More than 10 minutes ago.

The rain was pouring down, and the streets washed by the rain were a little more deserted.

On the TV in the electronics store on the street, the passionate speech of Fujiaoyama, an employee of the Toyaru City Council, was still playing.

In order to run for mayor of Toyaru this year, he is warming up.

However, people like parliamentarians are legislators if they sound good, and they are high-sounding liars if they say they are bad.

Before the election, Balabala made a whole bunch of promises.

After the election success, it was a different set.

After all, there is a financier behind the family, and the first thing to succeed is naturally to do things for the financier first.

Then, in the midst of your busy schedule, take some time out of your busy schedule and think about whether you want to do something a little bit.

At least on the surface, it should make everyone feel that they are really trying to fulfill their promises.

In the end, even if it didn't work out, it was a big deal to bow 90 degrees and apologize.

Huangfu Ryudou in the electrical appliance store has already seen through all this, and only glanced at Kudo Aoyama on TV.

He pushed open the door of the electronics store, opened the umbrella, and stepped into the rain.

There was something wrong with his mobile phone before, so he sent it here to be repaired, and today he is mainly here to get the repaired phone.

"There should be no problem now. "

Huangfu Ryudou looked at the mobile phone in his hand, and at this moment, Narumi called in.

"Brother Long Dou, the boss of the Twin of Nations, Yoshiki Murayama, has transferred to our phoenix. "

"That's a good thing. "

Huangfu Ryudou didn't expect that Murayama Yoshiki would really come to Fengxian.

Murayama Yoshiki's strength, he knows, after all, he has beaten it with his own hands.

The current Fengxian still lacks some high-end combat power.

Yoshiki Murayama is definitely a high-end combat power, and for the current Fengxian, there are only benefits and no harm.

As for the question of whether you can hold him down.

In Huangfu Longdou's opinion, it is not a problem at all, it is a big deal to beat it a few times, and he will always learn to be obedient.

With the words of Huangfu Ryudou, it is equivalent to recognizing Murayama Yoshiki, and Narumi Daego no longer dwells on this aspect of the problem, and continued:

350 "In addition, there is another thing, last time that Genji Takiya hit the door again. "

"What about people now?"

Huangfu Ryuto knew that since Narumi Dame called so calmly, it should have been solved.

"I just got up and left, it was Yoshiki Murayama who made the move. "

Narumi Daime continued.

"Hmm... I'm already on my way now, and I guess in a few minutes, I'll be back in Fengxian. "

Huangfu Longdou immediately put away his phone and took out the black notebook.

[Congratulations to your men for defeating Genji Uekawa Takiya (LV24) and gaining 1200 XP and 600 Battle Points!]

"There really is..."

After confirming that the experience gained message is displayed.

Huangfu Longdou can confirm that Murayama Yoshiki is willing to come to Fengxian and be his little brother.

Because if it wasn't willing, then it would be judged that it was someone else who defeated Genji Takiya.

As a result, you will not be able to earn XP and Battle Points.

It seems a bit strict.

But through this, it is basically possible to judge whether there are two hearts among his subordinates, and whether there are traitors among his subordinates.

There are pros and cons.


At this time, Huangfu Longdou carefully swept the hint again.

He clearly remembered that the last time Genji Takiya was killed, the level was only LV23, but now it has been upgraded to LV24.

Although the level is not high, the upgrade speed is indeed relatively faster.

However, the speed of growth is indeed not simple.

"It's kind of interesting..."

Just as Huangfu Longdou put away the black notebook again, he raised his head and noticed a scarred figure, squatting in the corner, holding out the only umbrella in his hand and placing it on the cardboard box containing the kitten.

"This guy can't be Genji Takiya, right?"

Huangfu Longdou thought as he continued to take steps.

It's already very close to Fengxian here, and there happens to be another injured person, and combined with time, it is relatively easy to calculate.

So Huangfu Ryuto came directly to Genji Takiya and at the same time blocked the rain for him.

"You're Genji Takiya, aren't you?"

Takiya Genji didn't answer, turned his head, and looked at Huangfu Longdou vigilantly.

Although the emperor is wearing black-framed glasses, there is no sense of oppression.

But in that phoenix uniform, Genji Takiya can still recognize it.

"My name is Huangfu Longdou..."

Huangfu Ryuto looked at Genji Takiya's appearance, and couldn't help but think of the puppy who had been bullied by children on the street, huddled in the corner, and instinctively wary of approaching strangers.

"So... You're the boss of the phoenix?"

Takiya Genji remembered in his mind that the bald head of the phoenix fairy mentioned a few days ago that the boss of the phoenix was called Huangfu Longdou.

"Hmm. "

Huangfu Longdou nodded.

At this time, the scarred Takiya Genji's whole person directly burst out, even if his body had reached the limit, he still fearlessly attacked Huangfu Longdou.

Face the approaching fist.

Huangfu Longdou still had a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, standing there with an umbrella, not even moving.

Genji Takiya, who can't even walk steadily, has a fist where to get the right head.

Especially after suddenly getting up from the ground, the body that has reached the limit can't keep up with the oxygen supply to the head.

I saw that the fist was still far from Huangfu Longdou's cheek.

Genji Takiya not only didn't hit, but the whole person was planted headlong into the ground.

When he was about to hit the ground head-on.

Huangfu Longdou stretched out his hand and held it up.

"You don't look like those trash in Sanchuan, why do you want to help them take revenge?"

After scanning the kitten in the cardboard box with Huangfu Ryudou's eyes, he looked at Genji Takiya in his hand and asked.

I was so badly injured.

