The Crow Legion of Lily of the Valley.

Impatiens' killer legion.

The two sides have been completely staggered, and it has really entered the moment of melee.

Shouts, shouts, blows, screams... It's like a symphony of blood.

Huangfu Ryuto, Murayama Yoshiki, Narumi Daigo, Field Fighting Spirit, Kumachi Riya, Shibayama Hayato, etc., represent the high-end combat power of the Phoenix Killer Legion, and it can be described as a big kill for a while.

Ordinary lily of the valley is bad, and it can't stop them at all.

And the high-end combat power of Lily of the Valley, represented by Kawanishi Sheng, Nakai, Genjiro Kashiki, Serizawa Tamao, Takasu Tatsuo, Tozaki Yuji, Izaki Instant, Takashi Makise, etc., is also not weak.

Ordinary phoenix bald heads, there is no way to resist them.

Moreover, the number of cadres on Lily of the Valley's side is even more than that of Fengxian's side.

Of course, at this moment, whether it is the phoenix light or the lily of the valley bad people.

Soon realized that there was no way to pose a threat to the cadres with high-end combat power by relying on one person alone.

So slowly, they began to increase their numbers, not just two, but even four or five people, all around those with high-end combat power.

The strong have the strength to crush the weak.

And the weak have a way to deal with the strong.

Narumi just beat a lily of the valley to the ground.

The three lily of the valley in front of him immediately rushed to him again.

One of them had a bad lily of the valley and did not shake his fist.

Instead, he opened his arms and rushed over and hugged Narumi's waist.

The purpose is to keep people under control.

Narumi knew what Lily of the Valley wanted to do 23, and the first backhand was an elbow and hit Lily of the Valley on the back.


Lily of the valley grinned hoarsely in pain on the spot, and even a little blood came out of the corners of her mouth.

However, he still endured the pain with a hideous face, and hugged Narumi to the great self.

The other two lily of the valley who came around were bad, but of course they missed this opportunity.

One of the lily of the valley was bad, and it was directly a punch that landed on Narumi Dae's face, knocking his head slightly twisted.

Although the fists of the ordinary miscellaneous soldiers of Lily of the Valley can't do much damage to Narumi's ego.

But as the so-called ants are too many, they also bite the elephant to death.

Another lily of the valley was also about to lift his legs, and he was about to kick Narumi Daigo.

And the other lily of the valley around is not good, and when they see that there is a chance to kill Narumi Dae, they all immediately surround them.

"This way, this way!"

"This guy has hair, he must be a cadre of Fengxian!"

"Kill a Fengxian cadre!

Although Narumi and I haven't made a name for myself on Lily of the Valley's side, the people of Lily of the Valley don't know him.

But whether Fengxian is a cadre or not, it's too easy to recognize.

As soon as I saw that Narumi had hair, and it was so long, the bad people of the lily of the valley were like hungry wolves smelling meat.

If this continues, even if Narumi Daigo can get out of trouble, he will definitely consume a large part of his physical strength.

But on the Fengxian side, it's not just Narumi who is alone.

At this moment, Yoshiki Murayama appeared next to him and grabbed the lily of the valley and was about to kick Narumi in the leg.

Immediately afterwards, Yoshiki Murayama instantly punched his backhand and hit the bad face of the lily of the valley.

Needless to say, his fist power knocked this lily of the valley to the ground on the spot.

Narumi Daime also immediately seized the opportunity and hit his elbow on the back of the lily of the valley that was holding him again.

Originally, the lily of the valley was struggling to support.

With the second elbow blow, this lily of the valley was completely unable to withstand it.

I saw that he had just let go of his hand, and Narumi hit him with another knee, which hit him in the face, and then threw a punch that landed on the face of another lily of the valley.

The three lily of the valley who came up were all defeated.

"Hey, be careful, don't get hung up before you get into the lily of the valley. "

Yoshiki Murayama smiled at Narumi and turned to the other lily of the valley bad guys.

"Don't worry!"

Narumi glanced at Yoshiki Murayama, and as well continued to take a stride, rushing towards the other leaders.

Not far away, Tamura Tada, who was on the side of Lily of the Valley, noticed Yoshiki Murayama after killing a phoenix bald head with one punch.

"Hey, the Impatiens guy, you're so good at jumping, do you want to come and play with me?"

Obviously, Tadamura Tadashi didn't know Yoshiki Murayama and directly regarded him as an ordinary cadre.

After all, Tamura Tadashi is a lily of the valley in the first year, and he hasn't dealt with Fengxian much before.

I don't even know the cadres of Fengxian, let alone the village mountain Liangshu who just came to Fengxian.

"Yo... Come on!"

When Yoshiki Murayama heard that someone was going to challenge him, he kicked a lily of the valley next to him, turned his head to look at Tamura Tada, and waved with some excitement.

"Listen to Lao Tzu, the next person to kill you is called Tamura ......"

Tamura Tadana shouted as he rushed towards Yoshiki Murayama.

The momentum is quite full, but he hasn't finished shouting, and his name hasn't had time to be fully announced.

A fist suddenly appeared.

