Yamato sensed the sense of crisis for the first time, and hurriedly raised his right hand to resist.

With Yoshiki Murayama's fist, it crashed into the palm of Yamato's hand.


A loud crashing sound suddenly resounded all around.

A flash of surprise flashed in Yoshiki Murayama's originally dead eyes.

Unexpectedly, Yamato could actually block his fist.

The level is exactly the same as those that have fallen to the ground.


Yamato saw that Yoshiki Murayama suddenly made a move, and the anger on his face was even stronger, and he was no longer polite, and waved his fist.

Yoshiki Murayama's upper body instinctively leans back.

Eyes looked at Yamato's fist and passed in front of his eyes.

You can even feel the sharp fist style on your skin.

If you really get hit by this punch, you definitely won't feel good.

Yoshiki Murayama's body instinctively sensed danger, and this danger began to pull up his fighting spirit.

Seeing that his fist did not hit Yoshiki Murayama, Yamato immediately raised his leg and kicked again, sweeping towards Yoshiki Murayama.

That one has long legs and a large attack range.

And with the leg wind, the power is quite amazing.

It was like a pillar sweeping through.

However, Yoshiki Murayama did not dodge.

The center of gravity of the whole person sank directly down, and at the same time protected his waist with his hands.


With Yamato's right leg, it swept heavily on Yoshiki Murayama's arm, and a bang rose into the sky, louder than the movement of Yoshiki Murayama's punch.

Looking at Yoshiki Murayama, whose feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, this time it was Yamato's turn to have a flash of surprise in his eyes.

Just as Yoshiki Murayama didn't expect his fist to be blocked, Yamato didn't expect his leg to be blocked by Yoshiki Murayama.

You must know that not to mention the miscellaneous soldiers, even if it is an ordinary cadre-level character, it is impossible to block Yamato's powerful sweep with his legs, and he may even be swept out on the spot by his legs.

Even some elite cadres who don't have enough blood may lose their combat effectiveness on the spot if they are swept and hit by him.

So even the cobra standing not far away also flashed a touch of surprise in his eyes.

"It turned out to be no ordinary character. "

Cobra knows Yamato's strength very well, so he immediately understands the level of Murayama Yoshiki.

At this time, Yoshiki Murayama took advantage of Yamato's stunned moment and clasped Yamato's leg with his backhand.

As Yoshiki Murayama's whole body strength exploded, he shook Yamato, a tall man.

By the time Yamato reacted, the people had already vacated, and there was no place to borrow their strength to fight against Yoshiki Murayama.

The next second.

Yoshiki Murayama, who shook Yamato's whole person, smashed Yamato directly on the telephone pole next to him.


Yamato, who hit the telephone pole solidly, then smashed it on the ground again, snorted, and showed a rather painful look on his face.

Yoshiki Murayama did a lot of damage to him this time.

It's not fatal, though.

Soon, Yamato rubbed the place he had hit and got up from the ground again.

Obviously, this guy's frankness is also quite high.

Yoshiki Murayama didn't take the opportunity to continue to pounce, and let out a long breath as he glanced at the cobra next to him.

Yamato, who suffered a loss, understood that he was underestimating Yoshiki Murayama.

After taking a breath a little, cheer up the spirits, step out, and swing back with your right arm sharply, ready to beat it again.

"Yamato... Let me come~ "!"

It was at this moment that the cobra rushed over.

The whole person then jumped up in the air, and with momentum, he slammed his knee into Yoshiki Murayama's chest.

Yoshiki Murayama had already noticed the cobra, and immediately turned around and raised his hands to cover his chest.


The cobra's knee hit and sank hard.

Even though Yoshiki Murayama protected it with both hands, he was still knocked back several steps, but he was not injured and was not knocked out of his stiffness.

As soon as the cobra's feet hit the ground, he quickly pounced on Yoshiki Murayama again, not giving him any time to breathe at all.

Yoshiki Murayama also immediately greeted him.

Yamato didn't intervene and cooperated with Cobra to fight two-on-one, just stood there, frowning and watching the battle.

Yoshiki Murayama and Cobra can be said to be fast at this time.

Their fists slashed quickly through the air, each punch carrying a considerable amount of force.

And every time a cobra hits Yoshiki Murayama.

Murayama Yoshiki will immediately return the color.

For a while, neither of them had a cheap advantage.

Suddenly, at the moment when Yoshiki Murayama slammed his fist into the cobra.

The cobra dodged sideways, slid directly, quickly came behind Yoshiki Murayama, and grabbed it.

It looks like a snake that entangles Yoshiki Murayama.

Cases in which the major arteries in the neck are compressed.

The green tendons on Yoshiki Murayama's neck soon erupted one by one, even extending to the temples, and the skin on his face slowly turned red.

