his side and directly kicked him at the crook of his knee.

The sudden kick made Takashi Makise lose his balance, and the whole person involuntarily knelt on one knee to the ground.

As soon as he knelt down, the other phoenix fairy bald heads next to him continued to pounce.

Takashi Makise immediately received several punches in the face.

However, Yuji Tozaki and Aki rushed over at this time.

Three or two punches killed the bald heads of the impatiens who surrounded Takashi Makise and helped him break the siege.

"Are you alright?"

Izaki stretched out his hand to Takashi Makise as he spoke, and Yuji Tozaki also stretched out his hand in front of Takashi Makise at the same time.


Takashi Makise grabbed the palms of the two and stood up.

Regardless of their relationship before.

On the battlefield, they are both reliable companions worthy of trusting each other's backs.

Or this is one of the reasons why Lily of the Valley has always been able to suppress all the bad forces in Huyaliu City and stand tall.

However, everyone in Fengxian did not give them a chance to breathe.

One by one, they quickly rushed towards the three of Izaki, Yuji Toji, and Takashi Makise.

The three of them immediately turned back to back, facing the bald heads of the phoenix immortals who rushed over from all directions.

"These phoenix fairies are really endless. "

"Don't separate, no matter what, join forces to resist this wave first. "

"Good. "

Aki Aki, Yuji Tokaji and Takashi Makise were back to back, each facing the bald head of the impatiens in their own direction.

Although it was to beat down all the bald heads of these phoenix fairies who pounced on them.

But it's also tiring enough.

Fortunately, after solving this wave of phoenix bald attacks, they got a little respite.

"It's so tiring. "

"Do you want to continue teaming up?"

"No way, there are too many people on the other side, and personal force, in this case, is a little small, and only joining forces is the best choice!"

When Aki Izuki, Yuji Toji, and Takashi Makise said this.

Noticing the Huangfu Dragon Fight in the distance.

That leg went down, and kicked a lily of the valley a bad few meters away on the spot.

As his right leg hit the ground, he took another quick step and grabbed another lily of the valley badly.

The current Huangfu Dragon Fight, the fist power is already quite terrifying, plus the grasping skills.

Lily of the valley was bad in his hands, as if it had no weight, and was directly caught by him.

The surrounding lily of the valley was bad, and when they saw this scene, they were all stunned, and they couldn't help but have a sense of fear in their eyes.

That's a person, a 170-centimeter person, not a toy!

And when they were stunned, Huangfu Longdou directly threw the lily of the valley in his hand and flew out.


With the screams, a piece of lily of the valley was smashed over.

Huangfu Longdou did not stop, and continued to rush into the bad pile of lily of the valley.

The fists are like heavy artillery, and everywhere they go, the bad people of Lily of the Valley turn over on their backs.

There is no one who can stop the footsteps of Huangfu Longdou, just like the god of war in the ancient march and battle.

̈々 Personal force... Something small?"

It was the first time that Takashi Makise, who had seen Huangfu Ryudou make a move, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he looked at Yuji Tozaki and Aki Aki next to him.

"It's all personal..."

"That guy isn't human. "

Yuji Tokaji and Aki shrugged.

The two who have been competing, this moment is incomparably tacit.

"I now understand a little bit why Kawanishi and Nakai have been pulling people everywhere. "

Takashi Makise turned his gaze back and said with a sudden realization.

"It's scary, isn't it, it's better than Serizawa Tamoo and Kaki seniors. "

"However, only by killing such a guy can you have a sense of accomplishment, be careful, the bald people of the phoenix fairy are rushing over again, even if you want to kill Huangfu Longdou, you have to get rid of these bald people first!"

"You don't need to say it!"

As they spoke, they noticed the bald heads of the impatiens around them, and began to pounce on them again.

I had no choice but to stop paying attention to Huangfu Longdou and concentrate on dealing with the surrounding phoenix fairy bald heads.

Concerned about the situation of Huangfu Longdou, not only the three of them, but also the second-in-command of the Sichuan Xisheng faction: Naichiro Yokoyama.

"you, bald man, you dare to come against us, Lao Tzu will kill you!"

Naichiro Yokoyama, who was full of meat and scars, kept cursing while beating the bald head of the phoenix fairy in front of him.

After being beaten down, he kicked the phoenix bald head a few times in a row.

He stopped only after he was completely sure that it was impossible for the phoenix's bald head to continue to get up.

It was at this time that he noticed Huangfu Longdou, who kept beating Lily of the Valley.

", you TM is the bald boss Huangfu Longdou, right, TM, there is a kind of don't Lao Tzu run, Lao Tzu will come to kill you immediately!"

Yokoyama Naichiro immediately stepped forward, knocked over the bald head of a nearby phoenix fairy, and rushed towards Huangfu Longdou with a quick shout.

He knew that with the miscellaneous soldiers of Lily of the Valley alone, it was impossible to stop Huangfu Longdou.

Since Lily of the Valley's miscellaneous soldiers can't do it, it's up to you to stop him.

"Open and close your mouth, your mouth is really stinky enough, your mother didn't teach you, what is politeness?"

After Huangfu Ryudou kicked a lily of the valley into the air, he looked at Naichiro Yokoyama with a frown.

"What kind of politeness to talk to TM with you Fengxian garbage thing! Die to Lao Tzu TM!"

Naichiro Yokoyama, who rushed in front of Huangfu Ryuto, continued to have a bad mouth while swinging his right arm back sharply.

Just as he was about to throw a punch.

Huangfu Long Dou suddenly took a quick step.

A heavy punch in an instant, the last shot came first, and the first hit hit Naichiro Yokoyama's jaw.

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