It was a punch that landed firmly in Tamura's face.


I saw that under his fist, Tamura Tada's entire face quickly deformed, and then the whole person fell to the ground on the spot, and then rolled again.


The severe pain made Tamura Tadashi suddenly unable to hold back his wail, and as his mouth opened wide, a lot of blood also flowed out of the corners of his mouth.

Seeing this scene, Murayama Yoshiki couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, and then looked at Huangfu Longdou: "Boss, people are here to find me!"

The person who shot was none other than Huangfu Longdou.

The person who provoked himself was killed by others, and that other person was still his own boss.

Yoshiki Murayama was quite speechless.


Huangfu Long Dou smiled embarrassedly.

He hadn't seen Tadamura before, so he didn't know who was on the other side.

Anyway, it was Lily of the Valley, and when she blocked it, she punched it over, and she didn't even think about it.

Yoshiki Murayama has no way to deal with him.

Because there are bad people from Lily of the Valley, they come around.

Yoshiki Murayama can only choose to kill the bad lily of the valley in front of him first.

"Which bastard the hell dares to sneak up on Lao Tzu!"

Tadamura took a breath for a while, and got up from the ground with a look of anger, only to see that there was a very obvious fist mark on his face, and the corners of his mouth were still bleeding.

Even if Huangfu Ryuto regarded Tamura Tadashi as a miscellaneous soldier, he didn't use all his strength to swing his fists.

But it still caused considerable damage to Tamura Tada.

Of course, it was not enough to beat Tamura Tadashi on the spot until he completely lost his combat effectiveness.

"Don't get in the way of the miscellaneous fish!"

Just when Tadamura Tadashi just stood up, Narumi Ogo next to him happened to pass by, and he raised his leg and hit him in the face.

Tamura Tadashi was fucked down again, lying on the ground with a confused expression.

Although it seems to be a random kick, Narumi Dai's foot is not light.

Tadamura Tada, who had already been punched by the Imperial Fu Ryuto, not only was his teeth filled with blood, but even his nostrils began to burst with blood

He lay there, staring blankly at the sky.

Some don't understand why Feng Xian casually popped up a person he didn't know at all, and he was so powerful.


However, Tamura Tadashi still endured the sharp pain on his face, and slowly and with difficulty, he got up from the ground.

When a phoenix fairy bald head next to him saw him stand up again, he immediately went up to mend the knife, ran over and kicked him in the head.

Tadamura turned his head for the first time, dodging the kick and grabbing his leg.

"Bastard! Lao Tzu won't be so easily defeated by miscellaneous fish!"

Tadamura Tada's mouth was full of blood, and he let out an angry roar, and suddenly burst out.

lifted the phoenix's bald head to the ground.

Immediately after that, another punch slammed into the bald face of another phoenix fairy who rushed over next to him.

This is the one-sided portrayal of the entire battlefield at present.

Even a person with a little strength, in this chaotic battlefield between the two sides.

If you are not careful, you will be beaten to the ground on the spot.

The other 720 Shibayama Hayato has just knocked over two lily of the valley bad.

There were four more lily of the valley bad people next to him.

"Damn, it's endless!"

Hayato Shibayama cursed as he smashed his fist into the face of a lily of the valley bad guy.

It's just that he didn't pay attention, and he also received a bad punch from a lily of the valley next to him in the face.

The strength of the Lily of the Valley miscellaneous soldiers is not weak, and this guy is not only a member of the third stage of Lily of the Valley, but also has the level of the leader of the miscellaneous soldiers, and he can be regarded as the elite of the elite miscellaneous soldiers.

This punch is not small.

Shibayama Hayato was beaten and turned his head.

Of course, even the current strength of Shibayama Hayabusa is considered to be the level of the second echelon among the many phoenix cadres.

will not be killed by the leader of the Lily of the Valley miscellaneous soldiers.

But not before Shibayama Hayato turned his head back.

Another lily of the valley jumped up and kicked Shibayama Hayato in the chest with a strong kick.

With a bang, the whole person who kicked Shibayama Hayato couldn't help but retreat again and again.

Lily of the Valley's offensive did not end there.

The third place Lily of the Valley was bad, and rushed up to take the opportunity to continue to kick Hayato Shibayama in the stomach.

The bombardment-like attack is not something that ordinary people can withstand.

Even if it was Shibayama Hayato, a trace of blood couldn't help but ooze from the corner of his mouth.

The other bad lily of the valley will continue to surround and mend the knife.

It was at this time.

"Don't get in the way of Lao Tzu, get out of the way!"

Shibayama Hayato roared angrily and burst into flames, his fists swinging wildly, and constantly falling on the bad faces of the three lily of the valley in front of him.

"Miscellaneous fish, is this the only ability?Then come again, the miscellaneous fish of Lily of the Valley, ah~~~"

After Shibayama Hayato killed these three lily of the valley bad, he kept roaring and pounced on the other lily of the valley bad ones again, knocking them over one by one.

This moment.

Whether it's a phoenix or a lily of the valley.

It's all fighting for their own lives, no matter who it is, it's not so easy to fall.

Do your best to win.

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