At this time, some of the bad guys of Lily of the Valley, in the main building behind, were either standing on the steps or lying on the windows.

It's not about me, watching the battle below.

"Is this the new boss of Fengxian, Huangfu Longdou,... It's terrifying. "

"Being besieged by so many people, I still look like I'm at ease~. "

"This guy wasn't beaten with iron, he was hit with an iron rod, and it didn't look like anything was going on at all. "

"Do we want to make a move, if we kill him, that fame will start in a flash. "

"Don't daydream, if you continue like this, those guys below, if you don't do it well, they will all be killed by Huangfu Longdou, and you will be sent to death if you rush up. "

"Then you say, wait until that Huangfu Longdou is almost exhausted, and then we will go up and kill him..."

The bad guys of lily of the valley are not united.

Even if someone in front rushes up to fight desperately, there may be people in the back, with all kinds of ideas, watching the play there.

Maybe it's really not daring, maybe it's because you want to pick up the leak, maybe it's really too lazy to move, anyway, it's none of your business.... And so on for all sorts of reasons.

It's like these bad things in the main building.

After all, lily of the valley is originally a mixed place.

"Nakai-senpai and Kawanishi-sani have come out..."

"It's really curious what will happen next. "

At this time, these guys who were watching the excitement noticed Kawanishi Sheng, Nakai and others who came out.

"Stop first, don't you hear it!"

With Nakai's roar, the lily of the valley bad people on the playground finally stopped.

"Is it finally here?"

Huangfu Ryuto slowly lowered his fist and turned his head to look at Nakai and Kawanishi Shengren.

Lily of the valley, who was standing in front of him, sat directly on the ground at this time.

Looking up at Huangfu Longdou's eyes, they were full of fear.

At that moment just now, Lily of the Valley thought that Huangfu Longdou's fist was about to smash into her face.

After experiencing it firsthand, I realized that when I faced the Huangfu Dragon Fight head-on, it would be so terrifying, and at that moment, I seemed to be about to finish.

Even the speed of the heartbeat, it felt like it was going to explode.

"Brother Nakai... Thanks!"

Lily of the valley clutched her chest and expressed her gratitude in her heart.

Huangfu Ryuto ignored the lily of the valley who was sitting in front of him, and watched Nakai and Kawanishi walk towards him.

The bad people of Lily of the Valley, who originally surrounded Huangfu Longdou, also pushed away one after another at this time, making way for Nakai and Chuan Xisheng.

Aki Instant and Yuji Tozaki didn't choose to do it anymore, standing a little bit behind, and seeing what would happen next.

"Do I want to congratulate you on becoming the boss of the Phoenix Immortals?

Nakai stopped, stared at Huangfu Ryudou and said.

"Needless to say, polite words. "

Huangfu Longdou said as he slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it for himself.

"Then I'll ask directly, you, the bald boss of Fengxian, don't stay in Fengxian well, what are you doing in Lily of the Valley?

Although Nakai was beaten hard by Huangfu Longdou last time, there was no fear in his eyes at the moment, and there was even a vague feeling of-for-tat.

At least on the surface, it feels like that.

"That's not it, I wasn't ready to fight, it was you Lily of the Valley who shot first. "

Huangfu Longdou puffed out a cigarette and shrugged his shoulders and said.

It looked like a helpless look, and the corners of both Nakai and Kawanishi Sheng's mouths twitched.

His eyes swept over Tatsukawa Shisheng who was lying on the ground, and many lily of the valley who were writhing and wailing repeatedly.

came to the door and beat up so many people in Lily of the Valley.

How to drop?

Or is it Lily of the Valley's fault?

"The dispute between our Fengxian and Lily of the Valley, it's time to divide the winner and loser, after all, I also promised the three seniors to kill you Lily of the Valley!"

Without waiting for Nakai and Chuan Xisheng to speak, Huangfu Ryudou continued.

This is almost equivalent to a provocative word, which makes the bad people of the lily of the valley instantly agitated.

"Bastard thing! What are you kidding!"

"I think you're looking for death, right?"

"Think we lily of the valley are soft persimmons, believe it or not, kill you right away!"

"Don't think you're invincible in the world, believe it or not, you won't be able to leave Lily of the Valley today!"

The lily of the valley behind Kawanishi and Nakai is bad, shouting louder than the other, and everyone is hideous.

The appearance of being ready to move looked like he was about to rush forward and make a move.

Except for the guy who has fallen to the ground at this time.

There are already hundreds of lily of the valley around the corner.

Every lily of the valley is like a beast, staring fiercely at Huangfu Longdou.

If it had been someone else, I'm afraid I would have been scared to pee.

After all, this sense of oppression as if it would be torn apart in the next second is not something that everyone can bear.

However, Huangfu Longdou's face was still calm, and he slowly exhaled a puff of cigarette, quietly waiting for Nakai or Chuan Xisheng to speak.

"Be quiet, do you hear?"

As Nakai spoke again, these restless lily of the valley were a little quieter.

After all, these lily of the valley are bad, and they are all from the Nakai and Kawanishi factions.

Naturally, he would not disobey Nakai's orders.