In this case, it is not uncommon for you to pass out in the next second.

This is the most powerful thing about the cobra, which is why he is called the cobra, and this grappling technique is extremely deadly for people with no experience in dealing with it.

Yoshiki Murayama also knew that if he was detained like this, he would soon pass out.

Immediately raising his other hand, which he was still able to move, was not trying to break the cobra's hand around his neck, which he knew was basically futile.

The reason why I raised my hand was to use my elbow to slam into the cobra's waist.

Bang bang!!

With two elbow blows in a row, Cobra was hit hard in the waist by Yoshiki Murayama's elbow.

I couldn't help but feel the pain, and the strength in my hand was also relieved.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yoshiki Murayama grabbed Cobra's arm with his backhand, burst into a shout, and his whole body exploded, giving Cobra an over-the-shoulder fall.

However, the cobra that was smashed to the ground quickly swept towards Yoshiki Murayama's leg with a kick.

Yoshiki Murayama, who had just breathed fresh air, had no time to react, lost his balance on the spot, and fell to the ground.

Just as he fell, Cobra continued to grab his right arm.

Both legs buckled towards Yoshiki Murayama's neck at the same time.

If you know a little bit about martial arts, you will definitely know that this is called 'armbar'.

Once it is done, a strangulation is formed, and even if you are a professional martial artist, you have to slap the floor.

Although Yoshiki Murayama didn't know what Cobra wanted to do, he instinctively sensed a sense of crisis and understood that no matter what he wanted to do, there would definitely be nothing good.

Immediately tried to break free again.


At this moment, Yoshiki Murayama's sleeve was torn open, and the cobra came out of his hand.

Yoshiki Murayama immediately rolled along the ground a few times, then quickly stood up and distanced himself from the cobra.

After the cobra casually shook off half of the sleeve in his hand, he also got up from the ground, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were like snakes, staring at the good trees of the village, full of danger.

Just after being punched several times in the face by Yoshiki Murayama, and being smashed to the ground by an over-the-shoulder fall, it is naturally impossible to say that he was not injured.

Yoshiki Murayama also stared at the cobra tightly while breathing heavily.

The feeling of suffocation just now made his breathing not slow down now, and even there was a slight feeling of lack of oxygen in his brain.

One way or another, the battle between them did not end.

"." Come on!"

The cobra raised his hand and hooked his finger at Yoshiki Murayama.


Yoshiki Murayama took a long breath and pounced on the cobra again.

The second session begins.

Yamato still didn't intervene, looking at the fists of the two of them, quickly smashing into each other, punch after punch, punch to the flesh.

Slowly, Yamato's originally tightly locked brow slowly loosened.

Gradually, the cobra began to gain the upper hand.

His grappling skills are still a little restrained for Yoshiki Murayama.

A wave of physical exertion, a feeling of lack of oxygen in the brain, and a burst of strenuous exercise, and then a confrontation.

And because Murayama Yoshiki lost to Huangfu Longdou, he was not in a very good state, and gradually, he obviously began to be unable to bear it.

In the end, Yamato Nagaga breathed a long sigh of relief.

"Hey, remember for me, if you dare to make trouble here again in the future, I will never let you go!"

After the cobra finished warning Yoshiki Murayama, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, shook his somewhat aching arm, and panted while turning to look at Yamato: "Yamato, let's go!"

Yoshiki Murayama was already lying on the ground, his eyes silently looking at the sky.

That's right, he lost again.


But he laughed.

Although there was blood on the side of his mouth, and the position on his body that had just been hit by the (Zhao) cobra was also painful to death, he smiled, and laughed quite heartily.

"You're still laughing there, Cobra, you can't have broken his brain, are you?"

Yamato, who was already preparing to leave with the cobra, couldn't help but stop and looked back at Yoshiki Murayama in wonder.


A trace of doubt flashed in the cobra's eyes, but he still shook his head: "Forget it, I guess he will get up and leave! "

Cobra and Yamato didn't care about Murayama Yoshiki anymore.

Yoshiki Murayama didn't care what the two of them thought of him, his laughter slowly stopped, and he muttered: "It turns out that I'm really not the strongest, I'm still far behind!"

Another defeat made Yoshiki Murayama understand that he was never strong enough.

It's the former self, sitting in the well and watching the sky.

There's a word called: Habit!

Originally, you got a perfect score in the exam, and suddenly you failed the exam once, which will naturally be quite uncomfortable.

But if you fail the test a few more times, you will get used to it, at least the mood will not be so uncomfortable.

It's the same with badness, being beaten and beaten, and getting used to the reality that you are not strong enough.

But at the same time, Yoshiki Murayama remembered the words before the last time Emperor Ryuto left.


Yoshiki Murayama muttered as he struggled to sit up from the ground.

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