In the rain when I saw an abandoned kitten.

He also put down the only umbrella in his hand to shelter the kitten from the rain.

Such a person does not look like a bad person, and can even be said to be kind-hearted and caring.

Sanchuan's bad ones can basically be regarded as scum.

Anyway, it is hard to imagine that these two completely different types of people will walk together.

"I'm not here to avenge them! Those guys have nothing to do with me!"

After taking a breath for a while, Genji Takiya said as he grabbed Huangfu Longdou's clothes and slowly stood up.

"Don't think you're pretending, I'll thank you!"

Genji Takiya then raised his fist again, and was about to continue to smash towards the emperor's dragon.

"Since those guys in Sanchuan have nothing to do with you, then why are you looking for trouble with Fengxian, it seems that our Fengxian didn't have any conflict with you in the first place, right? "

Huangfu Ryuto looked at Genji Takiya suspiciously.

"Of course... Of course it is..."

At this moment, Genji Takiya suddenly realized something, and the raised fist couldn't help but stiffen in midair.

"Looks like you've been tricked, hey... If you want to do a dry fight, you can come to Fengxian to find me at any time in the future, but if you are inexplicably dirty, don't splash it on Fengxian. "

When Takiya Genji said that he had nothing to do with those three rivers bad, Huangfu Longdou roughly understood that Takiya Genji was fooled by those three rivers to attack the phoenix.

The two of them then checked the details a little.

Takiya Genji completely understands that he should indeed be tricked by the yellow hair.

"Bastard !!"

Feeling the pain in his body, Genji Takiya recalled that his yellow hair was bad and gritted his teeth.


About 1 week later.

On the rooftop of Kamikawa.

Huang Mao was lying on the big black sofa, with Erlang's legs crossed, smoking a cigarette gracefully.

"Brother Mao, I haven't seen Genji Takiya in the past few days. "

"There shouldn't be any accidents, right?"

"If he finds out about our fooling him, then we will die. "

A few people next to him asked.

They didn't see Genji Takiya during this time, which made them quite uneasy.

"Don't worry, a few days ago, Genji Takiya went to Fengxian again, and it is estimated that he was beaten again, and now, it is estimated that he is lying in which hospital. "

Huang Mao said with a sneer, puffing on his cigarette.

Although it was not as he envisioned, Genji Takiya took down the phoenix and raised Kamikawa's reputation in the bad world to several levels.

But just thinking about the way Genji Takiya has been beaten, it doesn't seem bad to him.

Genji Takiya has been beaten and has been lying in the hospital.

That means that there is still no one in Shangchuan who can suppress himself.

He is still the strongest in Shangchuan, the boss of Shangchuan.

Just when the yellow hair was looking at it with a comfortable face, imagining a better life in the future.


The door of the rooftop was pushed open heavily.

"TM, who..."

The huge movement interrupted Huang Mao's bad imagination and made him quite unhappy.

But when he was about to scold, he noticed that it was Genji Takiya who came over.

Immediately, his face changed.

"It turned out to be Brother Genji, I heard that you went to Fengxian again, that..."

Without waiting for Huang Mao to finish speaking, Genji Takiya, who came over, grabbed him by the collar: "Hey... Fengxian didn't humiliate me and the Meteor Society, you are lying to me, right?"

"Ah, how do you know? No... No, no, no, I didn't..."

Huang Mao didn't expect that Genji Takitani already knew, and said it directly, when he still wanted to quibble.

Takiya Genji's fist had already hit the yellow hair's bad face.

What follows is undoubtedly a one-sided beating.

Not only the yellow hair is bad, but the surrounding Kamikawa is bad, and they were all beaten by Takiya Genji.

returned all the beatings he had suffered in Fengxian in the past few days to Huang Mao and his companions.


A few days later.

Huang Mao and his little brothers slowly walked towards the outside of the hospital.

Although after treatment, there is no big problem.

But the pain in their bodies is still stimulating their brains.

"TM, Genji Takiya, the bald man of the phoenix, you'd better not let me find a chance..."

Huang Mao felt that his body was still aching, and he cursed as he walked out of the hospital.

But in the next second, there was no arrogance on his face, and there was no resentment in his eyes, only despair.

The whole person pounced directly and knelt on the ground.

"You've found an opportunity, what do you want?"

Huangfu Longdou, who was standing outside the hospital, looked at the yellow hair with a smile.

And behind him, naturally, is the killer army of the phoenix.

"Oh yes... How dare you trouble us Fengxian!"

"Looks like the lesson I taught you last time wasn't enough. "

"Don't worry, we will definitely come to you from time to time to talk about life!"

"What university do you want to go to in the future? Let's discuss it together!"

Without waiting for the yellow hair's bad quibbles, the bald heads of the phoenix began to surround one by one.

"Mom, I miss you..."

Huang Mao looked at the bald head of the phoenix who was getting closer and closer, and tears flashed in his eyes.

As a result, Huang Mao and the others, who had just come out of the hospital, lived back at the speed of light, and even the original hospital bed.

"Okay, call it a day, let's all go back and have a good rest today, after all, there is a big event tomorrow!"

After killing Huang Mao and the others, Huangfu Long Dou immediately waved his hand and let everyone disperse.

After all, tomorrow is the time agreed with Lily of the Valley.

As for the yellow hair bad and others after that.

Because the fairies go to talk to them about their lives from time to time, what kind of university they want to go to in the future, and what kind of girlfriend they want to find.

One day, they suddenly disappeared completely in the city of Toyaru.

They were never seen again.

Of course, these are some of the less important afterwords.

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