"So... You're here to write a war letter, aren't you?"

Chuan Xisheng said with a frown.

During this time, he had indeed been lobbying the rest of the Lily of the Valley, trying to form a brand new alliance to fight against the current Fengxian.

But even if they say that they are bald, the other guys in Lily of the Valley are still in a wait-and-see state and have not made a decision.

It's too hard to unite everyone in Lily of the Valley.

It can even be said that it is basically impossible.

So even if Chuan Xisheng is unwilling, he can only admit it.

The current Lily of the Valley is not ready to face a full-scale attack by Fengxian.

Especially after the last time I watched Fengxian's civil war.

Chuan Xisheng really doesn't think that with the power in his hands now, he can defeat Fengxian.

"Sort of, between half a month and a month, when the phoenix fairy will attack lily of the valley in an all-out way, and will beat you until you accept defeat... If you have the ability, you can naturally try to defeat the phoenix, of course... The premise is that you lily of the valley have this ability. "

Huangfu Long Dou smiled and glanced at all the lily of the valley bad guys around him.

It was a look that didn't seem to take people into account at all.

Let the lily of the valley bad guys, who were originally a little quieter, become restless again.

If it weren't for Nakai and Chuan Xisheng not opening their mouths, they would probably have rushed up to make a move against Huangfu Longdou.

"So within half a month to a month, you phoenixes are going to raid Lily of the Valley, right?"

Nakai asked rhetorically with a frown.

"I've told you the time, naturally it can't be considered a raid, within half a month to a month, the specific time is determined by your lily of the valley, how about it?"

"Why all this time?"

"You can't... Wait until you graduate. "

Hearing Huangfu Longdou's words, Nakai and Chuan Xisheng couldn't help but fall into deep thought.

· ······· Asking for flowers0 ····

Then the two took a step back and whispered to each other.

"Half a month, can you get the rest of the lily of the valley?"

"Who knows, if I have this certainty, I will unify Lily of the Valley a long time ago. "

"That's right, then try to stretch the time as long as possible, the longer the time, the better it will be for us, after all, Fengxian's side is completely in the hands of Huangfu Longdou, whether it's half a month, or a month, it won't change much anyway, and our side can try our best to win over some more people. "

"Makes sense!"

After discussing it, Kawa Nishisheng and Nakai took a step forward again and looked at Huangfu Longdou.

"That's a month later. "

"Fight until we have one side to lose. "

Kawanishi and Nakai said.

"A month? No problem, but there is a request, when the time comes, neither side can use any weapons, whether it is iron rods or knives, only fists, and the winner will be decided in a dignified manner. "

Huangfu Longdou nodded and continued to speak.

This is also to avoid the last time something like this happened.

Last time, it was just in time, so it didn't make the situation worse.

This time, if both sides kill the red eye, one doesn't pay attention, and I don't know who took out the knife and killed someone.

... ..... 0

At that time, whether it is the dead man of Lily of the Valley or the dead man of Fengxian, as the boss, he will be responsible.

Not to mention anything else, at least Huangfu Longdou didn't want to be forced to retreat by Fengxian not long after he took charge of Fengxian.

"No problem!"

Nakai and Kawanishi didn't think much about it, so they agreed.

After all, Nakai almost died last time.

If he can not use weapons, he is also willing, anyway, everyone is fair.

"In that case, let's see you in a month!"

After the battle book was issued, the purpose was completed, and Huangfu Longdou didn't bother to continue to stay here, holding a cigarette and walking towards the gate of Lily of the Valley without looking back.

"Just let him go?"

"Isn't it inappropriate, but a lot of people were injured on our side, so let him leave unscathed, what will others think of us Lily of the Valley when the time comes?"

The surrounding lily of the valley bad people looked at their companions who were lying on the ground wailing, and then looked at the back of Huangfu Longdou who was getting farther and farther away.

"Otherwise, what should I do, people are just here to write a war letter, even if so many of us rush up together to kill people, it will be a very shameful thing. "

"If you can't kill it and let people escape, it will be even more embarrassing!"

"In this way, it's not up, it's not up!"

"That's the truth, but I'm really annoyed, I feel like someone is stepping on my head, but there is no way to do it. "

"Wait a month, wait another month, and then we will sprinkle all the anger on the bald people of the Phoenix Immortals, and directly knock over the bald army of the Phoenix Immortals!"

The bad people of the lily of the valley looked at the Huangfu Longdou who had come to the gate of the lily of the valley, gritted their teeth one by one, and couldn't wait to pounce on it immediately and bite off a piece of meat on the Huangfu Longdou.

Just when Huangfu Longdou passed through the gate of Lily of the Valley.

A man who was not tall, but looked quite sturdy, walked in from the outside.

The two passed by.

The man stopped, couldn't help but glance back at Huangfu Longdou, and then looked at the people in Lily of the Valley.

"What's going on, why is the Phoenix's guy here?"

The man asked, confused.

Immediately after, his gaze fell on Tatsukawa Shisheng's body.

Looking at Shisheng Tatsukawa, whose mouth was full of blood and lying on the ground.

The man's pupils shrank, and a flash of anger ignited in his eyes.

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